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  1. This trial obviously meant something entirely different in America. To the rest of the world, it couldn't have been more obvious that it was about convicting the murderer of two human beings - the murderer clearly being OJ Simpson. To America, it seemed to be about either convicting or acquitting him based solely on the colour of his skin. America is a mad country.
  2. Moo

    BBC America

    As a Brit, I can say that I genuinely don't mind paying the license. It means no adverts and generally a much better quality of programme than the rest of the channels - sports coverage included. I can put up with £12 a month if it means I get a channel that's better than ITV.
  3. Moo


    Lol, he's not immortal, no. But even if he was, I'd still probably go check on the guy I love who ran in to save the idiot friend of mine who'd got himself in yet more trouble with his terrible decision-making. The way the scene was played, Buffy would've had to walk past a downed Spike to get to a clearly breathing, being-seen-to-by-Robin Xander. I don't think it was unreasonable for her to stop off on her and check he was good. That's fine, I don't think their actions made them the worst people in the world, or even the worst friends. But there's no getting away from the fact that t
  4. Moo


    But again, Buffy did not force Xander to go with them. Over the course of the show, she made it clear over and over that maybe he wasn't best placed to be in on the fighting, to which Xander more often than not got all butt-hurt and whined like a little schoolgirl until she gave in. Yes, he could be useful sometimes. But this time his luck ran out. Not in any way Buffy's fault IMO - I'm sorry, it just wasn't. It's like the smoker who sues the cigarette company when they get lung cancer. And as for going right back - she was right! What happened right after they unfairly booted her out of h
  5. Moo


    The difficulty I have always had with the Scoobies is that when Buffy wants to slay without them, they complain and yet when they're called upon to take up arms in her absence - i.e. when it's no longer a choice, but a necessity - they complain. What is it they want to happen? I always wanted them to make up their minds. Do they think it's entirely on Buffy's shoulders? If they do, stop complaining when she tells you what to do and treats you as her subordinates. If they think they have an equal right to run the show and Buffy doesn't automatically get first choice cause she's the slayer, then
  6. I definitely agree that Buffy/Giles was her best relationship - before it was ruined in S7. Most definitely, he was her person more than any other. But still, there were parts of her he either didn't understand - her continued love for Angel, for instance - or simply couldn't accept as true. I always thought Giles never really accepted that Buffy had a darkness in her. He wanted the best for her - the way any father does - and was a little blind to her darker leanings. But yes, I still agree that he was her person in a way no other character on the whole show ever was. With Angel, I do agr
  7. I actually always thought it was the other way round. Angel never got the real Buffy, because what he had was the Buffy before life truly kicked the shit out of her. He never saw her down and dirty, at the end of her rope, back against the wall. He saw bubblegum Buffy - the Buffy who cared intensely about school dances and being normal and having a life. He knew kid Buffy - as creepy as that sounds lol. He didn't know her as an adult. Spike, on the other hand, got to see every side of Buffy that there was. He saw the good, the bad, the ugly - it's why his speech to her in Touched actually
  8. Unpopular opinions... I have a few. 1) I liked Dawn. I genuinely did. I thought MT was a half decent actress and Dawn never felt shoe-horned in to the Scoobies the way Riley did. 2) Never really cared about Jenny. I thought she was smug and intensely unlikeable for pretty much her whole time on the show. 3) Never bought Giles/Jenny as in love and as a result, his reaction to her murder (the whole suicide mission thing) always felt way OTT. Passion works because of the horrendous way Giles discovers Jenny's body. The shock, the intimacy of it... but not because I bought them as de
  9. Moo


    I totally agree with this. I always saw it this way too. And it's one of the main reasons I think Xander is so horribly blind to his faults - something that was aided by the fact that no-one ever really called him out on them. Xander essentially 'lost his soul' and tried to rape Buffy, something the souled version of him would NEVER do no matter how strongly he pined for her. I can understand how a teenage boy's ego wouldn't allow him to ever actively like Angel (and later Spike) for having the part of Buffy he so desperately wanted, but I could never see my way past how he couldn't understand
  10. Oh, they don't offend me or anything. Like I said, as characters together on paper I think they work very well, and they do have chemistry. I just find myself disappointed at how little physical chemistry I see them have.
  11. I think I must be the only person in the universe that doesn't see any sexual chemistry between SA and ER. Or rather, I don't see any physical sexual chemistry. At all. On the jet when they're sharing a look together - wowza, I see it then. But the second they kiss, it all just disappears and it looks like they're just two wet fish. I wish I could see it, because as characters they work together. I've noticed that while ER has chemistry with a lot of characters, every kiss she's shared onscreen looked very awkward, so maybe it's just her thing. I don't know. Either way, for that reason, the se
  12. From what I remember, Katherine was fine as a human until she was drained by Damon and Silas. It was then she started to age rapidly. But wasn't she also incapable of being turned into a vamp again? It seems like such a silly thing to do to one of the characters on this show, if indeed they plan to. And I can't help but think - what with the way DE were talking about human Elena v vamp Elena the other week - that it must be Elena who finally gets the cure. Perhaps a way to dredge up the old triangle for what's probably the last season of the show? That scene where the writers essentially said
  13. I was really looking forward to Bonnie coming back, because I've actually grown to like her over the last year or two. But in this episode, it was hammered home why when she is around I don't care about her that much: she's not the best actress. I wish it wasn't true but I just can't take scene after scene of her talking through her teeth to show she's feeling feelings. Ugh. I'm also not a huge fan of Damon being on his own little island. His character works best when he's interacting with everyone. I got a little sick of the 'you can tell we're cool coz of the angry guitar riff' that
  14. S3: Although it's not my favourite version of the Scoobies (I really couldn't take much Cordelia and this was also the season of Wesley, god save us from his nonsense), this was the season where everything coalesced perfectly - the actors had nailed their characters, the writers had a great plan for the year, fab villain, great side-stories that feed into the main arc, the singular eps are exceptional... it really was firing on all cylinders in S3. S5: For all the reasons I've outlined above, S5 is my second favourite. It just wasn't quite as perfectly streamed as S3, with a few duds along
  15. Kennedy. I cannot stand her. It saddens me that she took up so much screentime in the last season. She was a whiny, bitchy, self-absorbed little twat. I used to detest Riley back in the day when I was a rabid (and I mean, r-a-b-i-d) BA and later BS shipper. But now, he's just so damn blah that I can't bring myself to get worked up about him. Blink and he's gone. And he did give us one of my favourite lines: "I'm cowboy guy!"
  16. Yes, you're right. She earned her powers in the way she used them, not to begin with. But she still earned them. By S7, she was so far beyond Anya and Willow in the morality stakes it wasn't even funny. So to have one of the murderers in the group gripe at the one who spent all her time and energy saving the innocent people in the world was a little much lol. As for being a leader, I also think she was absolutely right: she was the leader. She was the slayer and they were her worker bees lol. The problem always arose when they forgot that and tried to take the reigns. And that's when poten
  17. Buffy: Surprise/Innocence. It turned the show from monster of the week to all out soap opera from hell. Amazing.
  18. God, I hated that quote. I hate that episode in general, but especially that quote. You know how Buffy earned her power, Anya? 8 years of fighting and sacrificing and dying so you could have the opportunity to sit there and unfairly judge her, that's how. She didn't say, for instance, do one spell, grab the attention of a higher demon, get turned immortal and get to spend over 1000 years fannying around the world doing whatever the hell she wanted, like some others. She used the power she had to save all your arses repeatedly. She more than earned her power. Ugh, I hate that quote lol.
  19. Sometimes I think I'm missing a bone in my body that makes me able to swallow the trite nonsense American TV shows trot out when someone is dying. That scene at the end with the little girl as Caroline learning how to ride a bike almost made me vomit. Ugh. It's just so damn cutesy, you know? I get it, it was sad before that. I didn't need to see a cute little blonde girl riding a bike to feel the sadness. It actually took me out of the episode because it was so damn heavy-handed. Less is more, you know? I thought the SC kiss was lovely. A little shocking because normally I can take or lea
  20. You can't beat a good old-fashioned steak and ale pie. Very traditional, you'll find loads of recipes online. The Hairy Bikers one is a good one. Here's a link: http://www.lovefood.com/guide/recipes/13009/the-hairy-bikers-superb-steak--ale-pie
  21. I love that the barrier is gone for good. I missed seeing them all hanging around the Salvatore house. Man, I love that front door. I want that front door so bad! Poor Caroline. Well, actually poor Liz. But that sucks all round. I do wonder why none of them have mentioned the possibility of turning her, but I'm sure that'll come up in the coming episodes. I did love the SC hug. Very sweet and I like that Stefan's finally being there for her in a way that counts. I also liked the SE scenes. I think theirs is such an important relationship that it's only right they are still in each othe
  22. I always thought Andrea had the prettiest face by a mile. Brenda had a nice smile and great hair but the eye thing threw me off, Kelly looked like a small woodland creature and Donna had a horse-face.
  23. The music change that really upsets me actually happens in an episode I don't care about lol. It's the one where Steve leaves to find his birth mum and 2000 miles plays while the gang all line up looking sad and 90s while he gets on the bus. I don't know what it is, but that song and the way they all stand there always feels like a seminal moment in an otherwise forgettable episode and without that song, it just doesn't work. With it though, it's like a snapshot of the best years of 90210 with all the original gang. Wow, that was cheesy lol.
  24. Damon also went all out to bring Bonnie back last year, but he did it entirely for Elena. I just don't think it's terrible that Elena assumed Damon was doing it for her again and maybe using it to get her to like him. It's not like he hasn't done that a thousand times in the past.
  25. I saw it as Elena assuming Damon was that self-serving, which to be fair is a possibility. This is maybe the first time Damon's done something that wasn't all about getting Elena to like him/forgive him/etc. I don't hold it against Elena that she thought that's what he was doing. How's she supposed to know Damon actually considers Bonnie a friend?
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