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  1. I found that scene to be strange, too. I went back thru her conversations with Lori. When Mare was released from the hospital, Lori tells her that Ryan told her that John was involved with Sandra again. We know that Ryan never said those exact words; he let Lori believe that. When Mare confronts Sandra, John has already confessed to the incest with Erin, being DJ’s father and murder. As you say, there is some ambiguity about when John stopped abusing Erin. If Mare made the assumption that John DID resume the affair with Sandra, it is because Lori initially believed - and comm
  2. Thanks - I thought the same thing. She had a fleet of armed officers coming to arrest Ryan. Was it for show? And when she is headed after John and Billy - knowing that either of them may act rashly out of desperation - she turns off the phone and proceeds solo. Sigh...
  3. Nor would I want Lori raising DJ. I'm not suggesting that she would hurt him. I think it would be extraordinarily difficult to raise that child with the complex emotions that she would be feeling. I am not an expert on the legalities of this type of issue. Common sense tells me that DJ would be better off in a loving home far away from Easttown where he will not need to deal with his family's crimes on a daily basis. Let him be an adult and make the choice to learn about his past.
  4. There were two receipts. The one on the left says “Billy Ross.” The one on the right just says “Ross.” I guess that John bought it using Billy’s name. I imagine that he wanted to avoid any possibility that it could be tracked back to him (a married man). Sigh...maybe there were other things that he should have been worried about.
  5. I’m still processing the finale. It was the complete destruction of one extended family because John is a selfish, disturbed SOB. Cameron Mann’s performance broke my heart. Such a marvelous young actor! My only point of dissatisfaction with the finale is about Dylan’s role. He is clearly a “troubled teen” but the show never defined the character. Perhaps that’s best left to the viewers. Every character was a given a measure of closure and the ability to take the next step forward in their life, however painful that would be. Kate, Jean and Julianne were outstanding in these
  6. I think that the person at the door is Dylan wearing an orange hoodie. As to why he is there...no idea.
  7. After rewatching some episodes and reading lots of Reddit threads, I realize that I have NO idea what will happen tonight. Instead, I’m just going to post some thoughts and speculation. I don’t think that Billy is either the killer or the father of DJ. It doesn’t make sense to assign the full weight of these horrible deeds to a character that we know so little about. Billy is weak-willed, easily influenced and has a drinking problem but, beyond that, he appears to be a minor character that is caught up in something terrible. It seems much too easy to make him the “bad guy” with no prior
  8. Interesting and entirely possible! It makes much more narrative sense for Mare's dad's revolver to appear. Or that Old Man Ross was a cop and had one, too. The important point is that Erin's killer had to have access to one of the old detective revolvers.
  9. I don't think that your wheel-spinning was for naught. The existence of this gun is making me crazy. I wasn't able to adequately screen shot it either but I have seen others' shots and that leads me to believe that it is a valid, important clue. We know that an old cop gun was the weapon used in Erin's murder. It is possible that Mare's father's gun exists but we have nothing to indicate that is true. Instead, we suddenly have Glenn's old gun and, at this point, must consider that it is the likely murder weapon. I agree that they could have established Glenn that was a cop prior to Episod
  10. I haven't seen any single theory that adequately addresses all of the questions about the who/how/why etc of Erin's murder. The ballistics expert says that the gun that killed Erin was a Colt Detective Special that was used by those in law enforcement in the '80s. The ballistics expert then tells Mare that “your pop probably had one." As best as I can tell, this was NOT the type of gun that Dylan used to threaten Jess. So, if we are to believe that Dylan is the murderer, we have to understand how he came to be in possession of THAT type of gun. Is Mare's father's gun still around? If
  11. Makes sense that Gordon Clapp's character has a larger role to play. And if he was a cop and had that type of gun, Billy and/John would have access to it. Now to find it...
  12. I have questions about the murder weapon... The ballistics expert says that the gun that killed Erin was a Colt Detective Special that was used by those in law enforcement in the '80s. The ballistics expert then tells Mare that “your pop probably had one." Where is Mare's father's gun? Who else in Easttown was a cop or would have access to a gun of that type?
  13. The fact that a master manipulator like John - who also happens to be married with two children - would give a necklace with a distinctive engraving to the underage female relative that he is molesting IS incredibly stupid. One would think that the necklace should be rather ordinary so it would not attract attention or be easily traceable. John was manipulating Lori just as he has manipulated Ryan, Billy and Erin. He knew that she would tell Mare. He is pinning all of it on Billy and, presumably, plans to kill him.
  14. IMO, the necklace is a ridiculous plot device. That fact that it is being used as the smoking gun stretches credulity. Surely John or Billy would realize that there would be a big problem by giving Erin a necklace that commemorates THAT date.
  15. John is a master manipulator. We saw him do it to Ryan by telling him to keep their secret. He has likely manipulated Billy for years and is doing it again. John is playing on Billy's weaknesses and letting him take the fall for Erin's murder. I'm a little unclear on the "gun in the tackle box" scenario. My guess is that John put it there with the intent to kill Billy. However, Billy found it and knows what John has planned. I don't believe that Lori is involved. She is trying to make sense of what is happening around her and, instinctively, tries to protect her family.
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