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  1. ETA: oops just realized Nidratime already posted it. Carry on.
  2. I've just thought of a great new "reality" tv show. Kind of a cross between Survivor and The Amazing Race, Where random people are "transported" back in time and try to survive in that time period and try to get back to their time following clues. If they suck they get "killed" aka eliminated from the game. I think the first few people would have no idea what was going on and get eliminated when dumped in the middle of a battle like Claire and they don't react fast enough. Others would get farther along but probably eliminated as witches because they say too much, etc.
  3. Fire bunny, I knew I should have paid more attention in Spanish class. Favorite part: this is going to be as disastrous as Washington sinking in the Delaware with all those shoes. At least we now know THAT's not Claire's fault.
  4. Since there are a ton of stories about people traveling through the stones, MAYBE one of them screwed everything up and the universe sent Claire to right all their wrongs thus making Claire the saver of all history from 1740 something forward. And to thank her for all she did for the planet, the universe gave her (us) Hot Jamie to commiserate (consummate) with. ETA: stupid autocorrect.
  5. Well then, pedicures and feet scaping will have to be a part of our by laws. Second breakfast is a given.
  6. Tall, skinny, good looking hobbits right?!! With flowing hair and cute shoes? Then yes we can be middlelanders.
  7. We need a name to describe those of us in the middle. Those who love the books, accepting there's going to be changes, have faith that the production team will do a great job but still want to express concern for the direction things are going (not for ourselves but because we want non readers of the books to love these characters as much as we do). We aren't Poutlanders (those who are upset over every change) and we aren't Newlanders (non book readers who love the show). So what are we?
  8. "James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser." -- Jamie "Sigh" --me
  9. ITA completely Peacefrog. Although they sort of tried to established that in the beginning, she never had a home, never stayed in one place, couldn't even have a vase, only saw her husband a handful of times, always walking and exploring places by herself when Frank was ensconced somewhere with other people doing research, the proceeding episodes haven't carried that aspect on. It's not until she goes through the stones that she finally belongs to a steady group of people and gets respect for her healing powers. I think the first scene where she's saving the soldier's leg in 1940's then gets
  10. He was ecstatic and giddy with joy. His greatest artistic achievement that got away and has alluded him and all his men just appeared in his window. AND his favorite piece of art just announced he's married to his new favorite person to beat and torture. Alls good in Black Jack World. I thought his reaction was perfect and made him more scary than if he was shocked or fearful.
  11. people who experience trauma don't always make sense right after it. Normal reactions include shock, anger, fear, blame etc. some people cry uncontrollably while others can laugh uncontrollably and appear to go insane. Some withdraw and others lash out. Maybe it was the physical assault (she wasn't raped but still assaulted) or the actual taking of a life (which I think was worse to her) or probably a combination of both, she was traumatized. And Whether it's accurate or not, Jamie promised to protect her and at that moment Claire, shocked, hurt, angry felt let down by him. It's normal. Usuall
  12. Claire wasn't raped. Failed attempt. She needed him to be very close to the actual act so she had a better chance at killing him. Distraction and all. If she had attempted anything too soon he would have overcome her and the other guy would have shot Jamie. But she wasn't actually raped. Anger is a normal reaction in the aftermath of a traumatic experience. Usually the anger is turned on the one we love the most, feel the safest with because on a subconscious level we know they will forgive us of our anger/actions. In this case that would be Jamie. Plus, she felt Jamie let her down/failed her
  13. SandyToes, ITA about Claire. Plus, she's a nurse, who saves lives, not take them. And add to that she did it with thought and purpose. Yes, she had too but that would still wreak emotional havoc with anyone. I also agree with those who say the constant threat of rape was a part of that time. That's why women were not allowed outside their homes/farms/territory without escorts. We romanticise the olden days and forget the realities. Women ( and children) were just things. If they were precious things then they were cared for and protected. If they were not cared for and protected then in turn
  14. After watching this episode all I can say is, that if I hadn't read the books I would be Team Frank. And that's really really awful in my book.
  15. FORGET THE RING! If someone wants to make money they need to make a purse version of Claire's luggage.
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