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  1. I have to suspend a lot of disbelief, but a few things are starting to bother me. So the rich get to be up front because they pay for it. But with what? The World is dead. There are not banks or hedge funds or off shore accounts, and even if they had bags of cash, what good is it without Countries to back the worth. looks like the true parasites, using up more than their share of the resources. (yeah, I know that is the point of the movie and the show). The show may address this more, but you would think the rest of the train would get this before 7 years. What are they doing for the train th
  2. I did not see the first series of Penny Dreadful. Will this season end on a big cliffhanger? Or will they resolve some or all of the story?
  3. Who is this new character this season named Axe. I liked the character they had the first four seasons. This new one is as different as Micheal Corleone and Tony Montana (see what I did there?) And anyone in the art world or who knows a professional artist sees how false all the stuff with Tanner is in every way.
  4. The writers probably have a double episode finale planned and don't know what to do until then. This week and last treaded water and next week is an art caper that has nothing to do with the plot.
  5. If they have a second season, Nathan Lane better be in it. I don think everyone will survive this season. And I still don't see why Magda is going to such great lengths to corrupt the Dr and his family. He was already a Nazi. Is it all to screw with Maria?
  6. And the pizza, please, there is a lot of great pizza in NY. There is great Neopolitan pizza. None of them are so much better than all the others that they could warrant a multi million dollar food line. Also, you can't make a frozen Neapolitan pizza worth a damn. You need fresh dough and a special oven. It doesn't lend itself to factories, and any true pizza maker would be insulted by Axe.
  7. I care so little about the soap opera aspects of the group. It is scary that the head of the DOJ hiring private mercenaries isn't farfetched anymore.
  8. And along with a depth of movie trivia greater than IMDB, Taylor also has an extensive knowledge of NASCAR. How does she keep up with finance with all these other pursuits.
  9. So you can buy one house and then another and completely move all the contents from one to another overnight.
  10. The writing has gotten so bad. Every plot turn, every character move rings false and or dumb.
  11. "We are fugitives on the run for our lives. But we can protect your family in Africa" Wha? Madeline as a VP candidate would lose more votes than Sara Palin. Plus, is whoever's President in the Blindspot world dumb enough to pick someone who will obviously assinate him to be President herself? Uh...forget I asked that.
  12. Well, they only were able to get 7 episodes done before COVID hit. Maybe they can fix this crap before they come back. How could I forget Axe is from Queens? The pizza joint is 2 miles from where I live.
  13. I see in the previews Axe gets bad press for blowing off the Yonkers family. Another move the old Axe would have seen coming. My wife thinks they are just trying to make a parable to our current leaders.
  14. I get what people are saying what the Dr. purpose could be. I just think he is already doing most of that and she could have easily made him do more without all the screwingand murder. In fact, wrecking his home makes him a less effective spokesman for his community.
  15. I get the Chaos the other "chaos" women are causing. Stiring up a race war and getting the Nazis a foothold in L A. But what does she want with the Dr. He already is a Nazi and seems she could get him to cause trouble without all the murder and infidelity.
  16. As a working artist, there was nothing remotely realistic about how Grillo acted. It al rang incredibly false. And BTW, when artist get together they talk about art. And who was that guy who looked like Axe at the end. Some rival makes an obvious and petulant insult and Axe is suddenly insecure about who he is and where he came from. Utter BS. Axe doesnt back down or feel inferior to anyone. Really poor episode.
  17. Von Braun was working on rockets in the 30s. I just don't think they were calling it the V2 yet. But it makes more sense to the audience than talking about the A4. I don't see the conflict between Chaos and Death, will there be a third entity of Life/Order that appears?
  18. Did Axe ever have any redeeming qualities. Because he doesn't now. His first instinct is always to destroy lives.
  19. Liz is just as fickle when she is a cartoon. Oh wait, she is always a cartoon.
  20. How can you complain when you spend a solid half hour with a smile on your face.
  21. I liked the recap with Armstrong's POV. I liked the cat and mouse... and then it got dumb. I really, really hope the whole first ep of next season isn't Nolan on the lam.
  22. Axe is really loathsome person.
  23. Liz and Mom? Huh? And Liz is okay with killing Dembe? My head hurts.
  24. Imagine an Administration that is so corrupt that it appoints the most incompetent , criminal people to run Departments. Just imagine.
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