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  1. I've never read the books so this is all new and I'm sorta lost because adaptations never do the books justice. That said, the single best part of this episode was Lyra eating popcorn. Dafne Keen's line reading of "I can't!" when asked why she didn't just stop eating the popcorn that she described as "like sawdust" made me laugh out loud! She brings a great intensity to this role.
  2. So, the numbers didn't add up. We paused the show when they were filming the team dance and we only counted 33 women. What gives?
  3. Tonight's episode of the Simpson's was called "A Springfield Summer Christmas for Christmas". It was about how the "Heartmark Channel" descended on the town to film a Christmas movie. It was a fun jab at the Hallmark movies.
  4. Spoilers!!! Actually, I was just coming here to say that I was watching "Welcome to Christmas" from 2018 and Sarah has a part in that one too. It's sorta taking me out of the movie a bit every time she pops up on screen.
  5. In 2016, there was "Journey Back to Christmas" with Candace Cameron Bure. The synopsis (thanks IMDB) is - "A WWII era nurse is transported in time to 2016 and meets a man who helps her discover the bonds of family and that the true meaning of Christmas is timeless."
  6. I got a kick out of 2 pairs of segments - the Principal explaining the principles of comedy and the shadowed changing of scenes complete with Chris providing late prop placement.
  7. I just assumed that they said Iowa University because they wanted to use a fake name or didn't feel they could use a real school - I wasn't aware of Iowa's Writer's Workshop. Being Hallmark, I'm just surprised they didn't have her college options end up being a choice between College University and State Tech A&M. That said, Follow Me to Daisy Hills was just dreadful. The lighting was horrible (e.g. the first scene with Blake made him look like an albino or a vampire) and the background music was way too loud (including the incessant guitar strumming in the beginning party scene). I can't wait to listen to the Deck the Hallmark podcast of this one!
  8. Let's not forget, "There's some flour/whipped cream/chocolate on your face. Let me get that."
  9. I just discovered it myself and they're hilarious! It's great when they do interviews with the actors (Kristoffer Polaha, Cindy Busby, etc.) because they come off a real people and have fun talking about the movies.
  10. There is absolutely not a single person to root for on this show. As a viewer, I'm hoping they all fail and get thrown into jail! Please tell me this is the last season. Otherwise, I'm going to need some Vigilantrix to help me finish up future episodes because my "mild" OCD tendencies requires that I finish the entire series.
  11. Yeah but it felt to me like 80%of this movie was filmed on a green screen. Most scenes just looked ... off.
  12. My DVD didn't tape anything last night ... did I miss an episode?
  13. I really wish that they didn't have Pat with a son as he's so annoying and adds nothing to the plot. He's quickly turning into the brother (played by a young Seth Green) from "Can't Buy Me Love" ... which is a totally underrated teen movie from the past!
  14. I've been catching some Season 1 episodes on repeat and they are soooo much better as they lack the permasmile and over the top twee-ness that this current season is drowning in. Dial it back a bit Molly!
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