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    Total Bellas

    It was Brie's fault. If Liv was falling forward too much, Brie should have noticed before throwing the next kick or re calibrated on the fly to land the kick differently. There's an amazing instance of AJ Styles (one of the best wrestlers in the world) hitting his finishing move on another wrestler. Mid-air, he noticed the other wrestler, James Ellsworth, was not in the correct position and would have broken his neck, so AJ adjusted how he landed to insure James' safety. Link if anyone's interested: https://www.cagesideseats.com/wwe/2016/10/13/13269794/james-ellsworth-aj-styles-clash-botch-serious-injury-smackdown-live Bryan did have a very sweet defense of Brie and named all the times he injured someone. It's a part of the job. This was on Brie, but she's not the first and won't be the last. The backlash was way too much.
  2. The Ascension

    Total Bellas

    I just caught up on the Liv episode. It’s not cool that Brie’s overcommitting and thus is failing. If the show tries to present it next week (err, last night’s episode) that she injured Liv because she overcommitted and was tired then that’s just BS. WWE wrestlers are in 3-4 different towns a week for shows (the TV show, two house shows) and they don’t injure each other all the time citing exhaustion. It annoyed me that Nikki had to hop on the flight to Comic Con while Brie got to stay and celebrate the success of the fashion show. Then Brie playing it off at the family dinner like she was bossing Nikki around and making Nikki go to the signing. It’s not cute. Brie would fall apart if she was a regular working mom, who had to get up, get kids off to school, get to the office, be a professional for 8 straight hours with meetings and presentations, pick up kids, shuffle them around, make dinner, try and eek out time for herself and for Bryan, and then do it all again the next day. She wants to be #goals and an empowered woman, and a boss babe, but she’s none of that. I think she just doesn’t know who she is and she’s not very smart. I think she’s kind of been pulled along her whole life. First with Nikki, now Bryan. Nikki seems very driven and ambitious, especially over the last couple of years, and Brie has just been along for the ride because being a #twin helps Nikki stand out. Like someone else pointed out, Brie didn’t want to do the wine, but eventually was like ‘sure’, when really Nikki could do it without her. So she’s lazy because Nikki always did the work for her, and just doesn’t know what she wants to be but she’s accustomed to a lifestyle now. Brie wants to be an influencer and be told she’s an “empowered woman”, but not have to put the work in. Now she has Bryan who is also very driven, and very motivated by his love of wrestling and his love of the environment. So Brie’s picked up on the environment issue, which, don’t get me wrong, more people trying to do right by the environment is awesome. But it’s not really hers.
  3. The Ascension

    S09.E01: Love Is In The Air

    Aww. John and Abbie are so awkward, but so damn happy. For a guy as shy as John has come off over the years, it must be heaven to have a girl that he thinks is the most beautiful in the wide world proclaim to the world on camera and your loved ones "I would be honored to be your wife". The producer asking Lauren "So, what happened?" is quite annoying to me. Think of a gentler way to ask it maybe?
  4. The Ascension

    S15.E16: Break Free

    Ok double post but I just saw the end of the episode. Kim lecturing in the car about how everyone thinks its about politics, when it's not, and all you have to do is "get in front of the right person and change their mind." She states it so matter-of-factly, like she's the only one who figured that out. POTUS took that meeting because Kim is a celebrity. There are several issues I would like to get in front of POTUS about, and I know he is the right person to get in front of to try and "Change his mind", but guess what? Ivanka won't take my calls, she won't tell Jared to take my calls, Jared won't email me, Jared won't text me, Trump won't take a meeting. Now what, Kim?? Hm, what is the difference between you and me, if we both know we have to get meetings with POTUS? Hmmm. That aside, Kim, her grandeur aside, DID change this person's life. She could have retweeted it and been like "yeah, so like, I brought her, like, awareness". But she used her platform for good and she (Kim) seemed genuinely affected. Good for her, in all honesty. -Alice talking about people on the streets hugging her welcoming her home. <3 Aww!! -Holy crap, Mason is SO BIG. -Khloe don't call Tristan "babe". Break. up. with. him. Ew. -Their bike shorts trend needs to die. "Literally, die" as they would say. -Who has less chemistry? Kim and Kanye, or Kris and Corey? -I know she's had so many surgeries, but I honestly find Kim to still be just so stunning.
  5. The Ascension

    S15.E16: Break Free

    Kim & Kanye have some nerve calling Kris and telling her to cancel 'Ellen' appearance. How about Kanye doesn't act like a jackass (Obama's word!)? That can't be an option?
  6. The Ascension

    S15.E12: The Betrayal

    I admit I have not watched the episode yet (I sure am though when I get home from work!) but how do the Ks get their doctor in a Cleveland hospital? I know nothing about the medical field - but could a doctor from Cali really just stroll in to a hospital in Ohio and say 'I am going to take this patient' ? How do they get that cleared? How will the nurses know?
  7. The Ascension

    S08.E12: Josiah & Lauren's Prank-less Wedding?

    Everyone is just trying so damn hard. -Dwain Swanson -Lauren whispering "This is the happiest day of my life" as she walked toward the doors with her dad screamed "repeat it enough and maybe I'll start to believe it" -Josiah trying to look emotional and happy as Lauren walks down the aisle toward him. -Austin with that damn lecture to Josiah about giving 1000% and how his life will never be the same. Dude's been married like 15 months.
  8. The Ascension

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    I love how Jill's reply to Derick's dinner-at-school IG post started with "Aw!" Aw? He basically said 'thanks'. She has such a low standard and will soak up any acknowledgment she gets and equate it with praise and love.
  9. The Ascension

    S08.E10: Jinger's Double Surprise/S08.E11 Kendra Has A Baby

    I can't get over how attractive Kendra's parents are. I also cannot get over how in this episode they were saying they didn't expect to be grandparents this young and they thought they'd have one or two more (although Kendra's dad did acknowledge have kids young, be a grandparent young) before Kendra had a baby. They were surprised when she announced she was pregnant too. They noted in the engagement/wedding season that she was marrying young and she and Joe got engaged quickly. Honestly, what did they freaking expect? This is how they set her up in life. They (probably) didn't tell her about birth control or the benefits of family planning and waiting to have kids. How could they be surprised? It blows my mind a bit. Also..that "dance monkey dance!!!" gender reveal. SCREW.THAT. How self-involved. God, I'd be PISSED if I showed up and found out I'd have to do that.
  10. The Ascension

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Jill's hashtags!! Omg. I'm mortified for her and sad for her. She is so naive and sheltered that she has such a freaking l-o-w bar for him. Girl. We're glad he's forever yours, because trust that no intelligent twenty-something would want him.
  11. The Ascension

    S08.E09: Lauren Finds Her Dress

    I know “Say Yes to the Dress” has kind of changed everything for wedding dress shopping and now it has to be all cutesy, but I really had a problem with the “Love it!” or “Leave it!” signs. Even though wedding dress shopping is now such an EVENT, it should be focused around the bride and what SHE wants. The way I see it, you’re there to support, tell her she looks beautiful, offer some feedback, and then affirm her choice. I cringe and feel so badly watching SYTTD when a bride so clearly LOVES a dress and the family members are like “hell no!” and the brides face falls. Back to THIS show, they were throwing up their “love it” or “leave it” signs before Lauren had even expressed any thoughts. She’d barely even looked at herself in the dress and the woman is like "Let''s see the signs! Is it Love it or leave it!" No, ask Lauren first! But the whole shopping trip was weird. They kept putting her in what she did NOT want, and she didn’t even seem to like the dress she chose that much..
  12. The Ascension


    I had never heard of face down on an ambulance stretcher. This family teaches me so much. <3 l-o-l
  13. The Ascension


    That article was terrible. Why are they a powerhouse couple? I legitimately had never heard of him until she got knocked up. The interviewer was a fangirl. His theory on Kardashian curse was that these men just couldn't fly too close to the sun, and Kylie's answer was that she just agreed with him. Aren't reporters not suppose to "lead" when they do interviews? Their relationship is also ridiculous. They met at Coachella and Kylie couldn't bear to part with him so she just went on tour with him. x The interviewer called it "super romantic". I call it "rich kid with nothing to do." Glad she could take a break from running her billion dollar business do this! TOTALLY normal. Then recently, they had a fight so Kylie flew across the country to make up with him and she didn't tell anyone where she was going. Just up and left without the kid. Also, re: Forbes article. She is not SELF MADE. I mean, I love Kylie lip kits and you pry Posie, Mary Jo K, and Koko from my cold, dead hands. But. Come on. She is the figurehead, primary model, and the inspiration. That's it. Here is how I imagine Kylie Cosmetics meeting going. Employee: So, what do we want to do for fall? Kylie: Well, so like, what I'm really feeling, is like, a dark vibe. Like, a sophisticated, cool, glam, aesthetic, but like, dark. You know, in like, summer, it's literally all color. I love color in summer. It's such a summer vibe. SO, I was thinking, for like, fall, if we do like darker reds, like, darker purples for eyes, and like no color on the lips. Nude lips. I'm really feeling it, guys. Literally have chills. Employee: Innovative. Let's do it. Media: Kylie's a GURU!!! Genius!
  14. The Ascension

    Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Does anyone read the blog "Today's Letters?" It's a married couple who write quick love notes to each other and post blogs about how they work on their marriage and keep it fresh (ie: they "interview" each other on evening walks, stuff like that). When I was a high school student, I freaking loved that blog. To me, Jeremy and Audrey are trying to be the couple from that blog.
  15. The Ascension

    Joy and Austin: This One Time At Family Camp

    I had a whole bunch of boring, lame housework to do this weekend, so I wanted something brainless in the background. Counting On it was. And a year later, I honestly still cannot get over how insistent Joy was about leaving the reception early, and announcing to her 1k+ guests at the reception that they weren't going to stay very long. It's so FREAKING rude. I can't even. Listen, I get it. Everyone gets it. You want to bone. But they don't feed these people, then they don't bother to hang around long to talk to them. It's maddening.