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  1. There is absolutely not a single person to root for on this show. As a viewer, I'm hoping they all fail and get thrown into jail! Please tell me this is the last season. Otherwise, I'm going to need some Vigilantrix to help me finish up future episodes because my "mild" OCD tendencies requires that I finish the entire series.
  2. Yeah but it felt to me like 80%of this movie was filmed on a green screen. Most scenes just looked ... off.
  3. My DVD didn't tape anything last night ... did I miss an episode?
  4. I really wish that they didn't have Pat with a son as he's so annoying and adds nothing to the plot. He's quickly turning into the brother (played by a young Seth Green) from "Can't Buy Me Love" ... which is a totally underrated teen movie from the past!
  5. I've been catching some Season 1 episodes on repeat and they are soooo much better as they lack the permasmile and over the top twee-ness that this current season is drowning in. Dial it back a bit Molly!
  6. It was very jarring switching between the middle parted long hair to the pony-tailed look. It was almost like ht episode was hosted by a different person. Weird.
  7. I agree 110%! It's very distracting when he's on screen because i keep expecting him to break into an evil monologue. It must be hard for an actor to break that image that has become ingrained in some of the audience.
  8. I was always thinking that we'd find out that he was really Adam and that John was the one who died.
  9. I'm loving this version of the show too. I think Josh has quite a knack as an interviewer!
  10. I loved that Louise thanked Bob and have him a hug. I can relate as that's as much as I get anymore from my youngest who's in High School now. I cherish every single one. Sniff.
  11. Mrs. AAEBoiler and I are completely baffled by the "Josh Harris Show". He talks about this map like he is literally finding treasure (doubloons, gold ingots, etc.) when his dad was probably just writing down where he found fish 30 FREAKING YEARS AGO!!! I totally don't understand all the drama and suspense. Yet, I continue to hate-watch it. I guess I'm a sucker.
  12. They really frontloaded all the chefs with delicious products - I was worried they'd have a hard time choosing but then the clunkers came all in a row. My only other comment is that Malarkey is absolutely exhausting!
  13. Today's coronary quarantine wasn't too bad as it was refreshing to see an unpolished episode. However, an aerial (drone?) shot of the "ranch house" showing how enormous it really is sure dispels the myth of what a humble rancher's wife she is.
  14. You get a chance to cook wonderful California produce and your first instinct is deep frying?!? Lisa, you deserved to be PYKAG'ed!
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