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  1. I thought it was a satisfying finale. I liked the call-back to Peter Gregory from Season 1 - RIP Christopher Evan Welch. I really liked his character and it was a shame that he passed away.
  2. Ugh, Holiday Hearts with Ashley Williams and Paul Campbell was just absolutely dreadful. The plot device to get the two leads to get together and care for someone else's daughter (who, of course, has a dead mother) was really stretching reality. This had to be one of the worst efforts yet and has absolutely ZERO re-watchability.
  3. It wasn't horrible. I still have a hard time seeing Adrian Grenier as anyone but Vinnie Chase from Entourage. I liked the female lead, she was another who I thought seemed real instead of appearing to be acting. However, Mrs. AAEBoiler was getting ragey with the depiction of all the snow in Memphis. I have to agree that it was a bit ridiculous.
  4. Yeah, Christmas Scavenger Hunt was incredibly predictable but I really liked both leads. They had a lot of chemistry together and seemed much more believable as real people instead of just looking like actors playing a role. This one has "re-watchability" for me.
  5. And they renamed the school Adam West High? Did I miss that change in a prior episode?
  6. My wife and I refer to this show as "Expedition Unfound" because Josh has never been part of group that found anything. I don't know how he keeps up his enthusiasm. However, that was the single best episode they have ever done! I loved it. I especially was moved at how emotional the author's daughters were at the special ceremony at the end of the episode.
  7. Did it seem to anyone else like they were cramming in all the Disney movies early before the launch of Disney+ on November 12th?
  8. I saw that Elizabeth Henstridge is going to be in one of the multitude of Hallmark Christmas movies (Christmas at the Plaza) this year. I guess you gotta pay the bills. It was weird hearing her speak with an American accent in a preview clip that I saw.
  9. I'm just glad they didn't drag this out for half the season. In other words ... I liked the new outfit. It reminded me of the "Nazi" Supergirl outfit from last season's crossover where Melissa looked <\BeginShallowObservation> smoking! <\EndShallowObservation>
  10. I finally got around to watching this and it was ... ok. My only gripe was the costume and especially the cowl. It just looks so round on Ruby Rose's head. It's like they stretched the rubber cowl over an old motorcycle helmet. It just looks off.
  11. Did you know she has a new cookbook coming out? Gee, she only mentioned it four times during the episode!
  12. Agreed on that! Did it seem to anyone else that a bunch of scenes in OTMIL were shot in front of a green screen? The scene at the wedding with Wes Brown singing looked especially fake.
  13. You mean there's not a Christmas mystery movie planned for December? [\RalphWiggumVoice] That's unpossible. I keep watching Jill Wagner's dad in these Mystery 101 movies and think to myself, "would it kill you to shave every now and then?"
  14. Did you know that he's trying to buy the boat? <\EndSarcasmFont>
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