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  1. Am I inventing a connection or did they actually hint that Zeke is the Major's son? I wasn't paying close attention and I remember a file with her picture around the same time Zeke's DNA was being run. Or am I conflating 2 scenes (or a scene and a preview)? If there is a tie between the Major and either (both?) Zeke and Griffin, that would at least make some sense in the context of the show. But now I'm reading in the forums that they don't plan to reveal what happened to the plane until the finale in 5 years, I don't know if I will stick it out. The characters aren't compelling enou
  2. Gibbes and Fornell really need a spin off. They don't need Phil though. No kidding... that was super weird. It would have made more sense if they hadn't known they were on a manhunt for a living criminal, but thought they were just looking for something that fell out of the plane. My SC relatives who fished a lot pronounced it crappie.
  3. Quoting my own post here... I just realized that if your entire system relies on a wall of breakable lava lamps, you wouldn't want to locate your business anywhere in earthquake prone California! And Fornell's daughter. She rocks! They kill them all off because they don't know any other way to create "drama" other than death.
  4. Almost as weird as the fact that the 3rd party super special world class encryption company is in the DC area at all instead of silicone valley or some other place where super special computer companies are. It's not like they need to be local to the federal government for a contract like that. I've been saying this ever since they went through that time period where he started wearing button-down collared shirts and let his high&tight hair grow longer because of some "changed outlook on life" plotline. The longer hair drags his whole face down and ages him.
  5. I liked the episode in general. But ... I wish Middle Eastern actors could get work other than as terrorists. I loved Pej Vahdat on Bones, and especially the way they played with stereotypes by having his character fake a "middle eastern" accent at the lab until he got caught out not using it eventually (and the reasons the character did that). The actor playing the fake CIA guy was good in Tyrant. They both did really good jobs here (even if Hakim was a bit "mustache twirling"), but it's a shame that these are the kinds of parts they get offered. And that portrayals such as thi
  6. Because he overheard them saying that they were never taking him back home and that they had lied to him about the trip and where they were going. He knew they weren't really going to NF's and he knew he'd never see his mother again. He didn't know that initially which is why he seemed happy and close to them in earlier scenes of the trip and then suddenly turned on them. You have to go back and watch the earlier episodes to see that scene. We also learned from the scene with Vera where she talks to him about the weed that he might not have even expected them to die based on what she says
  7. I posted my thoughts on why he killed them above. I also think they tried to address that question in the courtroom scene where Julian's fate was sealed. They left a lot unanswered, but for me, not that. IMO it was about the only thing they DID answer.
  8. I think you quoted the wrong post in this response. I don't understand how what you wrote relates to the post of mine that you quoted
  9. Julian overheard Bess and Adam saying that they weren't ever taking him back to Mosswood and that the Niagra Falls thing was a ruse. He also believed that when someone died, they just started over and that sometimes people needed to start over as part of their "work". I don't think he fully understood what death was until he saw how horribly Bess was suffering as she died. I think he had motive... what he didn't have was real understanding of what he was motivated to do. The other loose ends? Just stupid writing designed to keep us coming back every week so that the sponsors got thei
  10. I wouldn't call Marin "fair". She was a brunette and I didn't notice on my tv that she had blue eyes. I don't like that plot twist either, but not for that reason. Julain and Heather look like they could be related to one another, but neither looks related to Jack, frankly. Marin says "He" is the father when she tells Vera she is pregnant. We are to assume she means the Beacon, but she doesn't say so. And I guess we are to assume Vera killed the Beacon, even though she says he just slipped away on his own. This is my problem with the show. They do all this twisty-turny mystery
  11. Well that could have been a nice ending to the show this SHOULD have been from the start, without all the misdirects, tangents, and loose ends. Not really thrilled with it.. the show or the ending. Such a disappointing reveal... so cliche'. Only the fine acting saved this mess.
  12. I have been on board with this theory for awhile. I never got a feeling that Heather's Dad was Julian's father (with Marin). I wondered if he was Marin's father. I disagree that the Beacon is dead. They went to too much trouble to suggest that he was. So I expect the twist is that he isn't. It wouldn't be much of a twist if he IS dead. Although if they wanted to be REALLY tricky, they might be overt about him probably being dead, just to make us think he probably isn't and then he is... Does anyone think the writers are that clever? Have we ever gotten a good look at ponytail guy's f
  13. Continuing a thought process from a post I was writing in the episode 1 thread but would be inappropriate there: If there is a season 3, I hope they change the way they tell the story. They let plot twists and uncertainty of what's going on drive the story despite the rich psychology of the characters that could be explored. We still don't know any more about who Vera is or what motivates her than we did when she walked into the police station and said "I am his mother" in Episode 1. We don't know anything more about Julian. We still can only guess about Marin. We still can't tell whether
  14. I have felt for some time that the "sinner" referred to in the title is not the murderer in the police case, but Ambrose himself. But since both seasons have a religious component that affects the killers, I could be wrong. If there is a season 3, I hope they change the way they tell the story. They let plot twists and uncertainty of what's going on drive the story despite the rich psychology of the characters.
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