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  1. Why are they having another kid when they forget about Grover all the time even at dinner time.
  2. I think a nice ending for Wendy would have been a newcomer wanting Wendy to be their sponsor. I think that would have been a nice boost for her.
  3. Video of cast talking about each other. https://www.cbs.com/shows/mom/video/XV77mjhnLxaT1SsWANia9nji0SSJrIFv/mom-stars-share-heartwarming-first-impressions-of-each-other-on-set/
  4. Throw Wendy a bone, give her a job promotion something anything..
  5. marymon


    But the new kids were soooo boring, and they forced them having a "look at us bonding " song at the end of so many episodes. At least NY had characters I was already invested in but NY could have used more build up with some tertiary characters. A;so forced in season 4/5 was when the old ND kids kept coming back to mentor.
  6. marymon


    Or Lima stopped the flow of what was happening in NY. : )
  7. marymon


    I will never understand when people say season 4 was too focused NY. NY was got about 8 minutes an episode and got nothing 3 episodes that season. I found the focus on the new kids so much so fast the problem. I know for sure if it was just Lima season 4 I would have bailed.
  8. Where these first 2 episodes switched in order they should have aired?
  9. marymon

    S03.E06: Monsters

    Some day tv will get a field trip right. No (good and smart) teacher just lets the kids run around by themselves and expects them back at noon. And no (good and smart) teacher just takes a head count and not a check of names. Windshield guy The lady hit the guy but there was a bike rider there too did he not call the police?
  10. Just send Jr. to UCLA already.
  11. That is how I feel about the whole series.
  12. I liked this episode the most I think. Not necessarily a good thing when the episode that doesn't focus really on over all plot, the main characters and is shorter is the fav.
  13. I was underwhelmed. I mean it was shot beautifully and some interesting lines but can;t say I like anyone of that that much. I also do not get why any of them would drop their lives for Payton. Why was Infinity no part of the final campaign crew though?
  14. Ok the guy is still a mess not cooking or cleaning and letting the dogs on the counter so his friend's all agree the solution is dating? Maybe therapy and cleaning up the house first?
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