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  1. I like to think that Gardner Minshew will be Jason's eternal reward.
  2. On a more serious (but still kind of related) note, I was surprised the Sap guys didn't compare their product to coconut water. Particularly as hard as they were trying to hit the supposed health aspects of their drinks, that seemed like an obvious point of comparison.
  3. Well, it should definitely have flow to it, but the trick is that tempo-wise - it's actually one of the fastest dances there is. So it's *very* easy for it to become hectic. For what it *should* look like, I heartily recommend looking up some pro smooth on youtube. Emerald always puts up high quality video. I'd recommend starting there.
  4. Oh, I don't know. I think I'd argue that making the "Alive in Tuscon" signs back in the pilot was the single smartest thing anyone's done in the entire series. Which, mind you, is damning with faint praise. Tandy may be the most annoying, but the whole crew are kind of a pack of idiots.
  5. I hate people trying to fake latin hip action so very much. For the record, Bonner's lines were fine in the dance-off, but his hip action was *not* good. At all.
  6. That, of course, is the difference. Despite the way Len would grouse, they do smooth Viennese on this show. If you watch what is being danced competitively these days, smooth couples tend to not spend all that much time in closed hold. My own open Viennese has lots of shadow and alternative hold, but literally no closed hold at all. (My other three dances have a fair bit of it though, for the record.) Val's vwaltz choreography always seems very silver-ish to me. Which I consider a compliment.
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