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  1. Latepass for me, but someone recommended this show called Elite on Netflix. They said it's similar to HTGAWM and darned if it isn't. Major differences are the kids are actually kids. They go to an Elite private school. The other changes are minor, but they have flashforwards just like HTGAWM.
  2. That's a good point. After all she did track him the the K4's house using the dating app he has on his phone. It would have been easy for her to follow him after leaving the K4's house and kill him because he told them he was the mole. That would shut him up, get the 64 k and frame the K4 so the FBI would be happy to leave her and mommy Millstone alone.
  3. TBH, I would have preferred death over this mess. All that character growth went out the window. TPTB must have been really pissed at Justin. I thought it was him. It just sounds like him not putting forth any effort. Maybe it was the prerequisite to being let out of his contract.
  4. I like Hayes fine, I just dislike that they need to totally trash Deluca to make way for him. I agree Teddy should have spoke to Owen, but given his history she's right to be scared. I'd be scared too. I don't think Amelia will go back to him, but Owen being Owen, he can't not be an involved father. So Teddy who is already insecure about the relationship has to decide if she can deal with the ensuing messiness. So yeah, Teddy should have spoken to Owen, or at he very least, not slept (if they actually do the deed) with Koracik. TBH I think they need to do some very serious therapy before getting married. ***** As far as Karev goes, I'm wondering how this ending will go. I see 1 of 3 things happening. 1. Alex is dead. The show remembers that Yang tx her shares on the board to Alex when she left, They pass to Jo 2. Alex transfers shares to Mer 3. Show ignores/forgets about the board shares altogether. While I think this may be a nice walk down memory lane, I really don't see this as being anything more than awkward. ETA: And awkward it is.
  5. I am more irked that Deluca is suddenly being made bipolar when its clearly just a setup to pair Mer with Hayes. Why make a big deal about him being a resident in love with an attending? Meredith was when she first met Derek. None of the things Deluca has done are any crazier than the things the OG residents did. Cutting L Vlads wires, jumping on bombs. Just have them argue and break up. ALso please give Carina a little more to wear than that damned striped black shirt every time she comes to town. She wore that same shirt when their father was there. Sadly the only way this works is for something really bad to happen to Karev. I've been in ATL when 1 inch of snow had schools closed down and cars driving off the rode. The show chuffed it at the end when the sidewalk barely had any snow. I get plows would have cleared the main area, but there should have been those hug piles of nasty shoveled snow. This is their entire history. Owen loves her but has never been able to commit to her. Deep down she knows it. Korasik is a creep, but he always treated her well and genuinely cared for her. Teddy has always been second choice to Owen. I wish Owen would acknowledge he is more in love with being a father than a husband. I used to like him, but he has turned into a bit of a jerk. Teddy is right to have doubts. Owen has left her for every other woman. Owen only came to her as a rebound. The Levi/Nico storyline contradicts everything they did last season. I get Nico being the brooding type, but this whole not being out to his parents when last season he was talking about bringing Levi home for Christmas make no sense. Especially given how mad he got at Levi for shushing him when his mom called.
  6. agreed. Justin does have a history of insomnia and I believe at least one hospitalization for exhaustion, but his departure was incredibly abrupt. I wonder if contract negotiations broke down. This season finale feels more like its for the fans than Justin. On the other hand, I kinda wonder if we're also being prepared for a departure for Alex Landi. I like brooding Nico, but this current storyline is a direct contradiction of last season. even if we can accept out and proud Nico is out to everyone but his family, why would he have talked about not inviting Schmidt to Xmas dinner? Alex has roles on a few Netflix series so maybe Nico finishes his fellowship and takes a job elsewhere? I've also hear speculation that this is to pave the way for yet another Station 19 crossover. This time to pair Levi with Travis.
  7. Aja’s final scenes are with Ms Tyson. 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Feels like torch passing.
  8. We’re still about 2 mths away from the finale episodes. These are the questions we need answers to: why did AK turn the car around? what did Asher tell Bonnie? why did Bonnie call Frank? who was at Gabriel’s door? who killed Asher? did Tegan really help Laurel escape? how is Wes alive? is AK really dead in flashforward? is Connor okay? will Oliver get arrested? where’s Annalise heading? who’s getting Asher’s 64k now?
  9. Does this mean Aja is the new Annalise or just the last man standing?
  10. Looks like Tegan is going where no human has gone before. She’s joining the cast of Picard.
  11. Looks like a lot of folks are wrapping up filming this week. Jack posted that most of the sets have been disassembled. I think the only ones he didn’t mention was police station, Annalise’s apartment, and any courtroom sets. Everyone is posting goodbye pictures. It’s nice to see a cast that genuinely appears to enjoy working with each other.
  12. Looks like everyone will be there. Young Gabriel and Laurel are back as well. https://www.instagram.com/p/B7uFSuzgOfw/?igshid=1vrexuf0wbwyx
  13. Final read through. I’m gonna miss this crazy show.
  14. And where there’s Sam, there’s Frank. Prieviews for 6x13/6x14 Also it appears that Aja, Jack & Conrad are done filming. I’m can’t be sure about Amirah. Liza rarely uses social media, but her tweets seem to be mostly Mrs. Maisel related so she may be done as well.
  15. Nothing major, but everyone’s favorite corpse is back. Yup, more Sam flashbacks being filmed.
  16. Looks like Annalise in prison, so season 3 maybe?
  17. Schedule for the 2nd half of the finale season. April 2nd - 6x10 April 9th - 6x11 April 16th - 6x12 April 23rd - NO EPISODE April 30th - 6x13 May 7th - 6x14 May 14th - SERIES FINALE!!
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