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  1. In challenges like this one, I wish that all of the contestants would get critiqued by the judges. Yes, that would take time away from workroom/apt drama, calls with family and shopping in Mood. When the designers produce something that is intended to be personal, I'd like to see the judges respond to all of them. There were some interesting designs and stories that, IMO, received short shrift. Instead, we get lots of time with Sergio and his self-important musings. I agree that Delvin and Shavi are more interesting/talented than Sergio. I also like Marquis' style and hope to see more from him.
  2. Well, that didn’t go as I imagined. I liked Brittany, Nancy and Marquis’ looks a lot. Chelsea had a great look and was a deserving winner. Loved that jacket. That blue stretchy space suit that Victoria designed was odd and unwearable. Yes, it fit her model well but who would ever, ever wear that. Very sorry to see Shavi go. He was one of my favorites. That dress was a risk, however. And meanwhile, Sergio and his massive ego sticks around. I don’t know what they see in his work.
  3. The New York Post - basically a US tabloid - is dedicating a lot of space to H&M. Much of it is negative. "Why Harry and Meghan Will Find Life Even Harder as Non Royals" "Meghan Markel's Friends Dump on the Duchess" "Queen Orders a Megxit Deal Within 72 Hours" "Britons Want Harry and Meghan Stripped of Royal Titles" Regardless of how one may feel about their decision, H&M may not escape critical press in the US, at least initially.
  4. Agree on all counts about Delvin, especially about his Beetlejuice comment. To my eyes, Victoria makes the same outfit each week with slight variations. However, she appears to be heading towards winning this competition I really liked Geoffrey’s design and I’m glad that he won. I also liked Delvin’s work. Everything else was either dull or ill conceived. Sergio exists in a parallel universe because that was hideous. Cyndi was a gracious judge. I loved her advice to Melanie. I am becoming more disappointed with each passing week. This isn’t a particularly talented group of designers and the challenges have been gimmicky, for the most part.
  5. Well said! And as you pointed out above, "he chose HER." I hope you are correct and that this will turn out to be a well-thoughtout step back/aside.
  6. Agree! I believe that Harry is genuine in wanting a different life for his family. However, I wonder if he has thought thru the ramifications of taking this step. Perhaps he has and understands that there may not be an opportunity to turn back if things don't go as planned. And perhaps he has not.
  7. Perhaps he is naive to assume that he can ever get away from media scrutiny. Perhaps he believes that they stand a better chance of avoiding that scrutiny in Canada than in London. Only time will tell if they are correct. I wish them well if they are sincere about wanting a different life and achieving financial independence. However, if they are looking for half-measures, then this step is bound to create further issues for them. The NY Post has been running a series of less than flattering articles for the last two days. Here is one of them: https://pagesix.com/2020/01/09/harry-and-meghan-will-be-punished-for-defying-queen-with-megxit/?_ga=2.78144084.1745501453.1577795916-152303367.1484348936
  8. Very interesting. I'm sure this is exactly correct. You were critical of the length of Harry's grieving process. IMO, that's very different that the other examples that you have provided. I also would not associate the use of the word "follies" with grief over the loss of a parent. And you have the right to criticize any member of the royals that you want. However, I don't want to be corrected when I refer to Diana's death as tragic or say that believe that Harry may still be carrying grief over her death. These are opinions, after all. None of us actually know the Windsors. We can agree to disagree.
  9. It doesn't say that the matters of titles, finances, etc have or have not been solved. That's the confusion. Until the palace and/or Harry issue a statement about it, we won't know anything for sure. That's nice for them. This is a different family and a different country with a different history. It may not be the same. None of us should decide when Harry is officially "over" his mother's death or how those events affect his life going forward. Those events may inform his views of the press for the rest of his life. None of that seems unreasonable. IMO, it is unfair to judge him on that account. Regardless of the definition of "tragic" that is used, Diana's death was sad and untimely. I would never presume to instruct or criticize any individual about how to deal with the death of a parent, especially when it happens at such a young age.
  10. Diana's life/death had a deeply serious, heartbreaking effect on Harry's life so I understand his negativity about press. And while the press did hound her, she manipulated them when she could. Both can be true. It doesn't make any of it less tragic. As far as H&M, their statement is confusing. Are they abandoning their HRH titles? How long will "financial independence" take? Who will be paying for security in Canada, etc? I don't think that we know the details and perhaps that's what the Queen is "complaining" about in her statement. There is a lot of debate about what the "palace" knew and when they knew it. I, too, would be surprised to learn that there had NOT been private talks about them stepping away. Regardless, the Queen's statement sounds like a public admonishment - "complicated issues that will take time to work through" - and that seems to be exactly what they are running away from. I think it is fair to say that all parties involved could have handled it better. However, a step like this was never going to be easy, clean and without hard feelings.
  11. Agree completely. I made similar comments up thread. The judges seem bored and impatient, particularly Nina. Elaine is an odd fit as a judge. Karlie has not impressed me as a judge or as a host. I fear that this show will start to slide back into the Lifetime version and, if so, I'm out.
  12. That was entertaining but not in a good way. Tyler deserved to go home a few weeks back so this wasn’t a surprise. Not sure what to make of his Kushner comment and the subsequent reactions. I had no idea that Karlie was married to a Kushner but...ugh. I didn’t like any of the top 3 outfits. I especially don’t understand their love for Nancy’s skirt. There were two “safe” outfits that I liked better. Overall, I was completely underwhelmed by everything that came down the runway. Didn’t care for the impatient, dissatisfied tone from the judges tonight. They appear to be bored with the talent this season. IMO, the challenges are not showcasing the best of these designers: four episodes in and we’ve had a team challenge, Christmas decorations and a trip to Goodwill. And next week is another team challenge? Not thrilled.
  13. Well said. IMO, the writers “changed” the primary narrative about the Duke of Windsor in S3 because they needed it to serve their focus on Charles and “true love.” For whatever reason, they assumed that they had to portray a less complicated, more idealized view of the Duke in order to create a parallel that never really existed. I found that difficult to accept based on what they presented so effectively in S2. The writers asked me to overlook his Nazi sympathies and the fact that his relationship with Wallis was not a “love story for the ages.” We could have seen him thru Charles’ eyes, skewed by his naïveté and diffidence. However, there should have been some callback to the arrogant man that we saw last season. It is fine for The Crown’s version of Charles to view Uncle David as an idealist, etc. It is not fine to ask viewers to do the same.
  14. This raises interesting questions...probably the questions we should be asking. Greg didn't choose to side with Kendall when they left the yacht. He offered the information about the existence of those documents to Kendall in S1. That's when he made his choice. It was a card that Kendall played at the right time. I thought that the meeting with Stewie was odd and the outcome seemed inevitable. Perhaps that was part of Kendall's plan. However, I don't think Roman - and his honesty about the private money - was. Roman still seems like too much of a wild card to be included in Kendall's plan. I could believe that Kendall had been plotting something like this for awhile...waiting to see if the pieces fell into place. I'd like to think that someone was playing a long game. As I watched it I was reminded of Michael's kiss to Fredo on New Year's Eve in The Godfather II. While not exactly the same circumstances, I thought it indicated that Kendall would betray him. I don't buy it, either, because it would invalidate much of the scene where Logan tells Kendall that he isn't a killer. It assigns a certain amount of self-awareness to Logan that I don't believe that he possesses. He is abusive and a bully and personally needs to win all the time. Rather, as mentioned above, I could believe that Kendall may have been planning this for awhile, depending how circumstances played out. Other moments that stood out: Tom's "sadness" comment. Finally! Shiv's reaction to that comment. Marcia's absence and Logan's regret. (I missed her, too.) Roman's defense of Gerri. THAT YACHT!
  15. A little late to the party here... This was a difficult episode to watch. Seeing grown men and women being bullied and humiliated was rough even when most of them are not-great humans. This was the first time that I actually had sympathy for Tom for protecting Greg and for accepting Shiv's infidelity. I expect he will not continue to do so forever. Matthew Macfadyen was excellent. Kendall is so broken that it is hard to watch him. Roman is a disaster waiting to happen. Greg is delightfully awkward and savvy at the same time. He is perceptive and, at some point soon, will be dangerous. Shiv's smug confidence that Daddy will keep his promise to make her CEO is bound to to take a hit. I don't see this ending up well. I still love Gerri. She is the only adult in the room.
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