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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Runner's_diarrhea The male host needs to lose the toxic bleached hair. I'm guessing the female host keeps her weight down because her fake eyelashes are so heavy that she loses a pound or so for every mile she walks/.
  2. I like to milk an argument. Maybe I can bottle it? Whole Foods would probably be a good first vendor. (Again, tongue in cheek here.)
  3. Is the Dairy Pride Act sponsored by gay dairymaids and milkmen? Is there a parade? Curious minds want to know. 😉
  4. I love Edie Falco but there's nothing compelling about this show as yet, and the daughter's accent is horrific.
  5. Much as I hate to defend advertisers, "coconut milk" has been around as long as I have, and that's a pretty long time!
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Runner's_diarrhea
  7. Olivia Colman's scene in episode six about going undercover as a pregnant woman is genius.
  8. If anything proves that self-professed Francophile Alex needs to retire to a Provencal winery to kick back and brush up on his French, it was his pronunciation of Brie de Melun.
  9. My thighs send yours their sympathy; they understand completely their dismay.
  10. My ex-husband was a chronic, loud snorer but denied it even after our kids recorded him on their Fisher Price toy. I started sleeping in the spare room but he was so loud I could still hear him. Somehow his doctor managed to persuade him to do a sleep study and he was diagnosed with sleep apnea and prescribed a CPAP breathing machine (which made it seem as though I was sleeping next to Darth Vader). Naturally, my (certified) narcissistic ex never acknowledged that our kids and I had had a point. Yeah, still bitter.
  11. If you listen long enough, or even just once, it sounds the same as "draw". Still not getting any difference.
  12. What's TL;dr? Can I ask how you pronounce "drawer"? I hate this too, but please don't do it while driving.
  13. Ugh, Delilah. You're daughter is trying to have an honest, heartfelt conversation with you, and you can't hit "ignore" on your phone? If the call is important, they'll leave a message and you can call back in five minutes. She's such a narcissist that she had no clue that she should maybe just be encouraging her dad to enjoy a lovely memory by filling in the story and helping jog his memory. And correcting and embarrassing him over her son's name? He has Alzheimer's, doing that won't make him any more likely to remember it, but you shamed him in the moment. Her lack of compassion was shocking.
  14. Believe me, you don't need to be gentle, since the worst thing about it is that I actually googled "Hiaasen" for the spelling, yet still got it wrong. Actually, wait, the worst thing is that I used to be a copy editor.
  15. I don't think anyone started it, I believe it's a physiological condition. I thought this was a particularly poor show -- way too many triple stumpers (spelled out because I don't know how to turn ts into a plural 🙂 ). I learned tonight that it's "shot put" not "shot putt", which is how my feeble mind has always visualized it. I thought it was Carl Hiassen, not Dave Barry, possibly because I have no idea what either looks like and I love Hiassen and don't find Dave Barry remotely amusing. (Bastet, this answer is not in response to yours, I think we were posting at the same time. Anyway, I certainly wasn't trying to be argumentative about liking/disliking tonight's show.)
  16. I fully accept joint craziness responsibility, since my attention was already divided between finding the remote and being irritated by her idiotic comment! I just hope my craziness is not as certifiable as hers.
  17. Unfortunately this god awful show was on when I turned on the TV this morning and I couldn't get to the remote fast enough so had to hear Kelly Ripa boast about having four c-sections.
  18. I knew Nancy was going to win when Karlie came out wearing wide-legged pants. I'm a middle aged woman living on my own and I still check my iron before using it. I love Geoffrey but his dress was cheap, trashy, and unflattering to his athlete. Sergio's athlete rocked the runway. I'm all in favour of a modesty panel, but my eyes would still be drawn to Brittany's athlete's cleavage and saggy boobs despite the cheap black net.
  19. I had to black out the screen and just listen because I was getting seasick watching.
  20. Yet she thinks "haricots verts" means "baby green beans". No, it means "green beans".
  21. I haven't loved monkeys since I spent time in India and had to constantly fend off aggressive, diseased, bitey ones. (Admittedly, I don't blame the monkeys since they were encouraged by idiot tourists who fed them.)
  22. I'm grateful the guy didn't win - he had the same kind of unbearable smuggity smug look as Ken Jennings.
  23. Good to see Angelina Jolie's leg make a comeback.
  24. What is that thing on Ritter's upper lip?
  25. Sorry, not possible. About as impossible as having a voice as unbearable as Katie Lee's.
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