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  1. When the girl mentioned she has NEVER had pasta, I sort of perked up and thought we were going to get an education on Celiac disease. Lol. No. She just doesn’t want to be fat. 100% a lie that she’s never had pasta.
  2. So, Andy had his baby at 6:30ish pacific time and if popped up on my Instagram a few minutes before WWHL was coming on. I thought, oh they’ll have a rerun or something for sure but no it was a new episode with some pump rules kids. So my question is... is this all pre-taped? I mean surely he didn’t leave his hours old baby to go do the show right? They didn’t mention the birth specifically.
  3. Even if Stephan was a well balanced and mature man (which he is not, he is a psycho), I would still think it was inappropriate for Kayla to be posting pics of her baby with her brand new boyfriend. Isaiah is Stephan’s son and its pretty disrespectful to start playing house with a new daddy and flaunt it on social media. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying Stephan as done anything to deserve respect. I just wish Kayla could be a mature adult and move on without trying to stick it to Stephan. She could barely contain her happiness at the idea of Stephan’s discomfort coming to the party with her new dick. It’s not a good look.
  4. That room is particularly awful! Not my taste at all. But when I looked at the link, I did like the 2 story living room. Wasn't it just last week that they were talking about how they didn’t want their kids thinking they’re hot sh*t because they’re on TV? And then they were lamenting how expensive private school is and how even if Ryan paid for Bentley they would have Jade and Maverick coming right behind? Hollow excuses. They just don’t value education. They value tacky ass McMansion living and they don’t want TM money going to education because they want to spend it on themselves and their own comfort. It would have been so refreshing to see a TM live a modest lifestyle while investing and saving their mtv money to cover their exploited kids educational costs. I’m not saying private education is necessary or the be all end all, just that you blow up your excuses for not sending your kid to the school he wants to go to when you run out and buy an ugly ass McMansion on a whim several weeks later.
  5. I should hate Stephan the most (and don’t get me wrong, I do hate him! Right down to his douchy name.) But gawd Kyler is a close second for me! Did I understand correctly that he is going to go on and spend a 5th year in high school to pass speech?! Instead of going to summer school?! Who raised this mouth breather?? I would think his own parents would step in and pressure him/make him go to summer school or negotiate some way to complete the credit. He’s such a fluffy loser, I just don’t see why he’s so smug. I want the cameras around when the world finally kicks his ass. I’m sad for Braeson. I think it’s awesome that they treat him like a normal baby. However, I don’t see them worrying much about connecting with occupational therapists, working to meet milestones, etc. I also have a child with an upper extremity deformity and I can’t imagine moving somewhere without that being on the top of my list. That being said, I also can’t imagine moving without a job and apartment lined up.
  6. Am I reading this wrong? I think church, little league, and school events are a perfectly appropriate place to take a baby. I see babies at these kind of places all the time. Now, I wouldn’t want to take 6 babies anywhere but who would take 1 baby? I think lots of people.
  7. When they showed Mariah in the hospital, I legitimately did not recognize her as a cast member of this show. I thought we were picking up a new storyline. I did also deliver my son face-up though and it is a b*tch. I’m surprised (although I don’t know why, since they’re all assholes) that Matt and his ex-wife are just sitting back to let Jamie Lynn struggle to adjust to life with a newborn and toddler... who isn’t hers! Do they pay her for the childcare? Can she quit and the actual parents can arrange appropriate childcare? I am a stay at home mom myself and this situation just baffles me. If I were Crystal (was that her name?) I would be to my lawyer ASAP for more custodial time. Or at the very least calling up my ex and saying “hey should we enroll our 3 year old in pre-school a few mornings/week?” I almost feel bad for the little girl because it’s like once Daddy’s girlfriend took responsibility for her, her actual parents seem to care less what her day to day life is like as long as they’re getting free childcare. That being said, she made this bed. And Matt can miss me with his “I’m about to snap” comments. I would take MY kid and be gone from that misogynistic prison they act like she’s so lucky to live in. I missed the SS Shitshow this week!
  8. Jamie, Jamie, Jamie... what in the world is she doing. Maybe I need to rewatch the earlier episodes but iirc they showed the ex-wife and she is alive and well. So why in the hell is Jamie talking about taking care of “both her kids.” Girrrlll one of those kids is yours. One is not. I also heard her refer to herself in the third person as “mommy” while addressing the older child. Something like “mommy doesn’t want that open.” If I were that child’s biological mother I would hit the roof. It’s totally confusing and completely inappropriate! She’s not even the step-mother. The boyfriend seems to have no interest whatsoever in marrying her. Hopefully next week we add a baby to the mix on the SS Shitshow! I did feel for them being sent home from their induction. First she wants to wait as long as possible and it’s of the utmost importance to her that everything is as natural as possible. Then they have to reschedule and she’s all “but everyday you wait puts baby at more risk!!” Ummmmm yep. Shoulda coulda woulda listened the first time I guess. Regardless, it would suck to show up mentally prepared to deliver and be sent packing back to your dog piss scented sailboat.
  9. Given that Farrah sued MTV for firing her, it was pretty smart of MTV to show Janelle talking about how she was gonna “get out” of her contract and has all these other job offers.
  10. Pretty much. But I don’t think this is new news. They have known that her MD is progressive and that it will likely shorten her life expectancy. Apparently though, Ali is the only child diagnosed with this particular kind of MD so they (even the doctors) don’t know exactly what to expect. I also think given tonight’s news that I would be melting down and I think Leah is really strong and puts on a positive and brave face for Ali.
  11. I just watched the episode off my DVR. I am sure this has been said a million times but I just had to come here and write that I am heartbroken for Jace. Hearing him trying to stutter out the story over the phone with Barb was just gut wrenching. No child should have to live through and with the kind of stuff this child has been experiencing since he was a baby. Also, did anyone else notice when Jannelle got out to talk to the cop and just left the gun sitting there the whole time with Jace?? Is that legal? I would have thought the cop would have her hand over or somehow secure the firearm. America y’all!
  12. Omg. The SS Shitshow is the perfect name. Thank you. This entire scenario is ridiculous but to me is the most fascinating on the show. What is she going to do in approximately 3 months when the baby starts rolling over and out of that shelf bed?! Maybe she can make it work somehow but it’s just not for me. As soon as I saw that big ass dog run to the “door” of the SS shitshow I was like nahhhhh that’s a nope for me. This couple bugs me. Because she does seem to be the primary caretaker of the older kid, at least when she’s at that house. She doesn’t seem to have a job, unless I missed it? Yet he seems to have no interest in marrying her. I would say he’s taking advantage of her but jeez how can she be so dumb? I could see pinch hitting for your boyfriend and his ex if a childcare emergency arose but to be a stay-at-Home-not-even-step-mom is just plain ridiculous. I will be interested to see how the dynamics change when she brings home her own child.
  13. I kind of got the feeling that he makes decent money, but that they are living up to or possibly beyond their means. They have a nice looking house and cars but they may be heavily mortgaged without much wiggle room to go back to school or start over in a new career. I say this with as much respect as possible for our veterans, but some of the jobs they do in the service don’t translate well into the private sector. I have had several friends come out of military service and take paycuts and/or have lots of trouble finding a comparable job. I mean if you think about it he’s a recruiter, which is a great job in military because you don’t deploy. He might be a great corporate recruiter if someone will give him a shot at it but I don’t know that entry-level or mid-level corporate recruiters earn enough to support 2 kids & 2 babymamas one of which is a stay at home girlfriend.
  14. And I don’t get why they’d play along when it makes them look terrible and negligent.
  15. Just caught this tonight and haven’t watched the previous seasons. I came here immediately to snark! I’m surprised there aren’t more comments. Anywhoooo.... the pill bottle thing. I just don’t see how that could happen. I mean I know it does happen, but I also have kids that age and it would take them a good few minutes to get into a childproof bottle. Like, you would know something was up. And production was there! Given it’s a show about the kids I find it odd that they would be left totally on their own for long enough for that to happen with MULTIPLE adults in the house. I know it’s not production’s job to babysit but you would think when the kids got the bottle open they would have swooped in pretty quickly. Anyways, something about that scene just didn’t add up for me. The non-married military couple: I just don’t get it. Maybe my mom just drilled into me not to rely on a man, but I don’t know what she’s doing playing house, taking care of his kid with another woman what appears to be full-time without being married. He doesn’t even feel that he needs to consult her before making major purchases without them being married. Why did she quit her day job?! I would be building a life raft if I were her. And speaking of life rafts, the boat couple really is just sad. I actually feel terrible for the lady. Her husband doesn’t see anything in the world wrong with his behavior. Also, get off that damn sailboat. I can’t wait to keep watching to see how that works out.
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