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  1. outback

    S03.E06: 400 Sq Ft Vacation Home

    Oh my I had no idea that there was a name for this (I had to look it up to know what it means) the people that act like they are morally superior because of said lifestyle drives me nuts! We had our reasons for downsizing into a tiny house and none of those makes our choices better than anyone else for however they live.
  2. outback

    S02.E05: 224 Sq. Ft. Entertaining Abode

    Yes we wanted a handrail so we made sure there was one. We do have a fire extinguisher upstairs and down, I just prefer not to display them :)
  3. outback

    S02.E05: 224 Sq. Ft. Entertaining Abode

    Thank you very much! have you seen the Minim house? that was the floor plan used in the Rochester Retreat episode. its single floor and its really spacious. downsizing to this scale takes alot of planning and its not some rush decision as soon people assume it to be. if you would like to see more of our house and also the changes we are doing please check out our website at wwwTinyHouseBasics.com Oh a fitted sheet is a two person job thats for sure, but a fitted sheet on our old Cal King was also a two person job. alot of people comment on the lofts in general and say they could never crawl in such a low space but that concept isnt new, if you are a big camper or offroader your very familiar with low tents or Roof Top Tents like the one i have on my offroad trailer as seen in the episode, that only has like 3.5 feet tall of space to work with yet we have been using that for years for extended offroad trips and its never been a problem, not everybody can do that but it allows up to have some of the best scenic views in the morning that no hotel in the world can provide and for that trade off its completely worth it! here is more on our camping set up: http://tinyhousebasics.com/taking-your-tiny-offroad/
  4. outback

    S02.E05: 224 Sq. Ft. Entertaining Abode

    Yep its my house, I welcome all comments good or bad, just thought I would give that other side to what you see since it still leaves people with lots of questions
  5. outback

    S02.E05: 224 Sq. Ft. Entertaining Abode

    Actually the deck isn't small at all to us, it's 12x12. The reason it is on the smaller side because like the tiny house it needs to be portable so the lower deck is 3 sections and the bench is in 3 sections too. It is portable although super heavy. It also doesn't fail at all for a entertaining space, its perfect. 13" memory foam, standard king bed. Yes crawling around on the hard wood hurts the knees but that has been remedied after the filming The term composite is used to compare it to granite or concrete, which both are extremely heavy in a mobile structure. So like other composite countertops it is much much lighter. Like mentioned in the above post, its actually just a standard king, which is not really too big of a deal, the width of the house is 8.5' and a king is smaller than that so why not, we like our sleep :) We don't make the bed everyday, never made the bed everyday in our 1300 sq ft house. We use a duvet like we did in the big house so we will make it before guesta come but not everyday, who really makes their bed everyday anyway?
  6. outback

    S02.E03: 204 Sq. Ft. Climbing Gym

    Did anyone believe that the open field was the actual living spot for them? I mean it was right across the street from track homes, I can't picture them being cool with that for long. Where are they gonna park day in day out?
  7. outback

    S02.E04: 275 Sq Ft Nomad's Nest

    The fridge must have been broken and out for repair that's the only solution I could thing of. That is the same exact fridge I've had my eye on, its small but big for a apartment fridge, something like 10 cubic ft. I thought the TV coming out of the couch was pretty ridiculous. The shower tub was a cool idea but it seems like it would be hard on the knees stepping up so High, its not like its stepping over the horse trough and onto level ground but stepping up. The trailer seemed really huge but the interior seemed a tad cramped for how big it was on the outside
  8. outback

    S02.E01: 264 Sq Ft Honeymoon Suite

    Nice RVs and nice mobile homes was something we thought about before building our tiny house buy the buy-in for those is so expensive, a nice remodeled mobile home in our area is 120k plus. So that why we were drawn to the ground up approach to a tiny house
  9. outback

    S02.E01: 264 Sq Ft Honeymoon Suite

    I really like john, I think he asks the questions "america" would ask. From what I heard John lives in a smaller regular house.
  10. I completely agree with you, I just think that's how the network sees it. All the people on the show seem to be a tad bit caught off guard by downsizing, to me I feel that's one of the main reasons, less crap to worry about and pay to maintain
  11. outback

    S01E04 - 220 Sq Ft Bohemian Escape

    My favourite episode so far but a couple things stood out. I also think it hasn't moves in the 3 months. What happened to that nice set of stairs for the entrance? Why did they trade it for a hay barrel? Why are people using the term squatting? The homeowner/landowner is allowing them to rent the land
  12. Hey guys, just joined the forum really to discuss this TV in particular. I personally think a tiny house with small children is stupid, why are these people not thinking about their kids growing twice the size in a matter or years? Was there not a direct access from a ladder to that second loft or was it only on the catwalk? In regards to the land they live on and how they get power is really just glossed over, because it probably wouldn't be interesting for the audience so they don't include it. The man with the tub in the floor, he works for Boeing and lives in Seattle, there is a 30 minute video on YouTube showing all the features of his house, it's really awesome, I believe the subscriber that has the film is Kirsten Dirksen. My wife and I are in the process of building a tiny house and downsizing all our stuff. We are documenting our whole process on a website and it is way more involved than the Tv show leads on to be. I know for a fact that everyone on the TV show was In fact actually in the planning/ building stages of going tiny before the TV show contacted them, either that or they were very good liars. I can see going tiny very possible for a couple or a single person, I just don't get it for people with kids unless you build another little house for the offspring