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  1. This show is just giving me whiplash from last week's "Anthology of Horror" to this week's backdoor pilot to next week having Archie back in the trenches in World War 1 again. A few episodes ago Jughead got in a semi that we thought was the Trash Bag killer but then he keeps showing up as if nothing's happened. This season is an absolute mess!
  2. Oh, my wife will not watch a Hallmark movie with Brett Dalton just because of what happened to his character on Agents of Shield. She audibly sighs, "Ugh, Ward" and leaves the room or turns the channel.
  3. I know. I keep seeing him and thinking that he looks so happy and healthy. Bill was broken up over the Mahlon's death. I can't imagine how he's going to feel when he hears about Nick. I almost feel ghoulish watching and knowing what's coming. It's feel so different knowing that this is a real person instead of a character in a book that I know doesn't make it.
  4. I was happy to see the return of "Oh, my stars", this time from Meg. For some reason, that never fails to make me giggle.
  5. When they were getting ready to unveil the Bulldog I knew it was Nick. That said, even without the mask, it still doesn't make sense to my brain to match Nick Cannon's bubblegum pop, higher vocals with his speaking voice. It's weird.
  6. And a nice job by Mr. Branca saving the laptop as Frond fell into the water!
  7. Ok, to inject a little levity into this sad affair ... whenever a notification from this thread pops up on this page I keep mis-seeing it as "ALIEN-v-farrow" and wonder what sort of dark, vindictive turn the Alien sci-fi franchise has taken.
  8. I was disappointed that we didn't get a "No" from the Consuela terminator.
  9. Gah, I'm finally getting around to watching this final season ... and it's been a slog. While I know that it's not interesting tv to have the "good guys" always win but this season has been absolutely exhausting with loss upon loss upon loss upon loss piled up on the team. I'm dreading watching the 2-hour finale and just want to skip to the end to see Fitz & Simmons happily together, Mack & Yo-Yo together, May with a smile on her face, and Deke happily ensconced in the nineties fronting the grunge band Nirvana in an alternate timeline.
  10. I'm ok with the 7-year jump but all the characters still looked like they were in high school. They needed to change up their looks a bit to "age them up" a bit. I was happy to see that Archie's hair looked more muted when he was in the Army but then it returned to it's "day-glo" orange color once he was on the streets in Riverdale. It must be something with the atmosphere there.
  11. Ugh, I despise having Christian as a judge. His Jersey-shore, goodfellas, over-enunciation of italian phrases is even more annoying than Giada's. Plus, he just wouldn't stop shouting during the competition. The overly dramatic commentary as the clock is winding down is really starting to "grind my gears".
  12. I've never read the books so this is all new and I'm sorta lost because adaptations never do the books justice. That said, the single best part of this episode was Lyra eating popcorn. Dafne Keen's line reading of "I can't!" when asked why she didn't just stop eating the popcorn that she described as "like sawdust" made me laugh out loud! She brings a great intensity to this role.
  13. So, the numbers didn't add up. We paused the show when they were filming the team dance and we only counted 33 women. What gives?
  14. Tonight's episode of the Simpson's was called "A Springfield Summer Christmas for Christmas". It was about how the "Heartmark Channel" descended on the town to film a Christmas movie. It was a fun jab at the Hallmark movies.
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