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  1. Ok. I still haven't managed to watch the last 2 episodes. From a quick scan of the discussions here I tale it that: 1. Carol makes soup and destroys a wall 2. Daryl fixes his bike 3. Negan talks to himself and just illustrates that he is, was, and always will be garbage. Have I got that right? If so, I safely feel like I can press delete and wait for the new season.
  2. The author has a good point. It is really difficult to be care about these characters and be invested in their stories when there are so few left with redeeming qualities...of any kind. I really miss Glenn and Herschel.
  3. Oh, joy of joys! I await the forthcoming episode with baited breath...and copious amounts of wine. 😉😉
  4. This...episode taught me something guys. I learned that the Daryl/Carol episode was actually good, and last week was actually a masterpiece...
  5. Duly noted. I think I will take your advice, oh wise one. 😉 I ... had not considered this. But...Dog is far more capable than any of the children in Carol's care. He is more than capable of backing away and running off to go find the filthy one. 😄
  6. *reads above spoilers* Sits back. Looks at the ceiling. Clenches fists. Does a credible impression of the horribly bad Anakin Skywalker becoming Darth Vader "NOOOOOOO!" Thank you for the heads up. I now know I won't be able to do this one without a couple of glasses of wine. (makes mental note to stop at the LC when I run my errands today) I think you gave me my only moment of satisfaction by showing me Dog ditching Daryl for Carol. Thank you.
  7. I finally watched this one last night. I actually thought it was ok. (It makes me sad any time I have to write that. That it is surprising to me when a decent episode airs. Remember the before-times when it was so consistently good that we used to discuss episodes for days/weeks over multiple pages? ... I almost think I hallucinated that, but then I look at the links and I know I didn't) Even my husband said, "well, that was so much better than last week. At least they are addressing survival again." (kind of huge...Hubby used to love Carol and looked forward to Carol centric stories. He
  8. Charles Vane, JDM, Ryan Hurst, etc. Oh yes. This show has an exceptional ability to take talented, charismatic actors and make them appear to have neither one of these qualities. They also have the ability to totally waste a potentially interesting one off appearance. So, yeah...what point was I trying to make? ...
  9. Seeing Robert Patrick in the trailers in this thread was pretty much the only glimmer of hope I had for something resembling enjoyment of this season. (The season that I foolishly thought was the finale, and I was gleefully counting the moments for this death spiral into boredom, monotony, character assassination and just plain bad writing to finally be over). I am glad his scenes are with Seth Gilliam. I know I have gleefully mocked FPP, but I think he is one of the better actors on the show, and it will be nice to see him working opposite Robert Patrick (who I think is a much better act
  10. **please picture me taking off my glasses, rubbing my eyes, then slowly and deliberately banging my head repeatedly on the desk** I have loved Carol and Daryl since the beginning. And as much as I don't like the way they have been written in the last few seasons, I will probably be a ride or die Carol and Daryl fan until the end. The bitter, bitter end. The bitter, bitter, boring, repetitive end. The bitter, bitter, boring, repetitive, remote, far away end. Le sigh.
  11. Ummm. This is the last season isn't it? We are down to the final few episodes, yes? But for some reason we needed to see a flashback episode that tells us...nothing. Oh excuse me. It tells us something that could easily have been addressed in 10 minutes of conversation with a single flashback. And these writers are so talented that they took the 2 people who have been with us since season 1 ... and made me say "oh gawd, can we please see someone else to break this dull, monotone drone?" AND I LOVE THESE 2! At least I used to. Also, am I supposed to believe that these 2 are finished w
  12. Absolutely. Would you like a seat on the couch or at the kitchen table? (Kitchen table is closer to the wine if that helps 😉 ) And yes, I always wonder exactly what it will take to get on my last nerve...but does it really matter this close to the end?
  13. Thank you! Good to know that I have one thing to look forward to in the first episode. I don't expect much, given this shows uncanny ability to make normally charismatic, interesting actors ... neither one of those things. And yet, I watch. I think I may need an intervention.
  14. Wait. Wut? Did I just see Robert Patrick in a commercial for the upcoming episode?? ... If I did... I wish I could be excited. I like Jeff Kober, JDM and Ryan Hurst, and we all know how well that played out. ( *waves* Hi everyone! 🙂 )
  15. Yes. My friend has joked that she is worried that the people who translated the Mayan calendar made a "typo" and transposed the numbers. The date wasn't 2012...it was 2021... I chose to believe that 2021 will see baby steps in the right direction. But her joke has teeth.
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