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  1. Looks like One will finally get interesting next week.
  2. Angela was certainly not incompetent. She did everything right, including calling in the Asian Tech guy ASAP because they had to use the secure lines in the office and then calling in Elliot for help. It was the asshole E corp VP that belittled her and the Allsafe boss who didn't back her up.
  3. Cardie; that sounds reasonbable. I think the other hackers are real, the conversaion outside the arcade with the girl hacker sounded like she has on familiar terms with him. And the way Slater showed up just as she left was the clue for me. The question for me is when they do the reveal about what is halucination, to us and also his realization. And where the show goes form there. If they wait too long, it could become tiresome. But they need a plot to keep it going after the reveal.
  4. So my guess is Christian Slater is Eliot's Tyler Durdin.
  5. I hate the "going to therapy Harvey"
  6. He had been Vader for years. And many new he was Anakin, certainly Obiwan, Yoda and some of the Rebels who were around long enough. There was p[robably fear involved with anyone not calling him Vader. It was just Luke, Leia and us, the audience, who mostly were kept out.
  7. Yes, One is annoyingly preachy and the "moral compass" stuff will get old. But I have a suspicion that there is something more to him. I hope it turns out he is more of a baddass than the rest. There must be a reason he doesn't seem to fit.So far so good, and as we world build and get character developement, this could be great. Sometimes, with these shows there is an episode early on ( but after the first few) that rasies the show to a new level. "33" on BSG is an example.
  8. Or Molly Ringwald. :D
  9. So the last scene in the finale will be a woman from the back and Lizzie saying "Mom?" a la Alias.
  10. It's only good when Red is on screen.
  11. All kinds of awesome, the slow melodic lead up to Welcome to the Machine was incredible. I missed that was the indestrucable case, good catch. One thing i missed, when did the night-vision goggles come into play? I didn't see them being used. My guess for next season, and there BETTER be a next season, rebuild the Machine in a way that can beat Samaritan. Finch is a better programer than Arthur was.
  12. I agree with all about how awesome this ep was. Root killing Martine was pure wonderful. I actually worry about the fate of The Machine. I mean a freaking AI concept that we only see through video displays and I am concerned about it's life. That is some serious good writting. And will they stop "The Correction"? With this show I can't say, there is no status quo.. It sounds like something similar to the Hydra plan in Captain America, The Winter Soilder.
  13. Why would the parents of a teenage girl ever think they could trust a child her age with that kind of secret, or that she would ever turn on America?
  14. I don't get why Avery gave Boyd the money. He knew from the phone call to Katherine that she was in on the robbery. He must have suspected Boyd was bluffing. And even if he didn't, he doesn't seem to be the type of man to give everything he has, even for love. Perhaps we will find out something more next week, but for know, I am incredulous.
  15. I'm glad the guy from the AG said what we all were thinking, and what Cooper should have, how the hell does a Circuit Court Judge think he can deal with classified issues. Also, at some point so on wthe Red Lizzie thing needs to be revealed.
  16. Martha is now compromised and a danger to Phillip. So the only question seems to be, how does he kill her without bringing too much scrutiny to her private life, which might reveal something about him?
  17. Why is Keen giving classified info to a regular criminal court judge? With a clerk sitting there, who I guarantee does not have clearance. Weak episode, an yeah, the clips were lame.
  18. I doubt it, he already met his target in the bar, no need to get arrested. Just bad research on the writters part.
  19. I guess Tom doesn't know he can be arrested in Germany for openly having Nazi tattoos like the SS on his neck. That's some great undercover prep. :(
  20. It's one thing for Chalky to sacrifice himself for Daughter. But knowing Narcese won't honor any pledge, what the F did he sacrifice himself for? Wouldn't killing Nasrcese accomplish the same thing? The whole thing felt poorly thought out to me, by both Chalky and the writers of BE.
  21. Shermie, I think most people are hate watching it. Seeing if it can get more stupid. It does.
  22. Yes it can get any stupider. From the instant blood typing to getting quantum physics completely wrong, it is one big pile of idiocy. And don't get me started on how the physics of the the Dome shrinking is so off. Not enough material for the distance it contracted, to the fact that if it is shrinking, the ground should be lower from it settling down as it shrinks. Good to see Jim still has immunity for anything he does.
  23. was the guy killed at the end responsible for Billie's death?
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