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  1. TheHappinessHotel

    S03.E10: Loose Lips Sink Friendships

    It was in a few scenes! I was shocked that her extensions were showing since she is constantly having her hair and makeup done! Also, her under eye contouring was so very white in compassion to her skin! Love me some Adela, but her extensions have been noticeable the last few episodes.
  2. TheHappinessHotel

    S08.E08: We Have History Together

    Excuse me while I weep uncontrollably about Pushing Daisies. Man, I loved that show. ___________ What can I say about TVD? I am a glutton for punishment and will see this show to the end. It is horrible. I used to foam at the mouth for a new episode and now I find myself barely paying attention. This show has fallen so hard. PS - I am ANTI-Steroline! Please give me Klaroline. Please.
  3. TheHappinessHotel

    S06.E01: Memory Lost

    What happened to Kira?
  4. TheHappinessHotel

    S06.E01: Memory Lost

    This was a great episode! The feel of it felt very different and much better.
  5. TheHappinessHotel

    S04.E05: A War Zone

    Ok, Sophia's hair piece is still present and awful. WHY did they have the scene with her riding on top of the police van and then jumping up to drag the fire escape steps down? That was sooooo obviously a stunt double. Also, it just seemed unrealistic.
  6. TheHappinessHotel

    S01.E05: The Game Plan

    Please don't kill William. Please. He is such an amazing addition to the show. His scenes with Kevin were terrific. Also, I am on Team Toby. I don't have an issue with him. Jack...first time I teared up watching this show. That really got to me.
  7. TheHappinessHotel

    S11.E15: Shamrocks And Shockwaves

    Not sure which poster mentioned the Twitter war (sorry!), but those two (Kelly and Tamra) are going at it! I saw Gretchen and Lizzie on Team Kelly.
  8. TheHappinessHotel

    S04.E03: All Cylinders Firing

    One of the better episodes.
  9. TheHappinessHotel

    S06.E03: Single and Sufficient

    IT IS SEASON 6!??!?! That is crazy! Anyways, this was my least favorite episode of this season thus far. Didn't get many laughs (or any) out of me. Love how this show brings back characters from past seasons and instead of pretending they never existed (looooove the principal).
  10. TheHappinessHotel

    S03.E02: There Are Worse Things Than Murder

    I am not here for the Wes/Laurel possible pairing. Frank and her have so much chemistry. What a waste. Poor Connor. I really felt for him.
  11. TheHappinessHotel

    S04.E02: Made A Wrong Turn

    I've followed Sophia on Instagram and Snapchat over this summer (BIG time girl crush on her) and her hair looked amazing. Not sure what the deal is. I honestly wouldn't notice if it was a few inches shorter or longer compared to this monstrosity of a hair piece she has going on. Sometimes I wonder if Jesse and her are actually dating in real life. If so, what must those scenes be like to film.
  12. TheHappinessHotel

    S06.E02: Hubbedy Bubby

    Another really funny - find myself laughing outloud - episode. Winston is EVERYTHING.
  13. TheHappinessHotel

    S04.E01: The Silos

    I am so relieved to see I am not the only person who noticed Sophia's hair piece! She has gorgeous hair so I have no idea what they were thinking. It was distracting. Burgess can go. Tay is a good addition. I thought Hank's "thank you" to Lindsey was in regards to her moving the body, but I wasn't sure. It looks like it was. Wow!
  14. TheHappinessHotel

    S06.E01: House Hunt

    I found myself laughing out loud quite a bit during the episode. Winston is EVERYTHING! Great start to the season. Although, I will agree with others that the house purchasing was not realistic at all. Oh well, it's TV.
  15. TheHappinessHotel

    S09.E07: I Know What You Did Last Saturday

    What ever came of him suing Jenni? How the heck do you go back to the employer/friend relationship after that.