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  1. To me, the words brave, mature, and not at all selfish indicate she's doing this for someone else. Perhaps someone in her family is ill and she's taking a LOA to help with their recovery.
  2. Oh, Humble......this is epic. I don't know how long it took you to do this, but it's an instant classic.
  3. This season the show was like an old car on a cold winter morning, sputtering and wheezing and coasting on fumes. You could tell they either weren't trying very hard anymore or they had run out of ideas. Who was ruined the most? I would say it was a tossup between Mandie & Kyle. They took a sweet, funny, loveable character in Kyle and turned him into a total idiot. Yes, it's true that he was always written as a little bit dense, but they developed his character over the years and we watched him grow and become a man. Most of last season and definitely all of this one the writers
  4. He also kinda sorta was dishonest when he talked about his first marriage. He kept saying they had to get married to be able to live on base...like he was just doing this girl a favor and the relationship was strictly platonic. However, that wasn't true. They were in love and were probably intending to get married at a later date, but moved it up so they could be together when he went into the service.
  5. Something happened alright, but I don't think it has anything to do with low self-esteem. IMO, the show is compensating her and she is playing along with this garbage for money. When she found out the morning after the wedding night that he was going to be a daddy with another woman, I hope she screamed so long and so loud to the producers and threatened to sue and expose their asses for ruining her chance of a happy marriage that they promised things to her in order to stay on the show. Like maybe getting her own show like Monet or Vanessa. A show that focused on her Christian values.
  6. BOTH Jake & Hailey. Honestly, I really thought these two would have a better season, but it's turned into a sh*t show. Both of them are too old for this crap. It's embarrassing watching their behavior.
  7. I have to amend my above statement....it's not something you do to anyone, male or female. Paige was certainly hurt last night when she heard Chris tell Pastor Cal she wasn't great looking.
  8. I've actually respected Hailey for never saying anything about it, not even when Dr. Pepper pressed her so hard about why things weren't working out. It's just not something you do to a guy. You can say it to them, but you don't do it on national tv. Having said that, what I'm about to say won't be popular to many. But here it is. Jake caused this "bad in bed" crap. If he hadn't been whining early on that 'everything was so great' until the 4th(?) day of the honeymoon, which is the day we all know they had sex for the first and apparently only time, no one would ever have put two an
  9. I couldn't agree more. Her skin looked clean and clear, her makeup was well done not overdone. She seemed happy...and so did Erik (who I don't think has had a nose job). And his Mom seemed genuinely happy for them, too. I don't think there was any faking the affection she seemed to have for Virginia, and vice versa. In the beginning, I didn't think Virginia was a good candidate due to what she'd seen and been through with her parents' marriages. She was like a broken little child, and the drinking was a real red flag. But now I'm encouraged. Maybe this will truly work out. Erik i
  10. Amen. I feel sorry for the girls that have to work a 9-5. I don't think Kelly makes it accommodating at all for those that have to earn a living and can't manage on the +/-$4,000 that the DCC make per year. You mention airbrushed and glossy, and you are right. I've watched since the first season, and yes, the quality of dancers have gone up incredibly. In the early years, maybe half the girls didn't have any formal dance training to speak of, but had enough rhythm and grace to make the team. Now, with the reality show feature introduced, 99.9% have already cheered in college and at
  11. i'm not sure if you are saying you like her facial expressions or not, but for me that is the best part of Gina. I mean, I'm not even going to bring up what a great dancer she is. She has the ability with whatever expression she makes on the field, that it never looks stiff, rehearsed or phony. That's a gift. After a 3 hour game or a fan event where the ladies have to constantly be smiling and appear happy and peppy, looking fresh and spontaneous is hard, yet she seems to always pull it off. Don't know why she's never been chosen point, especially being passed over for Maddie, but i
  12. This isn't going to be popular, but my choice of someone that needs to retire is Chandi. Sweet girl and definitely pretty enough. I'm sure she has a good personality, but you don't see it on the field. She's blah,,,very bland. Disappears into the woodwork. She also can't really project sexy.
  13. Totally agree. She was never attracted to him. I've been a fan since the first episode, but the cracks really started showing for me last season when they picked Henry as a good marriage candidate. I don't believe any woman would have been successful with him (and yes, I know Christina was no prize either). But this year has really affirmed to me how the show could care less about the hopes and dreams of the people who want to find love and want to be married and are so desperate they would have strangers pick a mate for them. I also kind of knew but didn't acknowledge just h
  14. We've complained about the lousy matchups the experts have made, but in regard to Jake & Hailey, I don't think they did a bad job. I don't think their 10 year age difference was a problem for Hailey. They both really wanted to get married and said they would do anything to make it work. At 39 and 29, they aren't kids....they've been around the block and were not going to be super picky about looks, money, etc. So with that in mind, to me this was the best match out of the 5. That it crashed and burned not too long after the dumpster fire marriage of Paige & Chris is pretty su
  15. See, that's the one thing Haley has been consistent about.....she has not revealed either on camera or to the experts what the real reason is that she doesn't like Jake. It's only because Jake kept saying she seemed to distance herself right after they had sex that has led most of us to feel it was something about his lovemaking that completely turned her off. Listening to her excuses and quibbles about Jake only reinforced to me that it was indeed the one night of sex that ended everything for her. She doesn't want to humiliate the guy on national tv by saying he's lousy in bed, but
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