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  1. I've thought ever since the song played on the show that it was heavily foreshadowed that Boyd and Raylan will never leave Harlan alive. I have no problem with being wrong though.
  2. I was indeed referring to the book.
  3. I wasn't sure where else to post this,but if anyone is interested Outlander is on sale for $2.99 at Amazon right now.
  4. ohhellsyeah

    NHL Thread

    Another jersey toss in Edmonton. Who are these people with so much money that they can afford to ditch a perfectly good hockey jersey? I've had the same Canucks jersey since 2001 (which means they've been through about 10 different jerseys since then) but I still haven't gotten rid of it. Not even in 2011 when setting it on fire was apparently the thing to do. /kidding
  5. I disagree. Watching FNL is not surprising, it is a sign of having superior taste. ETA: I can spell!
  6. I guess this an unpopular opinion, but I still don't care for the time jump. Yes, it would have been difficult for Claire and Brianna to survive in post-Culloden Scotland. But it's a work of fiction and Gabaldon could have come up with something if she wanted to. It always seemed to me that Gabaldon wanted to go from one big historical event to the next and she had no idea what to do with Jamie and Claire between Culloden and revolutionary America. And it still took way too many books to get to the American Revolution. I feel like the quality of the books really declined after the second one
  7. The only thing that would make sense to me is if the timeline is altered. Maybe in the show the choice happens after/at Lallybroach. Otherwise Claire choosing Jamie so soon makes very little sense.
  8. I'm with Kariyaki. Some of the best shows that have been on television have never won awards because they are on the wrong network or they are genre shows. If I don't even care about the Emmys, I'm definitely not caring about the people's choice awards.
  9. I've never gone looking for Outlander fanfic, but just because DG hates it doesn't mean it isn't out there somewhere.
  10. Show Rupert is definitely my favorite as well, but agree that they should all die during Culloden (or the lead up to it). I don't mind deviating from the book to an extent, but that would feel like a betrayal of history. Culloden wouldn't seem like a devastating historical event if all the main characters miraculous survive. Jamie manages to save Lallybroach (and Ian, Jenny, Claire and Brianna). Besides, what would they even do with them after that? It wasn't exactly good times in the days after Culloden, so even if they survived the battle they would have been imprisoned/died of starvatio
  11. ohhellsyeah

    NHL Thread

    Well, I guess we should have been careful what we wished for because now Rogers owns EVERYTHING. I know they are still calling it Hockey Night in Canada but it just doesn't feel the same. I miss Kelly Hrudey, John Shorthouse getting to call national games, and After Hours. And I'm really going to miss those playoff montages that the CBC used to do. And of course I miss the Hockey Night in Canada song but that hasn't been on the CBC for awhile. With TSN owning the rights to the song, when are we going to get to hear it? During the World Junior tournament? GAH. Why does Rogers have to ruin ev
  12. I think that's standard in Asia as well. I know all of the HBO shows are subtitled. I'm not sure if Outlander is airing over here. I was fortunate to still have a credit card with a Canadian billing address so I bought it off iTunes. I think Canada might be the only country where purchasing the show on iTunes is a possibility. I guess it has something to do with the rights. This is also why it drives me crazy when English speakers claim they don't watch foreign films because it's too hard to read subtitles. The rest of the world seems to manage just fine. Am I the only on who is also counti
  13. Yes! It wasn't a lot of fun to hear Jamie and Ian talking about Brianna's lack of virginity but it has totally historically accurate. I felt the same way in the scenes where Jamie and Claire discuss abortion. It Jamie had started on about the importance of a woman being in control of her sexuality and reproductive choices I would have thrown the book against the wall. I think Jamie is pretty progressive for his time actually. And yes I am probably blinded by my love of the character. I ranted about the rape thing on the other thread so I won't say too much other than I was okay with it
  14. Yep. This is exactly what I think happened and why I compared her to GRRM. Even though the series are in different genres I think they suffer from the same problem. Early works were great but then became so popular that there was either no editing or editors who were yes men/women. As a result the books became so bloated as more characters got added and there was no narrative or description that the author didn't think we needed to read about. Editing is important. I didn't even even watch Lost but I was thinking that exact thing when I was typing that last paragraph. Lost, How I Met yo
  15. I just want to co-sign everything Kiwi just said about this book. I agree with everything you said 100%. I'm also at the same should I continue this series or not place as you, but I talked about that on another thread because I am spoiled up the wazoo. Realistically, I know I should have more compassion for a rape victim and I kind of hate myself for not being on Brianna's side more, but by the end of the book I pretty much couldn't stand her. I like Roger but not enough to really be invested in their relationship/family.
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