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  1. I'm really glad the partner swap turned out to be a big nothing. I was really worried that they were going to force these people to race with strangers for the rest of the race! I'll admit I've considered the idea in the past -- on a purely theoretical level, it could introduce some interesting dynamics as to interteam relationships for example. I even think that it may have made sense to try it last season, where the players were all strangers to begin with. But to do it to contestants who are expecting to have their friend/loved one by their side for the duration of the race would have been
  2. Kristi and Jen rocked both roadblocks tonight, and seemed to be great at the Detours too. On both legs they came just shy of winning first. Not to belabor the point, but if they get knocked out for some stupid reason like a U-Turn or another lost cabbie, I am going to lose my shit.
  3. OMG where did her shoes go?
  4. Re your first point: yes! Am I right in that the first 5 legs have been won by 5 different teams? It seems like that rarely happens. Usually a few teams dominate the whole race. Although the skiers have been doing really well, perhaps in the top 3 of every leg so far? I am just really loving them so far, they seem to be good at everything. Yes, I think the ring must have been hidden in Lucas's headphone bag or something. I loved the look of puzzlement on Brittany's face when he asked for those on the race to the pitstop. I think she said that she thought his ears must have been cold!
  5. Yes! Basically I am bothered by the fact that they've nerfed almost all these superheroes -- including and especially J'onn. What's the point of having all these superheroes on this superhero show when only one of them (Supergirl) is allowed to use her powers to their full potential? I mean I watched all of Season 2 and I'm still not sure what Mon-El's powers are. And why is Supergirl the only one allowed to have a colorful costume?? Everyone else including Reign is in all black. Strut your stuff, people! Get some zing! Take a cue from the Earth next door! On the other hand, I
  6. Cedric made a very simple, understandable mistake: he took the Roadblock clue and ran off, and just plain forgot that he still had his backpack on! Once he realized, I'm sure he thought, "Oh that's okay, I can manage" ... until he found out how long this roadblock was actually going to be, which no one knew at the beginning. Well it's a rookie mistake ... you can be sure he'll never make that one again. Even so, I was amazed that he managed to come out first out of the 2nd zipline ... then crushed that he still managed to finish the RB last. Man that RB! The RB was like a mini-leg in itse
  7. I was amazed that all 10 teams got the clue to the crane at the same time, and yet 6 teams got so lost that the first 4 teams finished the crane task and were gone before the other 6 even showed up! And they were traveling on foot, so you would have thought that the bottom 6 could have just followed the top 4?
  8. I like that idea, although I think having an empty cart would give you too big of an advantage. One bag minimum, I'd say. And I imagine they could pull the cart, although I don't think that would have been any better--probably just as hard to steer, and you wouldn't see when you dropped a bag! (Or you'd be driving backwards, even worse.) I was reminded of the old Intersection twist as well. That one was often bad because sometimes a team would have to wait a long time for another team to show up (I think for hours in one instance in Season 11!) -- which was really bad because those two te
  9. Why? Why would getting another clue, jumping in a car, and driving to another random location and beating some other team who just beat you at this head-to-head be any better? It's just one random task versus a different random task. What makes one better than the other? I mean, we've already had plenty of episodes where a team who came in last at the last Task got to the pit stop not-last because some other team got lost on the way to the Pit Stop. Just last week for example, and maybe 20% of all episodes of all past seasons. We've seen it play out that way so many times. I don't mind ha
  10. I thought the Head-to-Head Competition was an interesting concept. It's definitely not the worst twist they've ever had (that would be introducing teammates at the starting line and forcing them to pretend to be romantically interested in each other!). Not the best either (that would be ... um ... making the teams divide up their Roadblocks evenly I guess?). I disagree with the notion that it's not merit-based or not fair or that it makes the rest of the leg pointless. It is in fact very fair and merit-based from my point-of-view. You get to the end first, you get the most chances to win the H
  11. Oh, so they ARE dating. I wasn't sure while I was watching. At first I assumed they were, but then I heard Evan call Henry "buddy", which I thought was kind of a strange word to call your boyfriend!
  12. I just finished watching the entire new season on USA's website, since I couldn't watch it on demand on my TV at present. (It's only 4 hours, so ....) I have to say that the first couple of episodes left me cold and I was having trouble remembering why I liked the show. But as it went along, I began to remember, and I think the show itself remembered as well. Later on there's more of that playful back-and-forth banter that they do so well. And that loving warmth! It got good and funny, even when it became suddenly serious ... or I should say, especially when it became suddenly serious. It's a
  13. What really struck me about this episode is what a poor, whiny, entitled schmuck Jimmy has become! He acts like the world is trying to bring him down, as if it's somehow not fair, but there is not a single negative consequence he is currently enduring that he did not bring upon himself. He DID switch the numbers on the MV contract, he knows it, Kim knows it. He DID break-and-enter Chuck's house more than once. And now he's dealing with the consequences of his suspended license. Which of course means the community service and the lack of his usual attorney income. He brought all of this on hims
  14. Heh. I didn't think of that one because I was just thinking of all these recent casting gimmicks they've done in the last few years as a desperate ratings grab. But I guess the Family season counts as a gimmick too, which I would probably put ... hmm. On the one hand: boring route, boring tasks. On the other hand, teams I liked better than the ones on 24 or 26. So maybe I'd put it in the middle? Then there's the first two All-Star seasons, which didn't really feel like gimmicks to me. Season 18 is definitely my favorite of the bunch, I put it on top. Season 11 ... was often anticlimactic
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