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  1. I really enjoyed the movie, Longterm Companion.
  2. Nokids

    S06.E14: The Hike

    The dumbing down of Nick continues. The man went to law school! Are we supposed to believe he doesn't know not to have a car running in a closed garage?
  3. Nokids

    S08.E03: Fly Me to Kowloon

    Just speculation, but who thinks Fonzie is involved in all the shenanigans? That's why Boris didn't want to tell Hank who he suspects. Of course, I still don't really understand why they want his DNA, to prove he has what he said he has?
  4. Nokids

    S05.E12: D-Day

    It's a real thing. When you are pumping your gas they have a screen going with weather, entertainment news and lots of commercials.
  5. I thought it was Emily Blunt as well. What a resemblance! I liked it, although I wish the ending had been closer to the book. Also, they didn't always say the line of the poem when someone died, and I couldn't always remember it.
  6. Nokids

    S06.E17: Bomb Voyage

    No replies yet? I thought it was ok. As per usual, I immediately knew who the killer was.
  7. Nokids

    Season 2 Discussion

    I am a white lawyer in Florida who handles delinquency cases. I once told two officers that I wasn't saying there weren't any honest officers, I'd just never met one. Sadly, in my experience this is true.
  8. Nokids

    S05.E07: Wig

    I liked when Regan came in and said something like, the man said I could ride his donkey for $50, does that seem like a lot to ride a donkey?
  9. Nokids

    The Simpsons

    Was sideshow bob in this episode? Kelsey Grammer was listed in the credits