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  1. cuppasun


    Oh yes, fucking yes! Deadwood always tops my list of "best TV shows ever"--it hasn't budged since I first saw it. And I never typically liked "westerns"! I can remember on my original watch times when my mouth would drop open in amazement at some exchange of dialogue or a soliloquy (usually Al's!), and I'd rewind and watch--listen--over and over in pure wonderment at the deftness and intricacies of the language. And of course, the amazing and delightful use of obscenities in the most glorious abundance I've ever encountered. I support the characterization of David Milch as a contemporary Shakespeare entirely. The Good Place recently made the #2 spot on my list for its incredible inventiveness and quality; before that, anything after Deadwood, even shows I liked a great deal, were only grudgingly given a number place, because nothing really rose to the quality. It is still the only show about which I contend that there was not a single bad episode--yes, there were eps that were exceptional even by its own standards, but none were stinkers, or even mediocre. Truly remarkable. And my heart went pitter-pat throughout the movie, which I need to watch again before I evaluate further. I choked up, I laughed, I grumbled. I think it was a touch fan-directed but I'm not mad about that.
  2. cuppasun

    General True Crime Shows

    I watched it, Brattinella. I've been fascinated (morbidly, admittedly) with Manson & followers since reading Helter Skelter decades ago, my first foray into true crime. I'm particularly interested in the last few years in the stories from new or different sources, and found several that were fascinating: Restless Souls: The Sharon Tate Family's Account of Stardom, the Manson Murders, and a Crusade for Justice by Alisa Statman and Brie Tate which was heartbreaking and fascinating; Member of the Family: My Story of Charles Manson, Life Inside His Cult, and the Darkness That Ended the Sixties by Dianne Lake and Deborah Herman (Dianne Lake was one of the earliest and the youngest member of the Family)--I have both of those on audiobooks, and am still listening to the second. There's also a multi-episode run on the podcast You Must Remember This, called Charles Manson's Hollywood (episodes 44-55) that was incredibly well-done and researched, I recommend it wholeheartedly. Last night's special was pretty cool. I'm always braced for stuff like that to just be sensationally-packaged retreads of the same old available material, but it was truly fascinating and somewhat disturbing to see the footage of Family life and members at the time. I remember reading about Bugliosi's interviews with Paul Watkins, and it was kind of amazing to see so much footage of him at the time. The interviews with Catherine (Gypsy) Share and Dianne Lake were sad and interesting as well. There was one thing that stood out to me, and not in a good way--I've been trying to figure out why they did it. In the obligatory retelling of the events of Tate-LaBianca, the special left out even mentioning Linda Kasabian, as if she hadn't been there at all. Even more puzzling, when moving on to the extremely abbreviated recounting of the trial, the only reference to a "star witness" was Dianne Lake, when it was, of course, Kasabian who was the star witness, arguably perhaps the most important witness, as she actually saw the events at Cielo Drive (though didn't participate). I know she has since changed her name and stays out of the public eye, and I don't blame her--but were the filmmakers not allowed to mention her? It seems a very strange omission. I can't bring myself to delete the show from my Tivo...no idea if it will be repeated, and I suspect I may want to rewatch sometime! : )
  3. cuppasun

    S02.07 Part VII

    This is a heads up, just in case: On my Tivo, connected to Xfinity, the listing for this week's episode is titled correctly "Part VII"--but the description is for last season's episode of the same title. So Tivo doesn't recognize it as a new episode. I set it to record manually, assuming it's a listing mistake, since next week's ep, correctly registering as new, is "Part VIII". I don't do social media stuff, so if anyone checks here beforetimes, you might want to spread the word so to help reduce disappointment when/if folks find their DVRs haven't caught the ep. Back to the regularly scheduled day...
  4. cuppasun

    S02.E10: Prisoners

    Hey, wait a second... now I'm thinking Nero is John Silver (I mean Bass Shepherd. What a silly name. Herder of fish?). Fits as well as anything else, I suppose. I mean, no reason to not go full-out gonzo and throw out the clichés in the end, right? Cult is really super-hacker terrorist collective. Cult leader is really Head Super Hacker Terrorist. Illuminati Conspiracy Billionaire Boyz Club is really a front for forging an international Social Democrat single-nation planet. Darius is really the Big Bad and is pushing the asteroid toward Earth rather than away. (Go, Darius!) Dylan is alive and hiding in the wilderness/jungle/desert (pick remote location/country of choice). Grace, Harris and Alonzo are going to form a polyamorous triad, adopt Zoe's baby, and buy a house in Malibu. Zoe will be off being the co-captain of the Cult Soccer Team. Alycia will steal the Ark, head off into space and round up her own crew of highly intelligent extra-terrestrials; before she takes off, she'll give Liam all the money she stole from the Illuminati (which Darius only thought he snagged and tucked away, but it was an illusion she'd programmed into the system when he nipped out for a pee). Liam will buy Madagascar and run a lemur sanctuary. Of course, all those things will only happen for a month or so. Because the meteor will hit, humans and other big mammals will be wiped out...and we'll close on shot of dinosaur baby hatching from an egg and looking perceptively at the camera. Finally, they get another turn!
  5. cuppasun

    S02.E10: Prisoners

    You guys are far more entertaining writers than the ones actually working on the show! Nice work. I especially liked this one (something about defeating bad guys via online sales ratings just hits me right in my super-geek funnybone!):
  6. cuppasun

    S02.E10: Prisoners

    Hee hee, this is even better--I was just thinking of the Creepy Guru/Devoted Follower vibe between Atkins & Manson being replicated here with Jillian and what's-his-face (he'll always be John Silver to me!). But you're totally right: he is kind of a prettier (young) Charlie, and the trappings are there (hair/beard/hippie stylin'). Using the shiny stuff of the computer age instead of acid to mesmerize, I guess! Okay, now I want this. Well, I sort of want it because I don't know what would annoy me more at this point: Jillian's continued stupidity, or the show trying to convince me that Jillian is not at all stupid but the unsung genius blah blah... Still, if this happens, then you win all the prizes. Or you're a plant. Did some ditzy chick give you a bunch of classified files?
  7. cuppasun

    S02.E10: Prisoners

    Bwah ha ha ha hahaha ha! Yeah, I'm watching this dumbstruck (literally...struck by the dumb!) thinking "Isn't this the chick that ten minutes ago was deciding which humans would continue the species on the generation starship?" Because she's some genius...because she's...wait, what is it again?--oh yeah, a recent college grad who wrote one science fiction novel. I mean, the credentials! And not only is she skilled and wise enough to choose the future of humanity...but she's given a security clearance in the White House because she's just so indispensable. But somehow she's also so susceptible to cult brainwashing that after only a couple sessions in Textbook Cutting-Edge Cult Headquarters she goes all Susan Atkins to the new-age Charlie Manson, with moon eyes and "yeeessss, of course I'll steal the classified plans for the thing that's going to save the freaking world and give it to my new Family and Beloved Leader who talk about 'the end' all the time, I am so enthralled with your perfect curly hair Long John Silver!" I'm still rooting for the asteroid. If these folks are the pinnacle of humans, just wipe 'em out and start over. Also, why are teenagers always always always pouty rebellious idiots? I mean, yeah, teenagers (I raised several, I'm not totally ignorant)...but seriously: there's a hit man after you, your life is in danger, you're preggers, c'mon. No sense of self-preservation at all? No gratitude that mom will whisk you away to safety? Boo-hoo you have to leave? (What?? You just got back from the other side of the world...clearly travel isn't something you're afraid of.) But you'll run off to a cult with a total stranger? And the rash, angry cop who is for some inexplicable reason the better choice for protection than a few Mossad guys (whut??) goes to hang out and watch Grace pack instead of, oh I don't know, keeping the kid he's sworn to protect in view and actually protecting her? Come on down, asteroid! Sail away, solar sail! Load up the rail gun with blanks, and party like it's the end of the world! Bwah ha ha ha hahaha ha HA HA! I kind of want to root around in Zuckerberg's couch cushions now, though. : )
  8. cuppasun

    Lodge 49

    As I understand it, if you have AMC's paid premium streaming service, then all the eps are available to binge. If you're just an ordinary schmo, like me, then you get it once a week like the rest of the ordinary shmoes. Eh. I like the show, and I'd probably binge it if I had the opportunity, but it's kind of nice to have something to look forward to in the later doldrums of summer. I agree that a spoiler warning (and maybe tags until the non-premium run is over?) would be a good idea, since not everyone has access to the entire season. I like the relationship between Dud and his sister--two of my kids, brother and sister, are a bit like that, very close, very easy with each other. I like that any tension between them isn't overdone or drawn out for drama. I'm definitely interested in the history of the lodge (history nerd alert!), and am looking forward to interaction/info with and about the British arm.
  9. cuppasun

    S06.E10: The Adventure of Ersatz Sobekneferu 2018.07.02

    Joining the chorus of: CLYDE! We missed ya, buddy. Kinda loved the serious, matter-of-fact convo between Sherlock and Morland about the tortoise, while the whole of fandom squeed. Loved the nod to ancient Egypt, and in particular one of the female Pharaohs. That stuff was one of my childhood obsessions. Always makes me a touch excited when it comes up in fiction. (Though Sherlock seems to have embellished Sobekneferu's history somewhat with suppositions not currently supported by known evidence. Because it's fiction. Still so fun!) And then there's this: Salem, the winner of that episode, is a close friend of my daughter and son-in-law. (In fact, he & my s-i-l were staying with me a few months ago while he attended a knife show in town, and I've stayed with him and his wife while visiting my daughters, when I needed a more accessible place to bunk.). I've seen his work in person; it's gorgeous.
  10. cuppasun

    S02.E06: First Blood

    While I can't be 100% certain about the Mormon (or at least fundamentalist versions) rumors--though I suspect they're not true*--I can say with total assurance that the Orthodox Jew version is a total myth. Snopes has a whole entry on it, even. Not a thing. There are a lot of reprehensible, misogynistic things the Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox/Hasidim do, but that isn't one of them, for what it's worth. Not surprised that Gilead would decide on it, though. The creepy just doesn't end with them... * Just saw other posts confirming the Mormons are no more a part of that silly myth than us Jews. Thanks, folks, nice to have it verified.
  11. cuppasun

    S02.E06: First Blood

    Just wanted to note: Hulu does have closed captions on the web (or however you stream it; I watch via the app either on my ipad or Tivo). I use CC with pretty much everything. I didn't go look first (it's been a while--everything I watch stuff on is set to CC, so I never have to do it separately), but I'm pretty sure you find the settings menu and the setup will be in there. Sometimes (depending on what system you're on), there is a way to do it while the video's streaming--usually you'll see that when you pause if so (something you can click on for setup). Also, depending on the type of computer, you may be able to set CC preferences in the computer itself, in the settings, to apply to any streaming video in which it's available. Sorry this isn't more step-by-step specific, but hope you can figure it out so you can catch every little word!
  12. cuppasun

    Good Girls

    This. A thousand times this. Thanks for saying it. I was stoked that they had a woman in that situation refuse to allow any euphemism or double-speak regarding his unthinkable bullshit, and just keep saying rape, watching him get more uncomfortable and enraged with each repetition. I was briefly worried for her safety being alone with him, though--for the whole run of this show, he's been one of the characters that most disturbs me. He is a fucking rapist, and there have been no repercussions for that...until now. Second, third, eightyth, etc. all the calls for renewal. I want to see what happens next! I will admit, though, that I can't quite decide who I'd prefer Beth to shoot (if anyone)... Truly loved Annie and her ex being reasonable and genuinely putting Sadie's best interests first. Having been through a nightmarish custody battle in the (long) past, that bit made me a little verklempt.
  13. Well, I grew up with the ultimate "grippy tool": the Gilhoolie! Actually, I'd be surprised if Memaw didn't have one. I miss them--they were awesome. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gilhoolie
  14. Well! I was deciding whether or not to confess that I have been one of those fans tucked away in the tiny airless room of the Most Unpopular of Unpopular Opinions...because I really, really like the 2000 production. Like, a lot. Glad to see there are others that at least appreciate it a bit. Make no mistake: I grew up on the movie, but there were aspects of it that always grated, and it never really stirred me much, even though I liked the music well enough. (I got to JCS via an earlier rabid fandom of "Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" which I had an original cast record of that I played into oblivion...) I was fascinated by the setting--I really wanted to go to Israel all through my teens & young adulthood, so I loved seeing the landscape. Disclosure: I grew up Jewish, and have been an atheist much of my adult life; JCS has never had religious or spiritual resonance for me. However, I've long been interested, historically, in 1st-century Palestine and have read a lot of books about it, including a number dealing with whether or not there was a "historical Jesus." All of that makes the most interesting bit of the musical for me the story of Judas, as a pragmatist and someone acting in resistance to the Roman occupation, so I liked that stuff. Unfortunately--even though I like the songs and sometimes acting involved--it's also why the part I dislike the most is the "trial" before Pilate, because it perpetuates that pernicious old anti-Semitic canard that the the Jews "killed" Jesus and that Pilate was helplessly backed into a corner regarding his actions. That's one of the things I so loved about the 2000 production: Fred Johanson was positively terrifying as Pilate, much more in line with historical reality. You don't really get the feeling that the crowd could make him do anything. I liked the atmosphere of the conflict being revolutionary against an occupying force; that's actually what a lot of the messianic leaders that did indeed pop up in droves at the time were about, and Jerome Pradon really captured that. And I liked Rik Mayall's scarier Herod to Josh Mostel's camp version (though I thought the latter was effing hilarious when I was a teenager, heh...). It was the first production that really captured that energy for me, and engaged me. I was actually kind of stoked to see the set and costuming initially with tonight's production, because it seemed to draw at least somewhat from that more modernized version (I was afraid they were going to try to echo the hippie sensibility of the movie, and while that worked for the time, I don't think it would have worked well here). They definitely leaned harder on the spiritual sensibility than the revolutionary one, and that's okay; many of the performances were very very good, as others have noted: Judas, Pilate, Caiaphas, and MM all impressed me. And yeah, John Legend as Jesus was definitely the weak link here. Actually, most of the Jesuses from various versions of JCS tend to be (including 2000's)--pretty much except Ted Neely, who did indeed kind of break the mold. There were a couple of moments with Legend that really took me out of the flow: during "Hosanna" when the crowd sings "Won't you die for me?" I was disappointed to see that Legend was just grinning and bopping along with the song. It's a small moment, but in other productions, it's a profound and dissonant one: when Jesus (and usually Judas, too) is startled and disturbed to realize what the cheering crowd is asking of him. It was kind of emblematic of his whole performance: he often seemed to be singing the words to his songs, on cue, but not listening to what they mean, or those of the other songs. I found him either dazed and detached, or kind of petulant most of the time. I'm sorry to say that his performance in the crucifixion scene left me cold, too; he intoned everything exactly the same way, and frankly I got no sense of anguish or pain. And Gethsemane...well, that's supposed to be a rending journey that leaves Jesus emotionally wrecked...and again, I got no sense of that. I think, in the end, he just didn't have the acting chops, which is too bad. But oh, yeah, Brandon Victor Dixon for the win. Heh. 100% with you on "Smoke on the Water." My very first introduction to hard rock was that song, played by a live band (local cover band, not Deep Purple, pout) at a dance when I was about 12 (back in the Cretaceous...), during a co-ed sleepover weekend with the Jewish youth group I'd just joined which took place...at our synagogue! It is, bar none, the baddest of badass rock, and those opening chords are the ultimate time machine for me: instant teenager. And yet, I never knew Ian Gillan did JCS!
  15. cuppasun

    Previous Episodes Discussion

    well, I know I'm probably at the tiny, rickety minority Unpopular Opinion table here... but if they had to do a Love Interest at all (and it's young folks, in college, so that's not at all unrealistic), I've been Team Luca all the way, from the beginning. He's an artist, and seems to be least classically "masculine" of the bunch in most ways, and I like that. (Caveat: the way he handled the dance thing last week was a dick move, for sure. But of the three guys, I feel like he's most likely to learn from his mistakes, and not just in the sense of how it applies to him personally.) I never liked Cash, and Aaron seems like a poser (not slamming his activist heart, but he comes off more as a sound-bite activist than a truly educated, analytical, person-who-will-create-real-change kind of guy. Not to mention annoyingly, thoughtlessly guy, too, in sometimes subtle but decidedly sexist ways. Blech.) Feel free to eyeroll in my general direction, folks! Heck, what do I know... I'm an old lady at this point, even my youngest child is a decade older than the kids in this show!