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    S15.E24: Drawn to the Blood

    Regarding the weather, a friend's sister moved to Dallas and went out to do some errands while it was raining. Her new coworkers were all aghast she was going out in the rain and asked why didn't she just wait until it stopped. She told them "Where I'm from if we wait until it stops we'd never get anything done". And assuming the plane landed at SeaTac or Boeing Field which are both south of town and they took the freeway (we call I-5 the freeway here Alex, 99 is the highway) Owen asked if Mercer would be better it's like um...if you're near Mercer you passed the hospitals like 3 miles ago. Mercer St is north of First Hill where Grey Slone is most likely to be. So you should've taken that James St exit!!
  2. pvandal

    S15.E20: The Whole Package

    As someone who likes to look at scars, (I'm a weirdo I know) if she did that to me, even if I was eating lunch, she better be prepared for me to put down my sandwich and come over to examine those stitches like a grandma cooing over an 8 month pregnant lady. Don't invite me to your situation and expect me to ignore you.
  3. pvandal

    S07:E02 Brianne's Story

    I watched the “extras” episode with the pop up info and it said Brianne was 6 ft tall at age 18.
  4. I thought she looked like all the girls at my senior prom in 1989.
  5. I really wanted Billy Porter to take it. Darn!
  6. pvandal

    House Hunters International

    When the realtor said the town had a lot of German immigrants I was thinking: "hmmmm...starting around 1945 possibly???"
  7. Hopefully this show will get new writers. I realize it's a misogynistic show, but seriously having the Mop apologize to Bartender for who she is and not telling him? I mean at the beginning it was only an physical relationship...if you can even call it a relationship. Why tell him her life story? Then in a few weeks when she finally finds out he's a Wall Street dude who I'll assume had money or is from a wealthy family I'm sure she'll have to apologize again for somehow misjudging him. Ugh, I don't know what I'm trying to say I'm just pissed that somehow Victoria going out & getting her some is a reason for blackmail (Luca) or shamed when all the dudes on the show are spreading their seed like they're sprinklers (Nick). Also one bit of advice to Luca from tomorrow's previews....believe Phyllis' threats of bodily harm....one flash of her boobs killed a man in the past.
  8. pvandal

    House Hunters Renovation

    You never know, the first house my parents bought is still the house they live in 43 years later. So sometimes a home is a forever home. It always amazes me though that people HAVE to get renovations done in the first six months or so living someplace. As if it's some hovel they're willing to go into massive debt for right away for when it's perfectly livable. But, I guess I'm used to my parents house where they waited 35 years between kitchen renovations. The first one when they moved in consisting of painting the cabinets and hanging wallpaper.
  9. Hey Dummer, if everyone (even those family members who hate each other) agrees that your boyfriend is a scheming loser maybe you should listen. I'd give her some cash to buy a clue but she'd just go out and get new lip gloss with it so no.
  10. pvandal

    "The View": Week of 5/02/16

    I did enjoy when they were talking to Rob Reiner about politics when they tried to interrupt him with he just kept on going. He was going to get his point out no matter what.
  11. pvandal

    "The View": Week of 5/02/16

    What was the coal miner discussion? We had an emergency broadcast test when it started & then came back just as Whoopi was asking if they'd been to Vest Virginia.
  12. pvandal

    S07.E07: Knuckle Sandwich

    Really Jime? No one knows who Thomas Jefferson is?? It's not like they asked for Millard Fillmore or John Tyler. I have liked Cleen's work in the past but I think he should have gone home over Sarah tonight.
  13. pvandal

    "The View": Week of 04/04/16

    Isn't obesity classified as a disease now? I'm guessing that's why she would have brought up the CDC.
  14. pvandal

    "The View": Week of 8/3/15

    Not tired enough to get rid of her unfortunately.
  15. pvandal

    "The View": Week of 07/27/15

    I'm not so sure about that. Last time Candace was on Raven gave her quite the side eye and tried to shush her. Which got Candace's ire up. There may be some "sparks" next season. I just think it's funny that the whole cast this season has been replaced except for Whoopi. Um....powers that be....did it ever occur to you that SHE is the problem??
  16. pvandal

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    I know it's hated here, but the vocal fry on some ladies doesn't bother me nearly as much as the words "gut job". Ugh. If the mother/daughter combo in Beaver, Penn last night said it once more I was going to smash the tv.
  17. pvandal

    Live With Kelly And Ryan

    Did anyone else have a rerun of Friday's show?? I was looking forward to Jill Scott.
  18. pvandal

    "The View": Week of 06/15/15

    I think the reason they didn't mention the Stanley Cup is because it was broadcast on NBC whereas the NBA was on ABC. I know I'm in the minority, but I like Raven. I think it's just because they actually have someone that really can be the young one (because 43 year old Jenny really?) Sure she says stupid things sometimes but so do they all. I like a four person format but if they are going to have five hosts I like Bangs too. Rosie is the one who usually makes my eyes roll.
  19. pvandal

    "The View": Week of 04/13/15

    If baddest means annoying then she is correct.
  20. pvandal

    "The View": Week of 04/13/15

    What annoys me most about Whoopi and the phone taxes is one of them that she complains about is the Universal Service Fund that provides access to phone services at cheaper rates for those living in rural and high-cost areas, income-eligible consumers, rural health care facilities, and schools and libraries (I worked 20 years at a phone company). It's an FCC regulation the phone company has to pay so it passes the charge onto the customer. They don't have to but they do. I just looked at my bill. It's about $4 of the total amount. Um Whoopi....if I can afford $4 so someone in rural Washington can have phone service so can you for the people of New Jersey. So yes....it IS a tax but in the mass scheme of things it's one of the smallest we pay.
  21. pvandal

    "The View": Week of 01/19/15

    Really show? Whoopi came back from a back problem. It wasn't the second coming of Christ. What an annoying opening.
  22. Phyllis says: "You should be in college. Not hanging out at a bar in the middle of the day." Um....isn't that college?