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  1. I dunno. I guess I'm out of synch, but I thought this was a bor-r-r-r-ring episode. My main takeaway was how old these women look without their warpaint. There was one quick shot of Rinna's face just before the facial mask was applied, and I thought, Ho-kay! There is no painting in her attic! Also those pants Kyle was wearing at the two-couples dinner? They weren't doing her any favors. (There was also a profile shot of her in that segment that made her look downright matronly.) Just a data point: It does snow in the towns in the San Gabriel foothills every once in a blue
  2. Personally, I'm so shallow I'd keep Rinna around just to see more of the dresses in the garage. Sutton really is quite delightful even without the only thing remotely resembling a social conscience that any of the Housewives has (always excepting my new celebrity Best Friend Garcelle, of course.). I LUV Sutton, social awkwardness, face massager, wacky couture, impulse buys that would pay for two months of my mortgage and all. There need to be more rich people like Sutton—and Kathy, too!—and I need to be able to watch them, 24 hours a day if I want to. Maybe we exempt them from paying ta
  3. Specifically, Ashley's new baby has "lip tie"—which is the name given to the condition where the frenulum is so thick, it actually restricts movement of the upper lip. This can make it painful for the baby to suck, and that leads to the situation where the baby will only take small amounts but will need to feed more often. https://www.webmd.com/baby/what-is-a-lip-tie#1
  4. Also looks like Eboni-K-Williams is the only one without breast implants. If RHONY comes back for another season, that'll change. 😊
  5. Leah speaking about LuAnn: "She's got Wop energy." How the hell is this not an offensive, racist comment?
  6. Well, she was complaining about it in the context of not getting any sex. So I was actually shouting, "Get a vibrator"! 😊
  7. For the confessionals? But not the narrative bits? Yeah, that would make sense. Erika looks way better in the talking heads. Silly me—I thought it was the lighting. 😊
  8. OmyGAWD!!!! What a great, great, great episode! Fabulous table settings! Lavender roses! Baccarat butterflies! Lipstick readers!!! Enchiladas of the gods! My absolute favorite moment, though, had to be during that talking head, when that gnat committed seppuko in Rinna's lip gloss, and she didn't even wash her face!!!!!! 😊. Just applied more lip gloss. I generally like Jean Paul Gaultier's couture, but you have to be tall to pull off those kinds of architectural designs, and Dorit is not tall. Hence, it fitted her very, very badly. While we're on the subject of clothes:
  9. Personally, I think Sutton may be more worried about being deposed. Hours and hours of RHOBH B-roll gets shot; very little makes it into the show. Who knows what Erika sez on that B-roll? Or what Erika says to her castmates when she's un-miked? I imagine the B-roll will be sunpoenaed at some point if an actual case is brought against Erika. But what about the off-mike remarks?
  10. I don't think Sutton's letting Erika intimidate her. I think Sutton is displaying good manners at a luncheon party that Crystal (and her party planner! 😊 ) put a great deal of effort into making nice.
  11. Well, this was a sweet episode. I was almost persuaded they liked each other. Almost. 😊 I'm trying to figure out the name of the course that offers indentured servitude to Sonja Morgan as an externship. How to Identify the Enemy Class in the Glorious Peasant Revolution to Come? We didn't see Sonja drinking while her interns packed. I'm inclined to write off her general loopiness there to cognitive impairment associated with COVID. It wasn't odd to me that LuAnn immediately leaped to the conclusion that alcohol was the cause, but it was odd to me that no one pointed out to Lu,
  12. My understanding is that TJ Maxx is a high-end liquidator. Meaning they don't buy stock that didn't sell at other stores, but they do buy stock from manufacturers that those manufacturers can't push to other stores as well as from department stores that over-buy. So, as a first-run outlet? If I owned a fledgling clothing business, I would definitely not want to strike a deal with TJ Maxx! 😊 And Macy's just seems like the wrong demographic. I dunno. I actually think Robyn's best retail partner might be Target if she can get the operational costs associated with manufacturin
  13. I realize I'm not Reza's demographic 'cause I am not a gay male, but I think he looks like shit. Wait! That single bed Tommy was lying on was backstage at the reunion production studio? I was so hoping it was in the MJ/Tommy marital home and that he had started sleeping in the guest room and D-I-V-O-R-C-E is imminent!
  14. Can I like this comment 100 times? Also, successful facelifts don't end up making you look like you're in the early stages of scleraderma (yes, I am talking to you, Mia, Karen Huger and Jeff Bezos's girlfriend!) I do heart me some Ashley! Zips right in, earns her paycheck by stirring up the shit, and zips right out again. So efficient! I'm not entirely sure why dessicating a placenta and ingesting it in pill fashion should strike that Bravo producer as any more disgusting than slitting open a woman's chest, inserting two blobs of plastic, and stitching her back up again, but it wasn't
  15. I liked the outfit. I didn't like it on Garcelle. 😊
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