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  1. Agree. He never seemed to be young or fun or exciting. At least, that's my interpretation of the media-constructed image of him. Obviously, I don't know the real Charles and I believe that he has a better nature that is revealed in private. However, as a product of his upbringing and privilege, there are also unflattering habits.
  2. This is becoming rather silly. If a few hours of a TV drama can "jeopardize" the supposedly rehabilitated reputations of C&C then perhaps their reputations weren't truly rehabilitated in the first place. The Windsors - like all families, royal and not royal - have issues. This media campaign (for lack of a better term) to discredit the show and offer a "woe is me" aspect does more harm than good to their position. The family and their public voices need to stop talking about it. I know quite a few people who are now watching The Crown - having never watched it before - because of all of the talk about how Charles is portrayed.
  3. Having seen the crown jewels in the Tower of London, I completely agree. I would love to see the collection of tiaras and necklaces. Very nice! I've read that as well. However, I'm never quite sure if we see/hear the "real" Charles or a carefully constructed version of him. IMO, Charles has always been a bit of an anachronism. He often seems out of step with the "modern world" whether that's due to his sheltered upbringing, his own personal choices or the image that the media has chosen to portray. I think that he is a complex man lacking self-awareness. Frankly, I don't find him to be interesting in any way. And that's my problem with the demands that "The Crown" be declared as fiction. My opinion of Charles has not been altered by watching S4. THIS! I hate hunting. These two positions are widely divergent. He claims to be an environmentalist and conservationist yet refers to hunting as "romantic." Can't have it both ways. Again, his stance on these matters points to his complexities and not in a good way. He seems unwilling to let go of what I believe are the cruel, barbaric practices of his ancestors.
  4. Yes, they need to get a grip. Or perhaps they should be thankful that The Crown presented Lord Mountbatten as a dignified elder statesman and ignored much of the "unsavory" (I'm being polite here) aspects of his life. No comments about the "Uncle Nazi" depiction of the Duke of Windsor in S2 who suddenly morphed into a misunderstood old man in S3. And then there is Andrew... Let the official Royal biographers gild the lily. I don't need to be told that a TV show is a drama.
  5. Completely agree. For that matter, no one needed to hold up a sign at the start of "Hamilton" to remind us that it wasn't a documentary. Now, HBC is complaining. too. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/helena-bonham-carter-says-the-crown-has-moral-responsibility-to-tell-viewers-its-a-drama?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter A "moral responsibility!" Come on! How come she didn't say anything similar about "The Kings Speech?" Or about the contrasting portrayals of the Duke of Windsor in S2 vs S3? I'm not arguing about the authenticity of what we saw on screen. I am stating that The Crown is an elaborately produced TV show that dramatizes the life of the Royal Family. It isn't a documentary and never claimed to be one. I've watched actual documentaries on the Royal Family and some of them are quite damning. I'm not sure why they think that we are idiots and don't understand that what we are watching is entertainment.
  6. Sigh...it’s over and I realize that I didn’t really care about any of it. The few characters that I enjoyed - Rabbi, Dr. Senator - were long gone. There were way too many characters and many - like Deafy - didn’t have a real purpose in the story. I like Chris Rock but this wasn’t a great role for him. I never felt menace or cunning in his portrayal. I don’t like Jason Schwartzman and this role isn’t going to change my mind. Gaetano was a one-dimensional, buffoon of a character. As for Zelmare...ugh. S1 and especially S2 of Fargo were something special. Quirky and violent but with a heart and with characters that you could root for. S3 and S4 were a disappointment. I think that Noah Hawley has lost his way. Great to see Bokeem Woodbine again. It was the most exciting moment of the season even though I pretty much assumed that Satchel would grow up to be Mike Milligan.
  7. I'm not supporting paparazzi, phone hacking, etc either. I detest that stuff. Alternatively, I believe that it is OK to make movies and TV shows about living people, including the Royal Family.
  8. Agree. There is a lot of opinion that drama = documentary. Morgan is telling the story that he wants to tell. If there are those that feel it is "not complimentary" to the Royal Family, they can make their own show that paints these events differently. There are also a ton of documentaries on Netflix and Prime already in existence. I'm relatively sure that the concerns about the monarchy existed before The Crown began and will endure after it has ended. Is that the most important thing? Why should the Royal Family be considered "hands off" just because they are the Royal Family? Should the PMs also receive the same exception? This is begs a much larger question about the press in general and how they cover celebrities and politicians, etc. The press can be cruel and intrusive in the UK and the US. However, no one - not the Royal Family - should be immune from press coverage simply because of their title, their social position or job.
  9. Agree. My interest in the monarchy is a form of celebrity-watching and the good/bad that comes with it. I have no use for the deference that they expect in some circles or for some of the archaic traditions that they uphold. I would not know every member of the Kennedy or Bush families or any other American political dynasty.
  10. Agree about the US competitive cooking/baking shows. I don't watch any of them. I watch this show precisely because it is soothing and beautiful to look at (the English estates!). It is good for my soul.
  11. I like Laura. Yes, her bakes are often messy but the judges continue to complement her on her flavors. That has value. Regardless, I think that the winner is either Peter or Dave. I am thrilled that we got the show during the pandemic, too. I appreciate the effort made by everyone in the cast and crew for doing what it takes to get it done. I enjoyed the bakes, even the weird ones. And I agree that this seemed to be a kind, supportive groups of bakers. I don't need to see a group of "superstar" bakers; I enjoy their efforts whether good or not-so-good. Matt seemed to help Laura in her worst moment. However, he and Noel annoyed me to no end this season. Noel, in particular, seemed to lose sight of why he is here. His commentary was often intrusive and not related to the baker's situation. Much of it was out of context and over the top. The fact that the heat in the tent continues to disrupt the bakes is disappointing. Yes, I know ALL about why they can't use air conditioning. Hoping they can find a way to solve this issue soon. And Paul's reaction to Dave's cornucopia was priceless.
  12. If even half of the stuff is true...what an awful, entitled little shit. Kicking dogs, swiping horses?
  13. I'm pretty sure that they gave them photos, perhaps just not when and how it was demanded of them. I'm not sure who thinks it was a "gross mistake" but I certainly do not.
  14. Honestly, isn't the insistence on these archaic - and, in some cases, silly - traditions part of the problem with the modern day monarchy? What is a "secret" christening and "secret" godparents? I'm sure Harry and Meghan, the godparents and the other individuals that they wanted to be present at the christening knew where and when it was. That is all that should matter. Agree! One can criticize how H&M may have handled their break from the monarchy (and the family "business") and what their expectations are going forward. However, I cannot criticize his desire to step away from it in an effort to protect her.
  15. Yes! I had a hard time concentrating on their conversation because I was so busy trying to figure out what was on her head. As best as I can tell, it was a hood, rain hat and wool scarf. I can't find an image of it.
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