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  1. So this is circa 1937(GWTW) and German Natalie Dormor has been married since 1919-1920 (met American Doughboy right after WWI)? How old are her and her son suppose to be?
  2. Very disappointing, and dumb in so many ways. And characters unresolved.
  3. I am an advocate for very strong gun laws. I think the well regulated section of the 2nd Amendment is the crucial part. That said, this is a particularly idiotic, preachy episode.which adds nothing to the debate.
  4. Why couldn't Aram simply get a warrant for the blood? And why did the officers arresting Elodie need full SWAT riot gear? A good lawyer will get her off. A good prosecutor would probably drop the charges.
  5. Since America is neutral in this, and even secretly supplying Hitler. No reason for Japan to attack. Most likely Lindbergh would cede the East Pacific to Japan
  6. No use nitpicking about the show's silliness, we all know we only watch it for when Spader is on the screen.
  7. No Americans did not know about concentration camps or genocide in 1940. They found out when the camps were liberated at the end of the war. It was a shock to most soldiers. Some info about it was out, burnout widely. The War leaders knew some of it, but decided they could not divert resources for things like bombing rail lines, could not be diverted from the fight. Many Americans still don't know the extent of the Holocaust.
  8. Lindbergh gave that speech in Des Moines in 1941, not many years earlier. After Hitler had invaded France. The Medal from Goering was in 38. Lindbergh was an anti semite and a fascist. Sorry if the truth is uncomfortable.
  9. I wear a watch. Easy to just bend a wrist than pull phone from pocket. And analog watches are better visual indications of time than digital. Chart vs just numbers.
  10. Because that is how peace works. The British made a deal with Sinn Fein, Israel made a deal with the PLO. Dictators have left to live well in exile. It wasn't Justice, but it was better for the countries.
  11. What happens to Kim is as big a question as what will happen to Gene in Omaha. We didn't see any of Saul's life in BB so we don't know if Kim was still around. The only thing I am sure is that neither will play out until the last episodes.
  12. Liz turns on Red....again. Make up your damn mind.
  13. Park? So Liz's story has become so boring they had to introduce a new agent with a "mysterious" back story we have to suffer through.
  14. How many episode do we have left before we say goodbye to this wonderful show?
  15. I saw something else with Brent. He is usually non-plussed and indifferent to what anyone else says. Just the self-assured, priviledged schmuck sufferring from Dunning-Kruger syndrome.But he really thought that his book was good and he actually worked hard on it. Whe he got u iversal rejection, he was hurt, and showed himself to be full of doubt. Perhaps that is the start of his turning into a better person. Maybe he will need a way to get people to see he is a good person. Just a thought.
  16. 1/2 hour in. It took them intrviewing the parents to find out all the boys went to the same Boarding School? Top notch FBI work there.
  17. Well, the solved the whole Cooper and Red were in Iraq together. Red was just Harrison Ford in Apokalypse Now. Cooper was an idiot for not seeing that Dan had turned. Liz is still an idiot in general.
  18. Cooper agrees to send Lab Tech Aram instead of Ressler because Aram can empathise with her loss. It's not like Ressler didn't watch his fiancee die in front of him or anything? And yeah, Liz is an idiot.
  19. It's Eleanor's redemption that will save humanity. Maybe Jason and Tahani's as well.
  20. My only question, do we see Jessica next week?
  21. And to make the deal with China, Odin found the whereabouts of pro-Democracy resistance and fed that to China. So he really has no moral compass. Sorry to see Moreland go. I am hoping the ending does not follow the source story.
  22. I was okay with it, wanted Blaine to suffer more. And why leave Dolly's whereabouts hanging?
  23. Blaine really has to die. I liked the heist, but Circ d Sole brains? I could eat Aaron Rodgers brain, I still couldn't throw a pinpoint 50 yard pass. Or scramble out of a Linebackers grasp.
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