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  1. bluelady22

    S06.E02: Home

    The oldest brother Brandon has been mentioned on the show a few times. I don't think it makes a difference that he wasn't in the flashback scene. Benjen is the youngest so he should be the smallest.
  2. bluelady22

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    I am curious about this only cause I guess I don't totally understand how the courts would figure out how child support should be determined. I am sure Kail brings in way more money than Jo and I thought child support was to make sure that a child has fairly equal living conditions in both homes. I do think it is Jo's responsibility to help to pay for the roof over Isaac's head, food on his plate, a reliable vehicle to get him places, etc. But if Kail has "outgrown" a home because her and her new husband had a new child, how is that bigger home Jo's to pay more for? And the giant SUV isn't necessary for a family of 4? If Jo's child support isn't making a dent in Isaac's private school tuition, maybe it's because Jo can't afford private school and Isaac shouldn't go unless Kail is willing to pay for it herself? Does anyone know how are these decisions that she makes viewed by the courts and how that would have an effect if any on Jo's payments?
  3. bluelady22

    S05.E29: Finale Special: Check-Up with Dr. Drew — Part 1

    I don't know but it really stood out to me because my son is in kindergarten and he is definitely not getting graded on his work. His homework isn't even required. Kindergarten is where you get kids introduced to grade school and excited to learn. She also said that Kaiser was a couple of months old and he was born when, end of June/beginning of July? How long could Jace have even been in school? I could be wrong, but it just makes me think that she was saying what she thinks she should say or what people want to hear and that she actually doesn't know what is going on with Jace's schooling.
  4. bluelady22

    S05.E29: Finale Special: Check-Up with Dr. Drew — Part 1

    Did anyone else notice that Janelle said Jace had just started kindergarten and was getting all A's and B's? What school does this kid go to that they are grading kindergartners like that?
  5. bluelady22

    S05.E00: Ask The Moms of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 (Special)

    Really? She actually said a couple of times that she put herself there, so I'm surprised anyone got that impression.
  6. bluelady22

    S05.E25: Summer Daze, Summertime Sadness

    I agree with this. If Jo wanted it in the custody agreement, whether Javi likes it or not, it was a big enough deal for Jo to make it legally his time. And I say Javi because he was the one in the episode continuing to complain after Jo said no. Also, I'm sure the trip Kail wanted to take would have been awesome but really to a 4 year old, a beach is a beach. Isaac doesn't know the Bahamas from the Jersey shore which I'm sure Jo could take him to several times during his 6 weeks with him. The beach isn't far from anywhere in that state.
  7. bluelady22

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    I didn't see this week's episode yet with the father's day stuff, but I really feel like Kail is trying to change for the better. She seems to be working harder at co-parenting with Jo and Vee and she might still ask for something unreasonable (which to me asking for Isaac on Father's Day would be), she seems like she'll learn as she goes. Nobody's perfect but she definitely seems to be the mom on the show working the most to be better.