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  1. For me, what makes Eric (and several of these other guys) extra horrible for their actions is less the actual "cheating," and more the fact that it comes right on the heels of explicitly declaring themselves fully committed. As much as I'm not really leaning toward defending Kendall too much anymore, I don't recall she and Joe actually having any explicit "I don't want anyone else" conversations before Leo arrived. Maybe they did, and I just don't remember, but I definitely remember Chris saying that to Tia before he made out with Crystal, Leo saying something to that effect to Kendall before
  2. Ugh. Leo. The less said about this asshat, the better. Honestly, does he not hear himself? One hand, I almost get where he's coming from. Almost. In this context, even more than in real life, people should perhaps not be so quick to assume that insta-monogamy is the default. Buuuuut, at the same time, people who are not feeling that monogamous vibe should really refrain from implying that they are, or even explicitly stating that they're "all in" or whatever, if they're then going to turn around and make out with someone else. But hey, at least a few of them are providing us with beautifu
  3. I will say one thing about this season so far. For a few seasons, many (including me) have noted that the little bits of silliness at the very end are often the most entertaining moments of the shows. And I've noticed that they've actually included a bunch of scenes of that ilk in the main episodes. So while there's definitely a very high level of eyeroll-inducing bullshit, there are also more of the lighthearted, genuine interactions that we've been clamouring for, and I'm digging that. I also still kinda like Kendall. I mean, we've all been through ill-advised infatuations, right? Hopef
  4. Wow, the toxic masculinity bullshit on display this week was downright nauseating. Chris & Jordan's in-depth discussion of Chris's theoretical four-date evening, as though all the women involved were basically just objects? Gross. Chris's attempt at gaslighting Tia? Infuriating, although awesome to see her see right through it and immediately walk away. Krystal gave signs that she might do the same after witnessing it, but I guess the desire to stay on TV won out over that. However, if she thinks he won't play her just as hard given the slightest opportunity, I think she will find herself
  5. Wow, they really are ramping up the blatantly manufactured drama this time, aren't they? I am beyond over this Tia-Colton nonsense. Particularly as I could have sworn that at one point it was said that they actually only went on one date. One fairly substantial date, but just one. Did I make that up? Regardless, it definitely doesn't seem like it was a very long "relationship," and he's clearly over it, and she therefore needs to move on. Her pre-rose ceremony chat with him was brutal. In case all the other signs didn't clue you in, dear, when he told you flat out that he was not bothered by t
  6. I loathe eating challenges. The "gross" otherwise unusual ones are sometimes tolerable, but the overeating ones should just be abolished forever. At least this one wasn't in a place where significant numbers of locals didn't have enough to eat... All three Express Passes were indeed used this leg. One team used theirs early in the pie challenge, another used theirs later in the pie challenge, and the third used theirs to skip the fairy door challenge. Did have to laugh at the one who tied the wrong know at least 20 times. If it's a similar knot, I get making that mistake and trying i
  7. It's definitely this. They wrote this Evil Queen villain, who, let's be honest, was pretty great in the first season. She was so deliciously evil, with such fabulous outfits, and it was just so much fun to hate her and look forward to her eventual downfall. The trouble is that villains have shelf lives. At a certain point, you need to defeat them or redeem them. They didn't want to lose the character, so they went with redemption, but the problem there is that to truly properly redeem someone, she needs to change, and if she really changed enough to be properly redeemed, she wouldn't still be
  8. I just recently hauled out my DVDs because I needed something familiar to mindlessly binge-watch (still digging this decision). I haven't gotten to Season 3 yet, but I definitely agree that making Lauren evil was a sucky choice, especially when it was so obviously retconned. One of the best things the writers on Grey's Anatomy did was make Derek's wife actually a delightful character. It adds way more interesting nuance to a triangle if one of the points isn't such an obviously unsuitable option. I had nothing against Lauren when she first showed up — it wasn't her fault that the late partner
  9. If they didn't show it, how would you know where the cookies came from? You can't just have a plate of cookies; people will be confused. I just hope it's a bit of an exaggeration for her to say she had no clue. Because the concept of walzing onto a set to direct something without having done any research into what the role entails, or how to do any of it is just... Well, among other things, it's disrespectful. The implication that there's so little to it that you don't need to do any prep work beyond showing up with "ideas" is just so mind-bogglingly dismissive of the work done by good di
  10. And this is a much bigger problem. You can pretend not to know something your character shouldn't know yet. It's effectively impossible to act like you do know something that your character should know when you don't know it. There's likely to be some of that in any long-running show — especially one that regularly incorporates flashbacks — but it shouldn't happen left, right and centre within a season. Writers should have at least the broad idea of the arc and what elements are important for a season, and they should respect and trust their actors enough to fill them in on the relevant points
  11. I've heard this sort of argument before, but as a stage actor, I don't really buy it. A good actor can make you believe this is the first time they're learning something despite hvaing played that exact scene for months, and rehearsed it for months before that. And, if it's not a brand-new work, they might have read the whole script well before any of that ever started. So the idea that someone couldn't possibly act surprised unless they actually didn't know what was coming is... well, not really acting, and I'd give most of these people more credit than that.
  12. This conversation has definitely waded into much broader territory on humour and offense and opinions, etc. but this kind of sums it up. The kind of jokes that April Fools jokes usually are tend to be the sort designed to at best embarass the one getting fooled, and are usually much funnier to the fooler. Most such things are more on the harmless end of the spectrum, but they can definitely cross a line, and it's very hard to know exactly where the line is, because it's in a different place for everyone, and who gets to decide when something is "just a joke" and anyone upset by it is being too
  13. I'm pretty sure that very few, if any, people who post jokes like that are intending to mock infertility. No matter the intentions, though, it is treating pregnancy very lightly, which is often highly upsetting for people who are struggling with it. And one has to basically live under a rock not to get that at this point. So although I have no doubt that they had no intention of hurting or upsetting anyone, they need to get their heads out of their asses if they expect not to get raked over the coals for stuff like this.
  14. I was going to say that there are so many that I don't even know how I'd narrow it down to a top 10 (or 20, or 50...), let alone just one, but then: I think this would have to be it. It started out so well, with Emma getting sucked into the vortex shortly after finding out their true relationship and Snow, without hesitation, being all "Nope. Not doing that again." and jumping in after her. And then... Pretty much nothing. So much interesting territory to cover between all three of them, and we got basically none of it. Definitely the most egregious of the very long list of missed oppo
  15. Speaking as someone who has not watched any of it since the second episode (but who inexplicably continues ot hang around these conversations), I haven't hated it because it's lacking certain characters. I was more or less completely indifferent to it because it lacked any of the characters I'd grown to care about. So I quit watching after seeing the last of the characters I did care about, and nothing I've seen, heard, or read since then has made me care enough to start again. As a separate show, maybe it has as much merit as some of the later seasons of the main show, but as something that's
  16. Now that you mention it, yes, I do recall that there was found to be a general veneer of sleeze over the whole season. Still, though, the whole premise has one person basically lording it over a harem. This sort of behaviour still seems more realistic to me than most... But I suppose if the show (and its audience) was still pretending there was a good shot at real love and marriage, I can see how that would not sit well with that concept. I wonder how it would be received if it had happened now instead of then. Rock of Love remains one of my favourite things to ever grace my TV. I will
  17. I never really got all the Charlie hate. The only real difference between what he did and anyone else just dating casually and non-exclusively unless or until they decide to settle down and date one person exclusively is that in normal life, one does not make an announcement of the plan; you just do it. And as long as the women in question were equally free to date around as they chose, I really don't have an issue with it. The realist in me always kind of appreciates it when a lead actually pulls their head out of the Bachelor sand enough to do something that might actually make sense in the
  18. Agreed. That's usually a super important conversation. Considering its importance, it's a bit surprising that it took him until the last second to have it, but I guess there are loads of people who meet, date, and get married in the usual way who also fail to have some of the really important conversations, so I suppose I can see how it might slip through the cracks in this situation. Either way, good for him.
  19. I managed, altough I had some suspicions about what was going to go down. I was kind of hoping for an additional twist after that, though, to really make it the most dramatic thing ever, as there did seem to be a certain element of "No, they really mean it this time." 1. That makes me much less sympathetic to Ross. Especially if her sister's reports of his basically refusing to leave her alone since their breakup are true. That is not acceptable behaviour, and may even cross into illegal territory. Also makes me that much madder about the notion that she should have treated hi m
  20. Wait... are you saying he doesn't? Maybe she's actually a booth babe? That would, I imagine, be considered a "tech sales" job — at least as far as Bachelor job titles are concerned. I would also think that being fun and bubbly would be an asset even there, but maybe it's not a requirement? Assuming any reality at all, Ross was 100% set up. He really did seem to believe that she would be happy to see him, and even said that he had no intention of trying to convince her, which definitely makes me lean toward the theory that some producer called him up and told him that Becca still w
  21. I think people in their 20s who are still figuring themselves out can often be a little like that. I have a friend who's a good ten years younger than me, and about half the time, I forget that he's as young as he is. And then he'll say or do something that initially makes me go "WTF is wrong with you?" until I remember his actual age, and it all makes sense. I don't think my friend makes quite as much of a deliberate effort to seem older and more mature as Bekah does, but there is still a bit of that same occasional flip-flop that is undoubtedly not nearly as obvious to him (or Bekah) as it i
  22. I usually skip these, and I'll probably skip this one, but I think I'm going to have to go find the Arie-Krystal smackdown. That sounds far too satisfying to miss.
  23. I don't know that I'd call most of them "a-ok" with the situation, as almost every single one I've ever seen has expressed at least some reservation. But as has been pointed out, these people are all adults. If they choose to put themselves in a situation where they're "dating" someone who's also "dating" a handful of other people, what else are parents supposed to do other than shrug and skeptically say, "well... if it's what you want..."? I actually think that's a healthier response than some kind of active disapproval of your grown-up kid's decisions that, in the end, aren't really hurting
  24. That taxidermy date has to be the weirdest thing I've ever seen on this show (although I missed a whole whack of middle seasons). All I can think is that he must really be into her or he figures she must be super freaky in bed, because that date would send most sensible people for the hills. Her sister drove me a little nuts, though. Somebody way upthread observed that a lot of the family members just want to have their little moment in the spotlight, and Kendall's sister's endless talk about what she did or didn't feel from them seemed like a particularly egregious example of that to me. All
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