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  1. I think Cat may be confusing Koine with her Drag King alter ego, hip hop and fashion impresario Koin-ye. :D
  2. THAAAAAAAAAAANK YOU (and everyone else) I thought I was taking crazy pills when the judges flipped for it. I just don't get the whole Kiki "thing" and I need it to stop immediately. This was nonsense. Dumbed-down, watered-down, wasting 20 seconds at the end with the cash gun and the fur because they were short and didn't have enough time/skill to learn more steps. Boo. Booooooooooooooooo. To say nothing of the ridiculous every-pop-culture-reference-from-the-last-three-decades-thrown-in-blender-with-a-dash-of-steampunk-and-some-green-hairspray costumes. I mean don't get me wrong: I am one for r
  3. I really appreciated that when choosing her partner, Jenna said something along the lines of "I'm giving my tools, experience, and guidance to..." Most of the other all stars said "The person I'm taking with me to the live shows..." as if this season is more about the all stars than the actual competitors. Which... I guess it is, in fact; but it shouldn't be.
  4. Well now I'm imagining Bryan belting it out: "Agony! Far more painful than yours..."
  5. On the one hand, I appreciate the, uh... brisk pace of this episode. On the other hand - and maybe I'm alone in this - the overnight group choreo gauntlet is one of my favorite parts of the show every year, and I would've liked to get more than a cursory glance at it. I mean, hell, we only got to see 3 of those routines!?! Plus the whole team/mentor thing has not been adequately explained and it really feels like they're just making it up as they go along. Which would be fine, but then don't pretend that there are rules when it's all arbitrary gut decisions! Ugh, I am dissatisfied.
  6. This episode was 80% filler. It was obvious from night one that Bryan, Peter, and Dean would be the final three. The group date was just a waste of time to winnow down the three also-rans to one lucky also-ran. Hot tip, producers: if you'd spent the last several episodes on anything other than Lee and his bullshit, maybe we would actually know who Matt and Adam are. Like, have we ever even seen either of them talking to Rachel? Also, whyyyyyyy did they plan a date in which two people will sit on a glacier in the middle of a light snowstorm, buffeted by icy winds and visibly shivering?!
  7. Dassy was excellent - she reminded me a little of Jaja. It would make me immensely happy if she makes the show. I DESPERATELY want to see more from Chelsea Hough - just the little snippet we got of her solo was really exciting.
  8. Yeah I think - well for one they were all prettttttttty well drunk by then, right? - I think Brady misspoke and said "quark," Dean was trying very seriously to correct him and bring him around to "quirk," and Jack (who gets a last name because the first episode introduced him as JACK STONE) was riffing. And now I've typed "quark" and "quirk" so many times that my brain no longer acknowledges them as words.
  9. @backformore it's probably not worth trying to explain the whole thing here, but basically in the end-credits tag Josiah puts on a (truly terrible) British accent and says "fill my goblet" and then some other guys jumped in with their own drunken British accents and half-quoted lines from Game of Thrones. The awful accents (and Will's palpable pain over them) are the highlight. Or lowlight, as it were.
  10. Fashion roundup time before we get into the serious BS of this episode! I found myself strangely into Dean's floral shirt at the top of the episode (which feels like a million years ago now). I found myself not-strangely not-into Alex's purple zebra jacket. My dude. What are you doing? I made liberal use of my pause and rewind buttons to transcribe this amazing exchange: Brady: "...everyone's different, and has their own little weird... quarks." Dean: "...quirks. Sure." Brady: "Quirks--" Dean: "--Quirks." Brady: "Quirks? Quarks." Dean: "Quirks."
  11. He was also extremely funny in a very dry and deadpan sort of way. An odd duck but also a good one, I think.
  12. Was just about to post this - it doesn't necessarily tell us any more about what happened, but it's prudent given that there is legal action taking place. Or, ABC and the show have put the participants in some kind of legal trouble - and potential physical danger - by creating an environment in which participants are pressured to drink past the point of safety. Yes they're adults and they've signed contracts and waivers and what-not, but there's a limit to what that covers.
  13. Hopefully he won't take any tips from Brady. "I wanna kiss her but the camera's right there, oh god, okay you can do this Peter, just lean in, tilt your head, and... roll the booger."
  14. This episode of The Bachelorette was brought to you by: The Female Gaze! A+++ to Rachel for her look of utter disdain and boredom while DeMario was "apologizing." Also, LOL at them shaking hands. Ice cold! (And confidential to DeMario: you gotta stop interjecting "correct" every five words, my dude. Ears open, mouth closed.) If this show doesn't have enough actual content for two hours, I'd rather they pad it with more gratuitous shirtlessness instead of dragging out the Rose Ceremony to a truly unbearable length. I know Bach gonna Bach so we're always gonna get some "[x] does not d
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