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  1. My husband too. I was with him at the time, and they told me I couldn't speak while he answered the questions (i.e., help/coach him). They asked for an identifying landmark near our home and he couldn't come up with one, while next to him I was screaming in my head, The river we live on! The river we live on!
  2. He's wearing ankle socks with his shoes, lol
  3. I guess they'er not doing the hide-the-veto-in-the-house comp this year. I enjoy that more than this one.
  4. That and the way she dresses makes me think she has self-confidence issues, especially with her body.
  5. If Ian rocks to self-soothe, as he said, then every time I see him rock I wonder what has him agitated at that moment.
  6. I think I read on Reddit that she regretted/was embarassed by her lip fillers, so as soon as she won last week I thought, "Maybe now she'll get her lips fixed." She does look good!
  7. I just can't with Bayleigh. I don't understand why she and Swaggy think they're all that. They talk a big game but have not performed well in any challenge. And the pouting during the "who will go in" conversation - my God, grow up.
  8. All I know when I see an orange in a show or movie is that they symbolize death or danger. Think The Godfather/Mad Men/Breaking Bad...
  9. I'm so happy we got yet another chance to see that Swaggy and Bailey aren't even half as good as they think they are.
  10. What's the point of awarding more than one skull? If Jay goes in again and loses, does he go back down to one skull and stay in the game?
  11. Saul, especially, knows how to stick to a lie to sell a con.
  12. The menu showed he could buy a return challenge advantage for 1 token. I would have taken that. Maybe he thought he doesn't need one?
  13. Lol, I read this as Nina noted Sergio was pro Sergio and I was like, Yeah, duh?
  14. ACK! Don't mention waffles or it'll be another 20 minutes deciding between the Beglian or the Dutch apple! Powdered sugar or no? Syrup on the side or directly on top?
  15. I think it's possible they haven't shown future Kate because she would be the same weight as present Kate, and the goal is to have Chrissy Metz lose weight over time (when the show premiered it was revealed it's a part of her contract). To date she's lost over 100 lbs.
  16. My son attended a Comic Con one year while BB was still on. He got a pic with G.E., posed behind my son and holding a box cutter to his throat (sans blade). It's an awesome pic. Is Crazy 8 the guy Walt and Jesse had tied up in the basement?
  17. If I remember correctly, part of why Roger was because he could no longer sing, so it'll probably be included.
  18. Check her out in Bad Times at the El Royale - with a bonus as it also has Jon Hamm :)
  19. I was interrupted when the clue was shown onscreen and couldn't be bothered to rewind to read it, but when they showed the well once, twice, three times during their search I knew it was in there. But what the heck, hiding something in their drinking water? I hope they boiled it before drinking it.
  20. I decided I needed to read more classics, so I got 1984 and East of Eden from the library. Quit both of them. And I read a lot - a book or two a week. These just didn't do it for me.
  21. Eh, you can have him. I'll take that yacht!
  22. YOU get an opinion, and YOU get an opinion, everyone here gets an OPINION!!! (/Oprah)
  23. It's not for nothin' her name is Shiv.
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