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  1. Alana is 14 or 15 now. I really hope Pumpkin or some involved adult is warning her about unplanned pregnancy, etc. I am hoping Alana can do better for herself.
  2. I feel sorry for June in that she was raised by an atrocious excuse for a mother so she never really learned how to be a proper parent. I mean, she's practically blind because her mother neglected to get her cataract s treated when she was young. She was a teenage mother and she is largely uneducated. On top of that she is an addict. And Geno is garbage and taking advantage of/exploiting every insecurity and weakness she has.
  3. ok, so TBL starts on USA network on January 28th. See you here!
  4. Yeah, I just saw that article. I wonder who had the heart attack. I hope it wasn't Doe Doe. If it was June's disgusting mother, who cares.
  5. I can see what Now's point was. An active job is something like a postal worker who walks a route every day, or a stockroom worker, who is lifting and moving boxes. An active lifestyle would be something where you are intentionally raising your heartrate for a set amount of time several times a week. While standing and moving around in short distances may be better than sitting at a desk, it really isn't very active. Lonnie was pretty capable for being as heavy as he was. I am proud of both of them.
  6. I think when someone is as heavy as Amber, 20 lbs is not going to show up as noticeable. I have nowhere near as much to lose as she does, and I think I would have to lose at least half of what I need to lose, at least 30 or 35 lbs, to have it show as a difference, So if she is losing anything, good for her. The mother's face looked like it was melting into her torso. I hope she decides at some point to get on the program also.
  7. I was so happy to discover last night that the show had returned. And this was a happy episode, for the most part. i liked both Lonnie and John and they both made an honest effort and did not make excuses. it's wonderful to see people who appreciate the chance they are given and maximize it. Lonnie was pretty mobile and functional for someone of his size, although I got the impression that he is tall, so I guess he was carrying it better than most. He is also very good looking, I hope he finds a boyfriend soon. He is a really nice person, and I LOL'd when in the Dr.'s office, he joked, "I'm still the best one!" And it was really gratifying to see John able to go out to the playground with his stepson without needing the scooter, and be able to be more active with him. i hope he and his wife are able to get it on finally, lol. Two people who didn't drive Dr, Now up the wall needlessly. Great episode to start off with. I'm sure the trainwrecks will come up again soon. I forgot to add that all through the episode, every time Lonnie spoke, I thought of that "Oh NOOOOOO!" guy, Bruce, from Family Guy. But I kind of loved that, 😄
  8. Geno got her hooked. Drugs were not one of June's major problems before she met him. It quickly became one. So yes, he does share in the blame. She is an addict in every way and he is a reprehensible lowlife who brought out the very worst in her and kept encouraging it.
  9. Late to the discussion, all I will say is that was extremely disappointing, I hope she prevails in court and I am done with this show. I hope to see NF in a different project soon.
  10. I guess we will just have to disagree. Alana has been very obviously happy to have been on reality TV this entire time until things started going downhill. Her goal is to be a Hollywood star, she seeks out attention. See my response to ShaNaeNae. See my above response to ShaNaeNae.
  11. Can you really call it exploitation if the person in question actively enjoys being in the spotlight, as Alana does and always has? I don't think so.
  12. I hope they do have a new show with Pumpkin and Alana. Those girls can use all the help they can get. But June should be completely cut off from reality show money.
  13. It wasn't about the money. The whole point being made in the lawyer's office was that Sugar Bear kept letting Alana down, which Alana confirmed, and June didn't want to give him more of a chance to do that. It had nothing to do with child support unless that was what was motivating SB and Jennifer.
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