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  1. Blaise

    S01.E04: Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum

    The casting definitely reminded me of seeing Jesse Plemons playing Todd on "Breaking Bad".
  2. Blaise

    S17.E11: Townhouse Incident

    Oh come on, they are TOTALLY doing it!! That's all I took away from the episode anyway. Liv giving up her gun right away was also terrible cop procedure IMO. Would those idiots really suspect she was a cop as soon as she walked in? She might have had a better chance if she didn't tell the bad guys her entire life story as soon as she was forced inside.
  3. Blaise

    S04.E04: Daisy & Marcus

    Oh God I had no idea there was a podcast!! I already "watch" this show while doing laundry I can't imagine having to pay any MORE attention to Nev. Although it sounds like listening to the podcast and maybe watching the episode on mute is the way to go? For now, thanks for biting the bullet for us Tara!
  4. Blaise

    Utopia (US) Live Feed Discussion

    I feel like I missed something, why is Aaron against Nikki? Is this all over her "not ordering enough meat" ?
  5. Blaise

    Utopia (US) Live Feed Discussion

    Wait, they're allowed to smoke weed in Utopia? Is this because they're in California? That might account for some of Red's mood swings, along with the food problems.
  6. Blaise

    Utopia (US) Live Feed Discussion

    Thanks for clearing up the cow/calf question! It's amazing how Bri from the feeds is such a horrible person while Bri on the show is barely shown.
  7. Blaise

    Utopia (US) Live Feed Discussion

    I started out watching the show, then quickly became obsessed with these live feed recaps! I only watch the show now to see how much heavy editing is going on. It's unbelievable the difference! Sorry if I missed it, can someone explain why they have to keep the mother and calf separate?
  8. Blaise

    S03.E10: Blake & Kiersten

    I still don't understand why they didn't air this episode back in 2013. I want to know why it took so long.