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  1. NoNeinNyet

    Good Trouble

    Reading through everything, I agree that the CEO is likely somewhere on the autism spectrum and that the HR representative makes sure to protect him from just hearing every idea from every employee who ever approaches him. He almost certainly did not direct the HR rep to talk to her. Mariana deserved the dressing down but it was completely inappropriate to do it in front of her colleagues. She should have been pulled into the HR rep's office or a conference room with a door.
  2. NoNeinNyet

    S04.E05: Forty

    I've been watching from the beginning as background and it's so blatantly obvious that he and Callie have pretty much the same savior complex, Callie is just more obviously destructive to her own well-being. I really hate that the show keeps throwing their potential romantic relationship in the way of them both just becoming healthy people.
  3. NoNeinNyet

    Love (2016)

    I wanted to like this show so much and I just didn't. It's possible that that was part of the problem. It did show me how many things You're the Worst and Master of None have done right.
  4. NoNeinNyet

    Jeopardy! Season 32 (2015-2016)

    That's why I actually think it was a pretty great FJ. If you don't know much about the writer of Amazing Grace, Amazing Grace seems too easy. They were counting on the people who didn't know second guessing themselves.
  5. NoNeinNyet

    Jeopardy! Season 32 (2015-2016)

    Slave trader was the tip off for me on Amazing Grace. He wrote it based on his experience being on a slave ship trapped in a storm. He continued in the slave trade for several more years.
  6. NoNeinNyet

    Show & Yell: Helen On Earth

    Tara was conflating Dave Foley's two ex wives. I haven't seen his Showtime special but I know that it's usually his first one he bad mouths and he blames his high child support for the breakup of his second marriage. The first wife and his two older kids live in Canada and his second wife and younger child are in LA.
  7. NoNeinNyet

    S09.E20: Live Top 11 Performances

    I kicked myself for not buying Hotline Bling before the voting cutoff last week so I bought Amy and Madi's songs tonight and voted for the two of them and Korin. Gwen really needs to stop choosing Braiden's songs.
  8. NoNeinNyet

    S06.E08: Season 6, Episode 8

    Seriously, it took them until this episode for Mary to fully voice how concerned she was that she'd lose a second husband to a car crash if she married Henry Talbot? That's what her romantic storyline should have been this entire series if we were supposed to care about the wedding. So stupid. I'm just glad they didn't have her marry Tom. That would have been even worse. Run back to America, Tom! The Crawleys don't deserve you.
  9. NoNeinNyet

    S02.E08: Spooky Sunday Funday

    I genuinely teared up a bit when Gretchen went in pretending to be happy for Jimmy. They're both such beautifully broken people that are both getting it wrong with the best of intentions.
  10. NoNeinNyet

    S19.E05: Safe Space

    I wish they'd gone after the real reason charity shaming when you shop sucks. The stores get to bundle all of the donations and claim the tax deduction. It really is better to give a larger donation to the charity of your choice. You get to direct where the money is going and claim the deduction for yourself. Win-win.
  11. NoNeinNyet

    S02.E06: Side Bitch

    Sometime between last episode and this one, I thought hey "What if Gretchen's just sneaking off to have some alone time and she's taking the Garbage Person phone to play Snake?" I really wish I had documented that somewhere. It just sucks that the reason Gretchen's sneaking off is so much sadder than just alone time. And stupid Jimmy's just happy she doesn't have a side bitch. I would have been fine if he had walked away just to give her more alone time or because he didn't know what to do for her but the look of joy on his face was the worst.
  12. NoNeinNyet

    S02.E04: All About That Paper

    Gretchen sneaked out of bed in the middle of the night, grabbed her phone for garbage people, and drove off. One minute, I was looking up recipes for breakfast lasagna thinking about how much fun this episode was. The next, I felt like I was stabbed in the heart.
  13. NoNeinNyet

    S09.E02: The Blind Auditions, Part 2

    I'll admit that I wonder how many times they had to cut around mentions of Miranda during these blinds, especially during female country singers. Usually her name is thrown around all over the place when he's turned his chair for a woman who sings country, at least as often by Adam or one of the other coaches joking around over how Blake always has that card to pull out than by Blake himself.
  14. NoNeinNyet

    S02.E01: Hello, Old Friend

    Oh good, Maggie's brother is in at least one episode. I hope it's more. I was a little worried given the success Zach Woods has been experiencing lately. I just love him so much.
  15. I think they did the scenes out of order because they used the one about her honor and his life to relieve the tension between Jamie and Jenny. They clearly made a decision not to have the knock-down drag-out fight that the book had and having them fight and get it over with was how they broke a lot of the tension in the book. Instead, we had that tension through the end with the relief at the end.