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  1. I suppose that it was inevitable but watching Jimmy's slide into Saul is depressing. I am no longer entertained by it. His outburst at Howard revealed an angry, pathetic man. Odenkirk has been masterful in showing us the intricacies of Jimmy/Saul and, to a lesser extent, Gene. There were many points along the way where he could have stopped and changed the trajectory of his life but he didn't. My sympathy for him probably ended with this episode. I sure hope not. I hope that her intelligence and her common sense tell her to get out and get far away from Jimmy. Kim knows what Jimmy is; she knows what life will be like with him. For me, the unfolding tragedy in this story is Kim and her loyalty to Jimmy. I continue to be disappointed with Gus' storyline this season. In BB, Gus was a frightening but intriguing character. We knew just enough about him; he was intelligent, ruthless and able to play a long game. I don't think that I am learning anything new about Gus this season or, at the least, anything that expands his character. (I don't care about seeing Peter and Lydia again.) Yes - we see what he was willing to do to become a power player in the cartel but that, IMO, that makes him no different than the rest. Perhaps that is the intent but, IMO, it removes much of the mystery surrounding him.
  2. It was NOT my theory but I agree with it. Jimmy is filled with rage, perhaps at Chuck, perhaps at life in general. Odenkirk is so charismatic that he gives us reasons to excuse Jimmy's behavior. (Although, I am starting to run out of those reasons.) Jimmy is a petulant, crass opportunist. Correct - you cannot copyright that concept. I'm with you about spousal priviledge. That's going to be what it comes down to? We are to accept that this is what Kim wants: a relationship with a man that undermines her professional reptuation and shows no respect for her. I feel bad for Howard, too. Yes, he can be an entitled, arrogant prick. Yes, the hookers in the restaurant were amusing. However, I am hoping to see Howard get some measure of revenge.
  3. Excellent post! I gasped when she uttered the word "married." No - just no. Odenkirk is incredible in this role and it causes me to overlook how merciless Saul can be. It is always about him. I think that Kim's reactions are complicated. She believes that there is humanity left in Jimmy. She believes that he loves her - or values their relationship - more than the scams and petty take-downs. She was a willing participant in the initial efforts to aid Acker. Did she really believe that Jimmy would back off? There have been a lot of truly horrible people in the BCS/BB universe but Howard isn't one of them. These "pranks" are childish. Yes - I continue to be frustrated with her characterization. I want her to walk away before it gets worse.
  4. Enjoyable finale. My favorite piece in both collections was Daniel’s smashed bead dress and coat. I understand why Minju won: her designs were intricate and unique. I prefer more tailored looks but she certainly brings a creative perspective. Overall, I found the majority of designers on NiF to be talented and interesting. They seemed to get along and support one other which is preferable to the middle-school bickering so often on display on PR. However, Tan and Alexa got on my nerves. There was way too much of them. Tan’s over-enunciation and feigned sincerity grew tiresome. The show - particularly the runway - is wildly overproduced. The lights, the graphics, the annoying 3-2-1...all of it was headache-inducing. As others have noted, three days for a 10-piece collection is ridiculous. I don’t care how many sewers they are given. Perhaps they can divert funds from the irritating effects and put them into giving more time for the finale. Also, let’s have fewer team challenges. It went on for much too long. I would have liked to see more from some designers individually.
  5. Agree about not rooting for or against fictional characters. You want their stories to resonate, to mean something, to touch you emotionally. My favorite show is The Wire and that's one of the many things that it did so beautifully. Those characters are unforgettable. I love Kim but I think that her character's motivations have suffered throughout this show. THIS! Love this entire post. Lots of great points above as to why Kim's motivations are lacking or confusing to some viewers.
  6. I agree. While I do not need to be spoon-fed explanations, I am having trouble with Kim's deep dive into behavior that could potentially cause disbarment (or worse). And yes, why for Acker? Because of her childhood memories? We know that she values her pro bono work but why this case? She has been conflicted for awhile about her work for Mesa Verde but this turn against Kevin seems abrupt. I, too, would like to understand more. Perhaps some of us haven't seen someone behave like that and perhaps we have. Regardless, it is irrelevant to characterization. I love Kim but I, too, am having trouble with her behavior this season. I don't think that viewers' reactions should be dismissed so easily. I agree. Some of the story lines feel that they are being drawn out unnecessarily. I'm still enjoying the show but not as much as in the past. I'm getting impatient; I want the story to arrive at its conclusion with Cinnabon Gene. Is that unfair to the storytelling process? Probably but I think that much of that is inevitable when you know what is coming. IMO, everyone's opinion is valid. If some viewers - like myself - feel that some of the story lines are being stretched out unnecessarily, it should not be dismissed. We can disagree but it doesn't mean that the opinion is wrong, should not be expressed or that the show isn't for a particular viewer.
  7. This may be heresy but I’m not interested in Mike’s adventures in carpentry in Mexico. I did enjoy seeing Gus in sunlight for a change, especially in that spiffy suit. That small village with the fountain memorial to Max was charming until I realized that it is a symbol of the revenge that Gus is seeking. Kim’s spiral into self-sabotage is hard to watch. She identifies with the underdog rather than the wealthy, confident lawyers and executives that she works with. Her animosity towards Kevin is a bit sudden but, even worse, it may be putting her on the path of no return with Jimmy. Something will ultimately pull her back but I can’t imagine when or how it happens. An observation: Howard is relaxing at home barefoot but wearing his tie, dress shirt and slacks. Odd. Don’t most guys want to take off their ties as soon as they can? Thanks for the explanation. I couldn’t tell what she saw in that photo.
  8. Karlie’s dress was awful. Completely unflattering. Now that I have watched the final runway...meh. Everyone showed something interesting but there was not an entire collection that wowed me. Nothing was truly fresh or original. Victoria had some lovely pieces, especially the last white gown, but there was way too much tan in her collection. I admire Nancy but there was something lacking overall. Sergio creates impeccably designed gowns but the fringe pushed some of those designs into caricatures. Geoffrey...I’m not convinced of the appeal of his collection. It was too dark and heavy-looking. Geoffrey seems like a good guy but he is exhausting to watch. Hopefully his success here will provide him with confidence. In retrospect, this was a disappointing season. No single designer stood out. The challenges seemed gimmicky. Frankly, the judges need another shake-up. We are stuck with Karlie but Nina can go. I’m not crazy about Elaine because I think that she is wildly inconsistent. I’m neutral on Brandon. The bright spot is Christian as mentor because I think he is able to relate to the designers in a way that Tim never could.
  9. I completely forgot that the Finale Part 2 was on last night. Guess that indicates my level of interest in the season. Thanks to all who shared links to the collections. I will watch the show tonight. I believe that Geoffrey can benefit from the mentorship, probably more so than Victoria or Sergio. Overall, a lackluster season. Thank you for saying this. I completely agree.
  10. Agree; it was beautifully done. Mendelsohn and Winningham had great chemistry.
  11. Same here. I also could have done without the extended scene of spitting in the sink. Agree. Gus was one of my favorite characters in BB because of his complex nature and his intelligence. So far this season, he has spent most of his time in semi-darkness while looking off into the distance. I hope that there is a greater role for him this season and, if so, it needs to develop quickly. Note to Lyle: run...there are plenty of fast-food establishments that need a conscientious manager. I love Jimmy but I don’t love his tendency to be a petulant jerk. I can accept that his feelings about Howard are complicated. However, politely declining the job offer and walking out on lunch would have been the more mature way to go. Sigh...but that’s not him... An excellent observation. It really makes me reflect back on poor Gene and his lonely nights in Omaha. He had a choice and he chose poorly. I’m not enjoying it as much either. Kim is my favorite character, too, and I’m growing impatient with her. While I don’t think that she will be physically harmed, she needs to tone down her self-destructive tendencies. I need to believe that she is a smart, savvy woman that will walk away from Jimmy, Mesa Verde and everything else that is destroying her self-respect and common sense. Mike...I’m getting tired of his journey. There had to be a better way. Thrilled to have Hank and Steve back. Dean Norris is an incredible presence.
  12. Thanks for this info. I'm not sure that the explanation on the podcast is valid. I agree that it wasn't well-placed. Didn't she say "Who's Terry" in the cave? If so, why would she need to go along with the cover-up while in the cave? The people in the cave were Ralph, El Cuco and maybe Claude.
  13. I enjoyed the finale and the series as a whole. Sure, it could have been compressed into a few less episodes but that fact didn't detract from the show for me. The casting was brilliant. I could watch those actors endlessly, especially Mendelsohn and Winningham. My son read the book and warned me about the ending (without providing any specifics). Having read a ton of King's novels, I am well aware of the "let down" endings. I've accepted that most of his tales are about the journey and not the destination. I can live with that. The shoot-out in front of the cave was incredibly tense. Screaming "get down" at the TV had no affect. Andy, Howie, Seale and Alec deserved better.
  14. Agree 100%. The CDFA mentorship - awarded to the appropriate person - could be the most valuable (and life changing) aspect of the Grand Prize. (Yes - of course - the money is nice, too.) The mentorship seems best-suited to a designer with raw talent that is trying to hone their aesthetic and establish a unique place for themselves in the world of fashion. It also requires that designer be accepting of constructive criticism and demonstrate a willingness to make changes. Sergio is NOT that person, from what I have seen. He is talented. He can construct intricate designs in a short amount of time. Many of his looks are lovely, appealing to a very specific clientele. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with focusing on a particular clientele, especially if you have success with it as Sergio has. However, he is resists critiques and is shocked when he isn't showered with praise. He doesn't seem interested in growing and adapting his skills. A designer will benefit from the mentorship only if they are committed to getting better. While he seems to be a good guy in his interactions with other designers, he is obstinate when being critiqued. I'd rather see the mentorship go to a talented designer that needs guidance and is willing to listen. Geoffrey seems ideal for it. The winner of PR is always deemed to be the "best" designer of that season. I'm not sure that the mentorship prize is well-suited for the winner. Perhaps it should be a separate prize that is awarded to a different designer.
  15. In the past, I hated when they eliminated one of the finalists prior to Fashion Week. It is unnecessary, manufactured drama for TV. Hope that they avoid it this time. I’m not wild about some of these looks but the designers worked for five months. Let them all show their collections. I’m sure that Geoffrey’s intense emotions are real but it is hard to watch. Sergio doesn’t seem to have absorbed any of the critiques that he received throughout the season. Nancy has interesting ideas but the execution fell a bit short. As for Victoria’s looks, why was everything so beige? Nancy’s liquid dress is my favorite and I prefer it with the cowl.
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