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  1. Grace284

    Season 19 Spoilers & Speculation

    Now that I'm all for. I love Brooke Shields, she's just the right side of wacky.
  2. Grace284

    Season 19 Spoilers & Speculation

    He's in the first one and was at the read though for the second.
  3. Grace284

    Season 19 Spoilers & Speculation

    I'd be all for that. I really enjoy the legal side of the show so more of that would be great.
  4. Grace284

    Season 19 Spoilers & Speculation

    Glad to see Julie confirm Raúl is sticking around for the moment, hope it stays that way. It'll be interesting to see the legal side of the show grow, certainly a different approach than they've taken before. Can't say I was very fond of Peter Stone as a character but he might work better when he's not really leading a show.
  5. Grace284

    The L&O: SVU Spoilers and Spec Thread!

    Well said. Bring on the preachiness, I hope it has some effect.
  6. Grace284

    Beauty and the Beast (2017)

    I don't always agree with Rob and Doug but I have to admire their passion. "I thought Lumiere and Cogsworth were okay." "NO!"
  7. Grace284

    Beauty and the Beast (2017)

    Every time I think about the movie a new terrible thing about The Enchantress occurs to me. Cursing the servants for not telling their prince to be nicer was bad enough, but she made it so that when the last petal falls their fate is to become inanimate forever? Are they still sentient? Do they just die? That's so much worse than The Beast's punishment! Sure he stays looking like a GoatBear, but at least he's alive, not dead or trapped for eternity in the form of a teapot, unable to speak or move.
  8. Grace284

    Beauty and the Beast (2017)

    I was left wondering what the poor dog could have done. That's an example of one of the major issues I had with the film, the clumsy over-writing in an attempt to "fix" the plot holes. They either created whole new plot holes or disrupted the flow of the script. Like the nicely done prologue seems to be ending and then they rush in "AND EVERYONE FORGOT THE PRINCE THE END". I don't really know how to feel about Emma Watson. I don't think she's necessarily a terrible actress, but she gave a weirdly downplayed performance at times. She was worst when she was by herself, Dan Stevens and Kevin Kline in particular both lifted her a bit. In tribute, they replace it with an equally terrible song that also stops the movie cold. Both new songs were bad additions, though Evermore at least gave the Beast a moment and Dan Stevens performed it well. It's a shame it was so trite and dated.
  9. Grace284

    S07.E13: Bury Me Here

    Sssh, maybe if we don't mention it the writers will forget about him and we'll be mercifully spared his continued presence. Morgan is such a frustrating character I almost forgot what a superb actor Lennie James is. That was fantastic work from him.
  10. Grace284

    S01.E04: Act of God

    Oh no, not, um, blonde woman? Who will... no, sorry, I've already lost interest.
  11. Grace284

    Luke Cage

    While I have to give it credit for some of the themes it tackled, this was a mess. The writing was often downright terrible ("a fire burns within", eeesh), but outside of a few great supporting characters, the acting didn't lift it. Mike Colter is okay, but didn't really bring anything interesting to the role and made other characters less interesting by proximity. The only time Claire really sparked like she did in Daredevil or Jessica Jones was when she was up against Misty. The attempts to create some kind of relationship between her and Luke was undermined by Rosario Dawson constantly looking like she was trying to end the conversation so she could catch a bus. Misty was brilliant, as was Mariah. It's just a shame that once Mariah had the opportunity to become the complex villain of the piece, a cliched badly acted import from a low budget 90s WB show kept jumping in front of the camera for attention. I thought Shades was bad, but Diamondback was ridiculous. It's fitting that he kept referring to Justin Hammer, an equally irritating waste of screentime. I get there's only so much you can do with a guy whose powers consist of throwing things and turning his back, but the action scenes were particularly dull. The endless fight in the last episode was woeful. And calling attention to how silly the villain looks doesn't make the whole thing any less silly. It's a shame, it started really well, and while the pacing in the Marvel shows has always suffered over 13 episodes, this didn't even pick up towards the end. It just dragged to an awkward halt.
  12. Grace284

    Luke Cage

    The kissing in this episode brought to mind a movie I once watched where an alien, unfamiliar with human forms of affection, just licked a guy's face. And even that was less awkward than whatever Claire was trying to do.
  13. Grace284

    Luke Cage

    I wouldn't say they glossed over her rape at all. It's what changed the course of the show. Diamondback is ridiculous, and not in a good kind of way. And while the writing hasn't been the show's strong point, the "you were like a brother to me, previously unmentioned childhood friend! Wait, you are my brother??!" was particularly badly done.
  14. Grace284

    S02.E12: When a Stranger Calls

    I know we're all well aware of this, but it deserves comment - sweet Jesus Kieran is a terrible actor. Oh well, at least Eli is dead. Kid deserved that. "Seems to be a lot of murder in this town. Should I maybe mention my cousin is a psychopath... Nah."
  15. Grace284

    S02.E11: Heavenly Creatures

    I'd say Kieran being the killer is too obvious, but then Piper. I'm hoping his family turns out to be a bit Texas Chainsaw Massacre because otherwise we've been annoyed by the bratty cousin all season for no reason. My current unlikely prediction is that it's the sheriff, so he can be killed and replaced with another former Third Watch star. I vote Ty.