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  1. UmmHello

    Leah Messer Simms Messer Calvert Messer...She's 23

    I don't post a lot but I frequently read and enjoy the discussions here. Teen Mom 2's page on facebook posted this video and it sounds to me like Gracie's first crush is her cousin. Video captioned 'These girls are just the cutest' https://www.facebook.com/TeenMom2?fref=ts
  2. UmmHello

    S06.E06: Walk Out

    I thought Javi's name was Javier?
  3. UmmHello

    S01.E07: 40 Days Sacrifice

    I also could not believe that he was trying to corner that eel with his body?! I can't help but wonder, what in the world do these ladies to during that time of the month?!
  4. UmmHello

    S06.E05: Can't Trust Them

    Lol at Isaac's excitement when Javi said told him they were cleaning the house. And his excitement when Kail facetimed him an outfit and he said "That's soooo cute!" Anyone else predicting that Issac will be gay when he is older? Just me? Alright then.
  5. UmmHello

    Party Down South 2: Season 2 Talk

    Unfortunately, I discovered after some social media snooping that Bradley and Raven are still together. And so are Hunter and Kelsey! I'm thrilled for these two.
  6. UmmHello

    Party Down South 2: Season 2 Talk

    I would have put my foot down when they tried to put that pig in the bath tub. I was disgusted that they took it out of its plastic bag. At one point it looked like it was covered in water in the tub. UGH. In other news Bradley creeps me out. I'm glad they broke up.
  7. UmmHello

    S05.E06: The F Bomb

    I don't think she could have been dropping as many classes as you're saying she did. At the college I attended in NC if you waited until the middle of the semester,you were limited to dropping only 5 courses for your entire college career. Now if it was the first week or so of the semester you could change your schedule all you wanted. I still believe she is working on a Bachelors. On her Instagram she is pictured in numerous Tennesee Volunteers (Univeristy of TN) clothing and memoriabilia. Yes it's entirely plausible that she and her boyfriend are just fans, but why would she not go there? We all know she can afford it. She was wearing a Volunteers shirt a couple episodes back as well. Most if not all university do not offer associates. As concerned as she is with class and being better than others, I don't think she would settle for community college when there's a great university to go to that she is already a fan of. And yes it is absolutely ridiculous and unbelievable that under her circumstances it would take her 6+ years to complete an associates. That's why I believe it's a Bachelors.
  8. UmmHello

    S05.E06: The F Bomb

    I was always under the impression that Maci was going to a University meaning she was working on a Bachelor's degree, not an Associate's. I thought she went to Chatanooga State at one point and then transferred to another University. Also, it really annoyed me as well when Maci said she wanted nothing to do with someone who "does porn on tv". The point of porn is that it was filmed.. But I also seriously doubt that video ever aired on TV. Someone who "does porn" should have been the end of that sentence.
  9. UmmHello

    S05.E06: The F Bomb

    I don't post here a lot but I read this forum regularly. I have a few thoughts: It seems Amber and New Guy already had talked about him moving in because his pictures of all of his interviews were already on the wall when the producers first got back after their 2 week break. I want to give the guy the benefit of doubt because I like seeing Amber happy and I hope he is not a creep.. But it is weird that a 40 year old man was comparing the Twitter followers of Amber and Jenelle. I know it's easy to see but just weird that a man of that age would care?? Also what we saw of his talk with Gary did not seem threatening or intense but I enjoyed Gary looking intimidated maybe it was just because the guy is so much older.
  10. UmmHello

    Season 3 Discussion

    Lauren has no right to judge Hott Dogg if she hooked up with Daddy. Yall are right her character brings absolutely nothing to the show. Can anyone explain Tiffanys accent to me? Is that a normal country accent for girls from Louisiana? The whole first season I didn't even believe she was southern. Where I'm from southern girls talk like Lil Bit.
  11. UmmHello

    Season 3 Discussion

    Murray has his penis pierced??? Ewww. I use to think Walt was the most attractive guy on the show but he really has been acting sloppy so far. I hope he "wins" Hott Dogg though, I don't know what girls see in Daddy.
  12. UmmHello

    S10.E03: Bridemaids and Babies

    I thought Jana and Joy acted like brats about the dresses. Just wear the damn things!!! I guess I'm very Jessa-like.
  13. UmmHello

    S19.E05: Week 5

    Hi, been lurking here for a few weeks. On the IMDB under filmography it says how many episodes of The Bachelor Kelsey is on. Hope it's accurate.
  14. UmmHello

    S09.E11: Wedding Countdown!

    I don't remember the exact quote but Jim Bob straight up admitted that with 19 kids theres no way they will be able to do everything that they are doing for Jill for all of them. WTF if you can't take care of them all the same you had too many!!!
  15. UmmHello

    Josh & Anna Smuggar: A Series of Unfortunate Events

    This has probably been noted before somewhere but I havent really looked honestly, but I was watching the Graduation and a Surprise episode where Anna is talking to Marcus about going to the grocery store and she says "we are going to practice self control. do you know what self control is? Instant obedience.... to do what is right!" She sounds so freaking creepy and I do not think that definition fits self control exactly..