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  1. I really enjoyed that segment. The vets got the rookies to honestly assess themselves, and then worked with them and gave little tips to improve their performance. That's the kind of thing I remember from years past (like at least 5 years). I'm in agreement with a poster above not understanding Maddie's popularity, but she didn't bug me this time. Liked Criscella's choreography much better than Travis Wall's. His interpretive dance routine does not render itself well on the playing field, IMO. Kelli is still awful at eliminations. You'd think after all this time she would beco
  2. I have to say even Jose wasn't buying Johnny's whiny crybaby routine outside the restaurant. He went to talk to him, but if you watch Jose, it looks like any second he wanted to interrupt him and tell him to lighten up and quit looking for faults.
  3. Lightbulb moment on Myrla and Gil. Classic Taming of the Shrew. Ah yes, the easy going much loved hot guy tames the outrageous, me me me selfish girl. And they live happily ever after. I knew I've seen them someplace before. Still not buying it.
  4. There is something about these two that's never rang true for me. Her wanting to be married but completely refusing to give an inch or change anything about herself. Hello...experts...why would you even consider her? Him, as hot as he is, taking her BS like the lappiest of lapdogs. Uh uh...don't buy it. They were playing up her outrageousness to get people to root against her...getting people frustrated as to why he would put up with her at all. But why? From the show's angle, they are a ratings magnet. That's great for the show, but what's in it for them? This is a marriage after all
  5. I so wanted (and half expected) Bao to show up at the family event despite Johnny disinviting her. Oh think of how she could have played it. Dressed up sexy but tasteful, come in all lovey dovey kiss kiss to her new relatives, really put on a show with the Mandarin stuff and shower everyone with attention............except Johnny. Yeah, really make a point of doing exactly what Johnny keeps accusing her of...acting different in a group than she is when they are alone. Johnny thinks he can do better than Bao. He thinks he's the greatest catch ever and he's married "down". Nothing Ba
  6. Interesting theory. The thing I don't understand about Brett is she doesn't seem very athletic. Oh she's in good shape figure wise, but I would think someone who is a volleyball coach would have been able to scale that obstacle course fairly easy. Yet she was the only person of the four of them that right off the bat was intimidated and flat out said she wasn't going to do it. It's not a big thing, yet it kind of plays into Ryan's claim, which he's mentioned several times, that she's anxious and afraid of everything. I remember the honeymoon when she was freaked out by the fish swim
  7. Ryan and Brett need to have sex. I wouldn't say that normally, because I don't think he will feel any more attracted to her, but they just need to go for it just for the physical pleasure of it. Turn off the minds, tune out Pastor Cal's voice that in 30 days they have to decide.....you know the drill. And just go at it. They need to establish ground rules that neither read any more into it than a physical hookup between people who like and respect each other as friends. Because the problem with these two...especially Ryan....is that they are thinking this to death. Just go out and have a
  8. Kelli is still the worst at cutting people: To all 4 who were cut, they walk in and she's Miss Merry Sunshine...'hi, how are you, how are you doing?' Then 2 seconds later it's don't let the door hit you in the butt etc etc. She tells one girl 'we don't need to see any more'. How classless. There's a thousand ways to say it better. To another girl she gushes for 5 minutes about how pretty she is, then drops the bomb.
  9. Couldn't agree more and bravo to you for speaking up. I always liked Natalie and of course she was always memorable because of her name. But somehow I thought she only danced one season.
  10. I loved how Jose's Mom made it a point to let Rachel (and everyone else within earshot) know 'that's the stepmom....I'm the real mom'. It wasn't just the stepmom...it was ALL family and friends of ALL wedding parties that day that acted pervy and gross. Every one of them wanted to know if the bride and groom would be having sex. Mind your own damn business, people. You could actually see the air going out of Jose at Rachel's unintended gaffe...just like a balloon being punctured. I like him. I was certain he wasn't going to like her and he proves me wrong by being very thrill
  11. My husband was very touchy feely, and I couldn't stand PDAs of any sort...even just a little kiss in public. We were married 33 years until his passing, and even though I loved him dearly, I didn't like to be touched. My parents didn't have a loving relationship and I didn't see much affection between them when I was growing up. When I see Bao and hear her say basically the same thing...she doesn't touch people very much...I know that is not going to change. It might get better, but Johnny thinking she'll eventually initiate intimacy..........I don't see it happening. I hope I'm wro
  12. I'll take anything over the 'never have a drink out of their hand' brides from last year.
  13. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this guy. I don't get "shallow" from him but right now he's very hard to read. I did find it interesting that he emphasized that the most important quality he wanted from his new bride is that she be a nice person. When have we ever heard that from anybody? And the fact he didn't qualify that statement with a laundry list of women he's dated that were anything but nice is definitely a plus. There's no reason he won't be attracted to Brett. She's very cute. But will she be attracted to him? My biggest fear is that he is getting into this for the wr
  14. Darn....you beat me to it. As soon as I saw Brett I thought she looked like Toni. It's in the mouth area. I was certain Jamie was going to be replaced this year. There's so many former MAFS that would LOVE to take over her job. I'm thinking Christine the rehabber (who along with Keith actually shot a commercial); Amani AND Woody (the show has used them several times); and of course Beth, who would kill (and I mean KILL) for the job. But I like Jamie. She's so pathetically desperate, and she really thinks MAFS is the big time. Oh, did I mention Dr. Viv? With the dramatic makeup a
  15. I've never got a good vibe from them. He's too short-tempered.
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