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  1. timeywimey

    S05.E01: Striking Vipers

    Even today, players create mods for games to add costumes, characteristics, and even bits of storyline. It doesn't seem far-fetched to me at all that players that are also programmers created a mod to allow you to have sex with a character. Yeah, my husband plays as female characters sometimes because they are given skills/traits within a game that the male players don't have.
  2. timeywimey

    Christina on the Coast

    @broderbits I didn't hate it! Like some others, I'm hoping for more time spent on construction and less time with Ant knocking on random people's doors, but I will definitely watch a few more episodes. Also, like someone else mentioned, she's less annoying when she's not butting heads with Tarek constantly.
  3. timeywimey


    Also from SA, and I hadn't paid much attention to the lead up from this show. I've watched the first 15 minutes and have decided to check out. This is such a narrow view of SA, featuring no one actually from here. Unlike @KnotsLanding, my reservations are making me check out. I might come by this forum to see if things get interesting though!
  4. timeywimey

    Good Media: Articles, Clips, Previews, Reviews

    Bortles! https://ew.com/tv/2019/03/19/the-good-place-blake-bortles/
  5. timeywimey

    The Rap Game

    I'm shocked that JD picked Tyeler! She deserves it; I just hope that she'll buck the trend of other Rap Game winners and actually end up with a song on the radio.
  6. timeywimey

    American Beauty Star

    I think Samson was robbed. From a distance Lucy's model looked like she had two bruises over her eyes.
  7. timeywimey

    The Rap Game

    That is why I watch everything with closed captioning on. I'd never know what most of their bars are about otherwise!
  8. timeywimey

    S08.E03: Part 2+ Married at Second Sight

    I thought he said that he "switched it up a bit". Undeleting from the TiVo to listen again...
  9. timeywimey

    The Annual Golden Globes Topic

    Lucy Liu's dress is thousands of dollars of terrible.
  10. timeywimey

    S16.E02: Bourbon, Barrels and Burgoo

    Instead of staring sheepishly into space in the check out line, Eddie Money should have been making calculations about how many racks of lamb he could put back and serve slices of lamb instead!
  11. timeywimey

    S01.E06: The Hawke

    Mr. Wimey and I were annoyed by the fisticuffs which we knew were feeding the ego of Hawke. When Bishop said HEY and shot him with the mace, we both laughed and I started clapping so hard I hurt my hands!
  12. That's probably why he decided to stay when he found out about her arrest...of course he didn't share that he'd been arrested before too. https://soapdirt.com/married-at-first-sight-tristan-thompson-arrest-mug-shot-mafs-criminal-record/
  13. timeywimey

    S07.E10: From Stranger to Sweetheart

    Amber's communte wouldn't be much longer. Dave lives in Deep Ellum. Amber lived in Knox Henderson. According to Google they are just 10 short minutes apart.
  14. timeywimey

    Seven Year Switch

    Tony had me tearing up watching hin read that letter to Brutus. Full disclosure: I lost my dog one year ago last Sunday and it still hurts!
  15. timeywimey

    S06.E13: Be Free

    This season felt so far away from Poussey's death. I was glad when they mentioned her murder. Barb and Carol took over this show that I used like--all about a story that they stole from someone else! SMH!