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  1. The eye issue was very likely related to the thyroid issue, I'm guessing Graves' opthalmopathy (I was at risk for it too) and I think she eventually had her thyroid removed. She does look great and working around that stuff is no joke! She's probably so much smaller in person as well. I'll put a side note about the boots in the appropriate thread :)
  2. Judy wouldn't look as good as she does without that hair. She's pretty wrinkled but doesn't seem to be to spotted, then again, she is perpetually tan and that hides a lot. I agree about Kelli and the casual suits in the early days of MTT. I think she had a thyroid problem too which wreaks havoc on your hair and your weight. I definitely think Kelli could rock the dances if she wanted to!
  3. I agree that Kathryn's behavior on the reunion part 1 was very painful to watch. I know a lot of people think that Thomas and Kathryn "carry" the show, and if that is the case, I won't be tuning in any longer. I found myself recoiling into my couch as the outbursts went on. There's a difference between television drama that is a by-product of cattiness and cliques and drama caused by all out drug fueled, irrational and combative behavior / poor mental health. I would rather watch the former and so I will happily move on to other pseudo-reality shows. I think Andy Cohen should be asham
  4. I think #newcraig is a gold digger.
  5. I think the Hermes box on the coffee table in the Craig and Naomie scene was supposed to be decor ? Tacky, but decor nonetheless. Maybe designer product boxes are the new coffee table book.
  6. Agree. Craig is just flat out never going to become a successful lawyer. Dead horse, but he's just so whiny. Whining and entitled affectations do not win in the court of law or public opinion. Naomie needs to cut bait. Maybe she'll meet someone in graduate school, someone who is actually making something of his life. I hope so.
  7. I think of Kewper Ray as Thomas and Kathryn's love child. He so wants to be Kewper Ray-venel.
  8. I agree with Whitney. The Founders Ball was low rent. For crying out loud it wasn't even a seated dinner.
  9. Sunni was shown on the DCC brides episode getting white boots and Kelli was with her when she put them on to try on dresses. I *think Cassie had a blue star garter. A couple of other girls have too.
  10. I think Kelli looks fantastic too! Judy is wearing $1000+ Loubs. (Cassie looks like she wore a dress from Lennon's closet, but that's for another forum entirely.)
  11. Who are the 5-years in TC besides Danielle? There seems to be less and less.
  12. I feel really, really bad for Kat. She lived for DCC. I don't feel as bad for Caila because she seemed a little indifferent to me, speculation about her off the field aside.
  13. Re: Kathryn and the birth control debate, I say, if you don't want to become pregnant, don't let yourself become pregnant. Don't count on anyone else. I'm of the opinion that Kathryn used her pregnancies to trap Thomas. That's all folks.
  14. I'll meet you guys over in small talk re: birth control.
  15. In my head, Cersten is Serse-ten (insert snark here) but I'm sure it must be Ker-sten.
  16. Me! I like Whitney. It was pretty silly when he was bitching about Craig's cooking. That was not a good look on him. But I think I like Whitney because I too am sometimes awkward in social situations and I can relate to what we perceive as his discomfort. I also like the way he dresses when he's not microwaving creepy hot dogs for breakfast.
  17. I'm not feeling Mavs Emily at all. She was out of control and had a memory lapse. All I could see was her Yeah! face. Unfortunately I don't think she has the look. She's definitely pretty but also definitely a basketball dancer and not a football cheerleader. I have no idea how to explain what that means, but I know it when I see it.
  18. I hope the Landon non-story line is finished. She's the worst subsequent season cast friend in the history of Bravo. She brings zero value to the show and she's just plain awful. A fantastic replacement for Landon would be someone to compete with Patricia. Now that I would like to see.
  19. The difference between Shep sleeping around and Kathryn sleeping around is he does it because it's fun and she does it to get what she wants / get somewhere / get someone / get revenge.
  20. I like Whitney and I get a kick out of his humor. I'm not a fan of the Botox, but he's exactly the kind of guy I had the hots for in college. I loved the guys in the film department ? I would have rented a car too, party buses make me sick and I like having a way out if I want to peace early. Craig was a little shit stirring bitch in his Mercury Milan tonight, Kathryn's behavior is even more whorish than I thought and Landon makes me fast forward.
  21. This show is absolutely f*cking terrible and I am not watching it anymore. The poor dog was completely unnecessary.
  22. I making my bet that they turn Hunter into a brunette during makeovers! I like her and I think she's going to make it, and I could also see a drastic change. She would be great as a brunette.
  23. I'm raising my hand and saying the speculation about Caila's actions is purely gossip. Unless it is proven and/or becomes an issue during auditions or training camp, it's just trash talking her. Let's talk about it when there is something specific to talk about.
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