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  1. I have no guesses. Working for DiMera?
  2. Christ, not the Stefano Embryo shit again...!!!! Don't Ron. DON'T.
  3. Her fondness for frightening her guests really irks me. I'd never go on a show where terrifying me was the host's aim.
  4. Oh good. Hopefully not forever. But Summer dying is great news, if it's for real. Can she convince Ben to drown his sorrows too?
  5. They should have written in an explanation for Maggie's absence.
  6. Most of the 60+ people I know really are indifferent to streaming services and their exclusive content. They pay for a basic cable/satelite package and a basic internet package and that's it. They want to save their pennies and keep it simple in an ever-changing entertainment landscape. I guess my main point is, as with shows that changed timeslots or networks only to end up losing their audience, I doubt 90% of the DOOL viewership will go searching for it should it move from its longtime place on the NBC lineup. People view it out of habit and convenience more than anything, I suspect.
  7. I'm playing catch-up again... Hearing Claire and Marlena beg Ciara to hate anyone "...but puhleeeeeze not Bennn!" made me want to set myself on fire. "Everything I thought I'd been denied of..." Gwen....that ain't proper English. Did anyone else hear that and wince? Abifail is giving such pissy finger-waving indignation over her grandma's death when clenched-toothed rage and tears would feel more appropriate. Where's the sorrow? The "hold me back!" intensity? I usually am okay with this actress' choices and energy but lately I can't help but think about how good Judi Evans
  8. Same. Preach! I thought it was Ciara's exit storyline....
  9. Staying on the televised network broadcast is the only real way for this show to reach its aging audience. I mean, how many 60+ year olds do you know who pay for streaming services?
  10. ... Why does anyone let Susan in their house?? I loathe this version of the character. She wasn't even this extra back in the 90s, FFS. I've seen better dressed homeless people. They're making her as over-the-top bizarre and obnoxious as possible. This is the same character that had the love of three different men? Huh? Wow....that was.....fast....! ...because she didn't think Ava was that desperate? I don't even like Ava and I want better for her. I'd appreciate an apology there too, Benny Boy. HELLO! GREAT IDEA!!! (if only the show was this self-aware)
  11. Lord, I hope this isn't the end. Things are not in good shape. I shudder to think where storylines would end up given the current flow.... Obviously, too much Ben Ciara crap would be pushed to the forefront...plus Sarah and Xander having a quicky reunion. Lucas getting passed over in favor of EJ, most likely, since Sami can't quit him. No time for Chloe and Philip to have an actual romance. Possibly Eric and Hope still AWOL...maybe Jennifer too. Here's hoping there's a renewal.
  12. Oh my gooood....ohmygodohmygod. I'm going to lose baddler control. Just a whole episode of Stacys making out with herself. And injecting herself. And slapping herself. 不不不不不不不不不
  13. So I just finished watching Ghost, see...and I'm literally a mess right now, and then you go and put together a post like that...and suddenly I'm laughing like an idiot. THANK YOU. The humor of this group sustains me.
  14. Did Ciara throw up while being shown photos of her wedding to Ben? And did any of the pictures look like this?
  15. She rushes her lines and finishes them like she knows canned laughter will be added in after.
  16. I've been skipping Cin episodes Great! Then I'm all for it! I wish Ciara and Theo many happy returns.
  17. But then how would he be the mistake that sends Ciara running back to Ben? Theo's being warped into a sleaze here, and I hate it. If she knew she was married to Ben and still thought "oh hell no!" then I'd have no problem with her leaving with Theo.
  18. He, mercifully, is being protected from his idiot father by living with Theresa in California. *raises hand* Oh Oh! I remember! Lani has certainly had her history rewritten a wee bit. Now she's just so dang perfect, ain't she?
  19. Oh for sure. I enjoyed Nicole just being a supporting player/friend. I kinda wish she would stay that way until Eric returns because I'm sure Ron will ruin her when she gets her own plotline. I would love to see these two gals with their kids at the park, just being Moms. Wait...what?! She sang at her own funeral? In what disguise? And no one recognized her voice??
  20. Agreed....but I'm astonished the show just tossed away their reunion sex like this...it could have been built up over months. Them gradually getting attracted to each other again...but no. When was the last time Lucas and Sami even slept together? A decade ago?? This should have been a bigger deal. I find it supremely sad that Nicole is now pushing Chloe to go after Brady The Prize, as if she wasn't fighting tooth and nail to be his wife only a few short years ago...these gals both know there's no point in being with Brady...he's always cycling through relationships. What's wrong with Chl
  21. Wow...yeah, that would have been more simple. And nice. I hated seeing Hope crumpled on the floor. But I guess now they're reluctant to build any story around Hope at all, since there's no sense of when or how she might come back. Plus, this way they get to throw Theo under the Ben bus, same as Claire! See, if everyone else is shady or homicidal....then Ben looks better by comparison, right? ....right...?
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