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  1. I agree about Porter and his company. We know that he was under investigation by the SEC and they are relentless. His refusal to cooperate sounds like he didn't want anyone poking around in his business because of other (possible) business crimes. Is it cold hearted? Yes but self-preservation usually rules. I question suicide because the phone and eyeglasses were found on the roof near the hole and sustained minimal damage. My cell phone cracks when I drop it from 3 feet onto a wood floor, in a case and with a screen protector. Is it impossible that those fragile items flew out of his pocket and landed on the roof without shattering into pieces? No, but I think it is unlikely. Alternatively, if he was killed - either chased or thrown off that roof - would his killers put those items on the roof above where his body would be found? That doesn't make sense either. So I don't know what to think. I also question the lack of surveillance and/or eye witnesses that may have seen him after he left his house. There is no trail of what he did or who he saw (or saw him) after he left his house. Even if it was suicide, someone somewhere had to see something
  2. Yes, that was strange. Also, was there no surveillance footage of Rey's place of business or the parking lot where is car was found? We know that the cameras in/around the hotel were not working. Were there cameras anywhere else that could place him in the area after he left home? Other than the car in that parking lot, we have no idea of what Rey did or where he went from the time that he left home until his body was found.
  3. Agree - the area around the hotel looked like a maze with interconnected parking lots and buildings. I'm not sure if the non-working cameras in/around the hotel are anything more than poor maintenance. However, I would expect more information about whether anyone staying or working in the hotel had seen Rey or witnessed a confrontation. It seems that more information could have been gathered from the employees and guests. The fact that Rey's car was in that parking lot for 6 (?) days without being noticed by law enforcement is troubling. If that parking lot is close to his place of employment, it should have been noticed/searched early on. Where were the relatively undamaged glasses and cell phone found? On the roof near the hole? If so, that's a strong sign that others were involved in Rey's death and that it wasn't suicide. The missing money clip is curious, too. I'm not sure that Porter is directly involved in Rey's death. His lack of cooperation makes him look guilty of something but it may stem from self-preservation from further investigation from the SEC. At the very least, he may possess information about Rey's behavior and demeanor prior to his death. There is someone out there that knows something. Sadly, memories may be lost to time since the police deemed it a suicide and may not have investigated this case as thoroughly as they should have.
  4. Agree...there is something strange about Porter and his company all going into lawyered-up silence. Sure, the company had known issues with the SEC and perhaps more issues that had not yet been discovered. While that could be a reason to refuse to talk with police, it’s a rather cold-hearted, ruthless move from his buddy Porter. Regardless, if Porter is involved, there is a lot of missing information. There is still no plausible explanation for how Ray got to that roof and how he went off. The various trajectories don’t quite make sense, as they showed. I’m more inclined to think that he was thrown off the roof. However, as they indicated, he was a big, strong guy. One man could not have tossed him off. And, if so, why leave the glasses and phone nearby practically untouched? The stuff like the money clip, disconnected cameras, etc are mentioned not because they “had anything to do with his death” but because they are odd. Where is his money clip? Was he robbed at some point? His phone and glasses were discovered in relatively good shape and were thought to have been left at the scene. Wouldn’t that imply that other people were involved? The money clip may been perceived to have value and was taken by someone at some point. The disconnected cameras have nothing to do with the commission of the crime - assuming that it wasn’t suicide - but rather an unfortunate circumstance that possibly prevents them from accessing further information. Also, the fact that it would have been difficult to access that roof or the ledge makes the case even more curious. How did he get up there?
  5. Regarding Xavier, if he is still alive, he has had help along the way. Someone out there knows something. I agree that his exit appears staged. I interpreted his "drive to places of happier times" as a contemptuous act, not one of a man about to commit suicide. Everything was methodical and precise, as you say. He knew exactly what he was doing. I agree that Xavier is "bland looking." I know 2-3 men that bear a resemblance to him so yes, nothing about his looks are remarkable. As far as the List murders, I grew up in a town near Westfield, where the murders occurred. A friend of mine knew List's daughter. It received extensive coverage back then. People were understandably horrified. The notion of quiet, peaceful suburbs - which has always been a myth - was shattered. Yes, I read about the bags of lime as well. Regardless of whether or not there was a smell, it seems that the area under the porch should have been searched earlier than when it was. I've also read other reports that he had a mistress and that his wife was well aware of their financial issues. Hard to know if either of those things are true.
  6. I've only watched the episode on the Dupont de Ligonnès murders and I couldn't fall asleep after watching it. The two comments above reflect my feelings about this horrific case. It is much more difficult - although not impossible - to travel outside of your country now (and in 2011) than it was many years ago. And, as we saw, there are cameras everywhere. For him to be alive right now, he would have needed money, fake IDs, safe house, perhaps a burner phone, etc. As far as we know, the police never found anyone that had been in touch with him, not even a mistress, to provide him with access to these things. He obviously was methodical in planning this crime so perhaps he was able to secure these necessities on his own but I still believe that we would have needed assistance. He wasn't getting far without an ID/passport and cash. If I had to guess, I'd say that he committed suicide at some point. He seemed to like the "good life" so I don't imagine that he is still alive in some cabin in the woods in the French mountains. Perhaps he thought that he could settle somewhere and live life as the Count only to find that life as a fugitive is not easy either. I'd like to think that, whatever his original plans were, he could not live with the guilt of murdering his family.
  7. I will watch a few more episodes to see if the show finds some momentum but, overall, I was disappointed. I love Matthew Rhys but the "down on his luck slob" characterization is a poor use of his talents. I'm not sure why I should be rooting for Perry at this point (other than the fact that Rhys is a brilliant actor). A lot of characters were thrown at us in this episode...perhaps too many. I like the look of the show and its 1930s noir feel but I worry about the tendency to make many scenes so dark. Of course, that is a problem with many shows. My parents watched the old Perry Mason series and I have vague recollections about that show. I have never read any of Erle Stanley Gardner's novels. I assume that we will, at some point, get current Perry to the Perry of the old show/novels. Otherwise, I'm not sure why the character was resurrected. And come on with Chubby Carmichael. Such an obvious reference to Fatty Arbuckle and I don't understand why.
  8. Same. I looked at a few scenes - granted not the entire show - and could not come to the conclusion that they were never on the set with each other. I agree that the choices of direction/camera angle is odd in some scenes. So are lots of other things about this show. However, the cost to have your two lead actors film in completely different locations for the entirety of the series would be enormous. It also serves no purpose in the first year of the show. Perhaps these filming choices did occur in a few scenes out of necessity. I don't think that any of us can know for certain. Regardless, this show has many issues and, if it is renewed, would not be well served by having its two leads not on set together.
  9. Thanks! I didn't pick up on those clues. Maybe it requires paying more attention that the show warrants. While its possible that they had no idea of what to do with the character, I agree that tossing her in prison is a poor way to address it. I think that it is more likely that they wanted to make Carell's character as miserable as possible. As far as Malkovich and Carell not filming together, I guess I'll have to go back and watch some scenes to pick up on it.
  10. To understand...did Carell and Malkovich NOT film together? I have not seen any reports of it.
  11. I watched this because I am a huge fan of "The Office" and wanted to see what Steve Carell and Greg Daniels could do together again. It isn't really funny or, more likely, not as funny as it should be. Many in this great cast are under utilized - Patrick Warburton, Diedrich Bader, Jane Lynch. The attempts at satire aren't particularly original. John Malkovich's scientist is the highlight. There are a few bad choices with story lines: That sums it up for me. I was repulsed by it. The other bad choice was putting Lisa Kudrow's character in prison for basically the entire season without explanation. One minute she is crying in bed; the next scene it's an orange jumpsuit. Why throw her in prison (for 40 years, no less) and why keep the reason for it a mystery? It strikes me as a poor use of a character and an actress. Unfortunately, this is a decision that you can't walk back so it has to play out for however long this show goes on. I binged the 10 episodes in a day - perhaps there is something compelling that kept me watching. Or perhaps I was just bored. Right now, however. I don't think that I would bother watching a 2nd season.
  12. Well said. I can hand wave away the lack of logic, the coincidences and the unoriginal plot developments (twin brother, troublesome teen). I enjoyed S2 as much as S1. I appreciate the story they are telling about relationships and the destructive effect of lies, secrets and the inability to confront the truth. CA and LC are a joy to watch. Liked Perez more and more as the show continued. Hope she and Nick are back for S3. Was a little disappointed that evil police chief/Greek Mafia leader was dealt with off screen. Since we never learned details about his dealings with Steve it makes sense but I wanted to see Nick/Perez enjoying his takedown. I’m interested to see Ben’s role going forward. He obviously knows that Steve was murdered. At some point, the truth has to come out, right? Guess that Ben will have some secrets to hide, too.
  13. The Laguna Beach PD should hire Charlie because he is clearly a better investigator than anyone on the payroll. The last phone call sequence was well done but I’m not the least bit interested in meeting Judy’s mother. One request to all shows: when we are watching characters scroll thru names on a mobile phone, can it move a bit slower so I don’t have to replay the scene a few times to read what is on the phone’s screen?
  14. Thank you - I think I recall him finding a key.
  15. I don’t think it is boring - not yet anyway - but torching the car on a not-so-desolate road is stupid. There are little annoyances in the story that I can hand wave away but, in the grand scheme of things, they support the silly decision-making. Why did Jen’s son go to the storage locker in the first place? (Maybe I missed it.) I was surprised to see Nick in uniform. Did he join Laguna Beach PD after all?
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