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  1. The caption under the cockatoo from Rebecca is all preachy about a "lifelong commitment." If she was an owner "several big birds" and is such a parrot person, where are her parrots? Was it a former life of hers? Eh, maybe they left with an ex. She is right - there are a big commitment - someone with her litany of life challenges and uncertainties should know it is yet another "impulsive" decision on her part.
  2. Monday July 21 or Tuesday the 22nd, Jenelle was featured in one of those "click bait"-like stories posted on MSN.com about "stars who got fired from major projects". I saw this load of swamp things ego-boosting dreck- c'mon!! "stars" "major" : Old information as she has had a lot happened since she got fired (or non-optioned in her contract I guess). I always feel so conflicted - it is bad wanting to see what her fading from attention would look like for her and realizing I am paying attention and thus justifying her "marketability".
  3. I was compelled to post because - do you all notice that she is wearing the bottoms backwards in the last year vs this year shots??? I thought someone had done a photoshop job, but then realized that the colors may match if she was wearing the bottoms backwards in one of the shots. I could be wrong but I so want to believe this to be the case!
  4. I was worried for Aless on that balcony - hopefully someone else was out there with him.
  5. What I hate about the fake is that you can tell they did the THs on the same day even though it plays out episode by episode. I guess they could ask leading questions after playing bits of tape to them, but Ximena was all infatuated in the earlier part of the interview then disgusted in the same interview when she is wearing the floral shirt/dress. This happens with all the people. I wish they would make them change clothes to match moods. Darcey could wear white when she likes Jesse and LBD when she hates him and it is definitely over. At least try and trick me a little harder TLC!!
  6. Thanks all for replies on my off the cuff posting! I hear this a lot with people seeing co-workers' babies and I always think I am missing something. I guess it is something people sometimes say to be nice and sometimes may actually see. I never asked others about it but thought this would be a fun group to ask what they thought... and it was!
  7. I am not trying to pick on anyone here - especially as this is coming directly after IgnoranceisBLISS' post - but do people really think that you can see features that would rule out Andrew as the father? And/or that he looks like Matt? I don't know that genetics is that clear cut. I have seen this comment multiple places that it has to be Matt's baby and that he looks like Matt. I don't see it, but I can never pick out parents' features in their babies in the first year or so (unless of course they are almost clones compared to a similar baby picture). Babies look very similar to each other to me with their squished up features. If he cares, Andrew certainly should consider a paternity test because Amber is pretty unreliable; or if I was a family member I'd give them a 23 and me thing as a present. Despite my comments, I admit it would make a nice and juicy story if the baby was Matt's...... except that I like him faded into his current obscurity.
  8. It is intentionally not ironically - these shows select people for drama. Will this kids' book be written in their hill-billy English as well?
  9. The wording is "cela passera aussi" - I think there are a lot of these tattoos - I think the translation is OK. But, interestingly enough if you go to Wikipedia for "this too shall pass" you can find this interesting fact: Its origin has been traced to the works of Persian Sufi poets, such as Sanai and Attar of Nishapur.[3] Attar records the fable of a powerful king who asks assembled wise men to create a ring that will make him happy when he is sad. After deliberation the sages hand him a simple ring with the words "This too will pass" etched on it, which has the desired effect to make him happy when he is sad. It also, however, became a curse for whenever he is happy. I kindof love this for Jenelle - that she is promulgating ideologies from Persia (current day Iran). Don't get me wrong - there is some great philosophy/fables from that culture and time - I just think it is extremely "ironical" (TM Nathan) that she has it given her current rabid "gun-toting mama" phase. It does have the delightful double meaning of - bad times or good times, it is not going to last. And/or the irony that any guy she is with is reminded of "this too shall pass" not far from her lady parts.
  10. I think some producer ran out and bought a Skip It )
  11. You may not want to be spoiled and I have no knowledge that they will follow the story line but The Terror is likely based on the book by Dan Simmons (fictionalized historical story) versus the true Arctic exploration or the AMC show may fall somewhere along this gradient-- regardless the Terror aspect may not just be about a ship.
  12. Crocodile tears, maybe? I think this author of a Vox review of the episode has a nicely plausible guess (https://www.vox.com/culture/2017/12/29/16808458/black-mirror-crocodile-recap-season-4-review): "But as in many of the series’ nightmarish episodes, “Crocodile” takes place in a near future in which we’ve finally figured out how to tap into, record, and even manipulate our memories. Crocodile cognition isn’t my particular specialty, but digging around a bit, I discovered that crocodile brains are apparently almost entirely limbic, which means they comprise the systems that house memories and the functions that support those memories, like smell and emotion."
  13. I think what took me most out of the premise of the show within the show (I know, beyond almost everything!) was the scenes where Shelby and Dominic. They are going between different floors of the house and they cut between found footage shots from the cell phones and wider "production installed camera" shots - in these, you can tell Dominic has no cell phone in either hand. This bugged me worse than the major issue that you would totally drop caring whether or not you were filming all this crazy crap via cell phone, and, I don't know, doing your best to survive maybe?? Along with the strange filming of Lee by some unknown source that seemed hand held and hid behind jars and stuff and will likely never be explained away, it was a really odd approach to try and maintain the found footage nature. I feel you either have to fully commit to it and all its rules or not use it. You also have to be more willing than RM to forego full graphic visuals for creative partial shots and odd angles or audio-only aspects making it more "believable". Or if not believable, than at least willing to play along with the jerky shots.
  14. I do enjoy Myers' commentaries, but, as a marine biologist, I must object to the Trump/shark comparison on at least two counts - one, sharks don't take "suck in air like they are about to go under water", but instead extract oxygen from water through their gills; and two, it is unfair to sharks to compare them to Trump.
  15. At least now DC sports fans can be comfortable with the notion that the Nationals will win the 2054 World Series and they will resolve that pesky issue of a certain controversial NFL team name by converting it to the Washington Redclouds - uh yeah, "Go Clouds". That is what I mutter at the overcast weekend skies. According to various documentaries, professional football won't exist in 50 years due to the brain injury issue. Despite that, how does putting Native American symbology on a freakin' cloud and keeping the derogatory "red" reference seem a likely PC future outcome??
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