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  1. Leah must be tired. Her under eye bags are very prominent tonight on PM Style.
  2. I'm not enjoying this season as much as Season 1. I find I'm missing Cristal 1.0. And if we're going to continue to have Cristals, I second the notion that every season we get a different Cristal to the point that everyone moans when they hear that name and says not again. But shake it up if this show gets a 3rd season and give us a different name spelling, nationality and motive for Cristal 3.0. Steven and Sam are sooooo boring. The storyline and the actors. And neither has any sex appeal. I wish that Blake would tell Steven he could care less if Steven came from the moon, he loves him, he'll always be his son no matter what. And then Steven can take Sam and decide to go back on a world tour to get away from everything. Replace them with some new characters who sizzle on the screen. Alexis is a sociopath. Ok, she was fun last season but the bringing in someone to pretend to be your kidnapped son just for money? Without any regard to your remaining families feelings? That's just evil. I can't root for someone so evil. And really now, Alexis couldn't trust a 12 year old who barely understands what she might have heard regarding a kids paternity so she ships her off to Australia after making her look like an arsonist (both Alexis and Anders could've said she misunderstood, or sent her on a 2 week Disneyland vacation and it would've all been forgotten) but she trusts a grown man to keep a much more explosive secret that's he's faking being the kidnapped son of a billionaire? That kid just wanted a mom. If Alexis had smothered her with proper attention and affection and been a mother figure, I bet Kirby would've never thought to say anything if she ever figured out exactly what she heard. Alexis should be humiliated, Blake pays her lots more money to go away which she does because she's a money grubbing narcissist. And every once in awhile be mentioned in passing. Anders and Kirby and Fallon make up, she gets her crap together and she actually becomes a nicer person. She can then become Anders Junior mojo-domo advising the next generation of Carringtons. Then, we need a new super villain. I say Liam finds out he's really Adam. There can be some backstory about financial troubles, etc, and the Van Pelts needed some big money quick so Liams mom had Adam kidnapped for ransom and they held him at her house with some story to the family about it being the live in maids nephew or something she had to take care of in an emergency. The goal was to return the baby after the ransom was paid with the story the maid was resigning to take care of the child full time. But the maid got greedy and wanted lots more money so they "eliminated" her meanwhile her first husband fell in love with the boy and insisted they "adopt" him not knowing Adam was stolen. Liam/Adam finds out the truth, hell rains down and he vows revenge on the Van Pelts and throws his money and allegiance in with the Carringtons. So Mama Van Pelt and others who take her side now become the enemies. Think how many more characters/storylines that could be introduced if the villains are not just the Carringtons/Colby's.
  3. I get JRT's sister had breast cancer and she's been hosting FFANY on QVC forever, but I'm ready to see someone new do the show. No Nancy or Alberti either. Or Carolyn. Not even as cohosts.
  4. Rick can give Graver and Blabby a run for their money when he gets in hyper selling mode. I have to change the channel when he's especially manic. I figure he wants to sell and make sure he's not on the short list for being let go. Hosts: Please retire the term "value story". There is no story part of it. Just tell the price.
  5. Is it just me or do other viewers think OAP Chad Johnson from the canopy demostration is creepy?
  6. I would prefer it if the actual challenge subjects weren't revealed to the contestants beforehand but were a surprise. Stock the barn with tons of supplies, tell them the challenge, give them so much time and let them go. That will really show how creative a person is on the fly. Most people can be somewhat creative or more if they have a week to research, practice, look for ideas, etc. And I'd eliminate the helper. Everything needs to be done by the crafter. If that means smaller scale challenges, so be it. To me that's crafting.
  7. Ok dropped in to see Alberti hosting a VPH show. I never realized how dorky he is until this show. He's a hosting pass for me. I also don't care for Rick because most times he's way too hyper. I expect he is trying hard to make sales to lower his chances of being fired. Speaking of Valerie and her Holloween, I mean, fall, oops sorry, harvest decorating show: remember her exploding pumpkins one year?
  8. Oh my gosh. This is frumpy and dowdy is not something I say about how a man dresess. I'm watching Sandra with Graver. I thought it was sweet how her dad watches her host. I see Racheal Bosing is kicking off the TV tsv. Guess with the holiday its really screwed up the hosting assignments.
  9. Oh FFS, Jill is in the white jeans AGAIN. Paired with a black bomber style jacket and purple plumish top. They dont fit well at all. Come on Jill, you can do it. Go and buy a pair of navy and a pair of black pants. At least they would go with the dowdy, cold weather colored and styled clothes that she wears.
  10. You all are taking me back to the day. I remember all those shampoos. Did Coty make Sand and Sable perfume? My friend gave me some and boy I thought I was all that. And when I babysat at my neighbors, I'd sneak sniffs of her Windsong thinking how I wish I had some. My family was not very well off and I was so unsophisticated that I thought those were great fragrances. Tho nowadays I spend a heck of a lot more money for a niche perfume and they dont last as long on my skin as the cheapies from my teen and twenties years!
  11. Oh my gosh, Sheryl Crow has fashions on HSN? How did I miss this previously? It seems if you're famous someone somewhere thinks that means you know how to design clothes and will pay you for it!
  12. My mom gave me a beautiful rose de france amethyst and diamond ring set in gold for a high school graduation gift. It was a pinkish lavender color but still very pretty. I bet some marketers figured by giving what would usually be a lower quality abd value stone a fancy name, it will make buyers think it's rare and purchase.
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