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  1. Ok, is Bjorn the worst husband, father, and person ever? When he said he had lost his mother, son, and kingdom, did he forget about his daughter, little Siggy? (Not to mention his father, Ragnar) I don't think he has ever mentioned her at all. Does he even know she's dead? He seems to be a man of the moment doesn't he?
  2. I'm not 100% certain I'm correct. Your explanation sounds equally reasonable.
  3. IIRC, he was making a reference to a quote from Mariah Carey when she was asked about a feud with Jennifer Lopez (I think), she tried to play it off that she didn't know who she was. Hence the "I don't even....know her" line. It was hysterical. I think it was on the Andy Cohen show, Watch What Happens Live a year or so ago.
  4. If you like Margaret Beaufort, you should check out the trilogy of books by Judith Arnopp. She takes Margaret from childhood to being King Henry VII's mother to grandmother of Henry VIII. The 4 book series of the Tudors (plus Charles Brandon) by Tony Riches is fantastic! Nathen Amin's book The House of Beaufort is great!
  5. I'm confused on the Joe Guica episode. Is he getting a new hearing, trial, or just waiting on a decision? It seemed like the episode came to an abrupt end without a conclusion. I agree Mom seems a little out there (to put it kindly). While the juror she was "investigating" seemed odd to say the least and was clearly lying about his statements of racism, wasn't she basically stalking him? How is that legal?
  6. Sorry if this has been asked before. I assume the police departments get compensation but do the individual officers get something out of the deal?
  7. Since everyone who knows for sure is dead, Magnus could be a "Perkin Warbeck" impersonating the real Magnus? Maybe this kid met up with Magnus in the forest, tells "Perkin" his story, kills Magnus then assumes his story (or Magnus' attempted con game.) Wild idea i know, but plausible for this show. :) Of course, Bjorn probably is just pretending to believe Magnus' story. He's going to use and abuse Magnus first chance he gets.
  8. I'm with you about the Bishop and Lagertha. He'll turn on her in a minute if he thinks Alfred knows about them.
  9. What is Atz sr going to do when the lake freezes over and he can't get to shore?
  10. Sorry, I misstyped (sp?). I meant to say Atz sr. Otto will probably have to send Jane and Charlotte to protect the herd. Oh, good lord.
  11. How lucky for Otto that he "found" that abandoned barge to make his floating homestead out of? Has he become senile? How long is this farce going on? I thought he was vital to the cattle drive. How is the work getting done at his homestead? Does he really except poor Bonnie to do everything? Maybe Bonnie will find a new homesteader by the time Otto comes to his senses.
  12. What's up with Shane's cabin? I know that Shane was seriously hurt, but why is it taking so long? I mean , what the heck? Seems like they are in their 3rd or 4th year.
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