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  1. I don’t have much to say that hasn’t already been said. I’ve had Money Can’t Buy You Class & Chic C'est La Vie stuck in my head for over 24 hours now, and although it’s driving me crazy, it makes me chuckle. Ramona’s “performance” with Bethenny was hilarious. She is so nuts, but I’ve grown to enjoy her craziness. It’s definitely entertaining. Dorinda’s drunk Jovani! heckling was too much. Then the joker makeup later in the night. She needs rehab way more then Luann! I too was surprised that there was nothing regarding Dennis’ death. I thought for sure there would be something.
  2. Wow, that ended with some dark shit. Overall I liked the show. It was completely over the top and totally insane. It will be interesting to see what season 2 will be like.
  3. Yes! It totally reminds me of a modern day Drop Dead Gorgeous. I haven’t watched that movie in years, I need to watch it soon!
  4. What?! Where was this posted? Who posted it? That definitely looks like an engagement right and Dennis’ bald head.
  5. That’s crazy that now it’s required! When did that start?
  6. Im sorry, this is wrong. Pain medication absolutely can make people high & act crazy. If someone is sensitive to a drug, has no tolerance, or takes more then prescribed they can act very under the influence. I’m not saying Dennis did this, but it absolutely can and does happen. Edited to add: I completely agree with you about how disgusting it is how hard people are slamming her. I’m not a fan of hers, but I have sympathy for her right now and the last thing she needs are people assuming she was knowingly dating an addict (if he even was an addict).
  7. I understand that she said he was the love of her life, but she herself has moved on and has a significant other. I believe people can be the “love of your life” but still not mean you are good together as a couple. They have known eachother for something like 30 years, were married and lived together for many of those years & have children together. They definitely had a very deep connection. The whole family knows about B (it was on tv & written about in tabloids) and have for years. In my opinion I think she has the right to attend the funeral. Sit with the family no, but attend if she wants. Many people now aren’t divorcing and just separating for financial reasons (taxes, medical insurance, assets etc.). If it works for the people involved, I don’t see the problem with it.
  8. I think she should be able to attend. They have been separated for a while & it looks like the wife has a significant other (I looked at her Instagram page). The kids are all older & I’m sure understand their parents relationship.
  9. Lol, I’m totally not trying to debate this but according to OxyContin’s website OxyContin is Oxycodone HCI. https://oxycontin.com
  10. I believe OxyContin is the extended release version of oxycodone. It can be more dangerous because it stays in the body longer and can build up, making it easier to accidentally overdose. I think people also grind them up to make the time release part of the pill not work (so they are getting a higher dose all at once).
  11. WTF am I watching? I haven’t even finished yet, but did Kail really just put her hair up to go talk to Briana because they might fight? These people are such losers. It’s pathetic and disgusting. Chelsea and Leah need to just cut their losses and leave this shit show. Pure TRASH! Ugh, I just watched the rest. Briana is crazy & stupid. The way she came out on that stage was ridiculous. I think Brittany needs to be kicked off the show. Attacking someone the way she did is assault and Kail could have pressed charges. I hope they kick the whole family off actually. Poor Nova & Stella, they don’t have a chance. When Kail was unbuttoning her pants and about to pull them down, I got so scared of what I was about to see. Why the f did they have to show that?! Leah’s hair stylist guy is amazing. He only said one line, but he was my favorite.
  12. I have been hearing about the road rage incident for months now and finally watched the episode. It was actually worse then what I thought. Janelle is such a piece of shit (Jace shouldn’t be talking like that, but it seriously is the best way to describe her). I pray Barb uses this to completely ban Janelle from Jace’s life. That poor kid. His reaction to it all was so telling. He’s used to this kind of shit! It’s normal behavior for Janelle and UBT. So disturbing and sad.
  13. Both Chelsea & Victoria rub me the wrong way. Chelsea wants Austen to herself but doesn’t want to be with him. Victoria seems very needy and immature. I could have sworn it was said she’s a doctor. Does anyone know what kind? I actaully kind of like Kathryn and Shep together. Even if it’s for the cameras, they definitely have chemistry. Their bowling date was cute. Ashley and Thomass...ugh please just stop. I can’t stand Ashley. Why was her voice so messed up at Austen’s party? Too much yelling during the fight her and Thomas had the night before (that they had to tell everyone about). There is zero chemistry between them. She has to be an actress. Loved Whitney’s black fur sweater thing! Also when he mentioned his family crest ring was made by the same person who makes jewelry for the queen of England. He lives in a whole different world then the rest of us lol. Did anyone notice the commercial for Southern Charm Savannah? I’m shocked that show is having a second season.
  14. Brianna and her family are pure TRASH. Please get them off my screen. And what is up with her ass?! She has wings (My 600lb Life watchers know what I’m talking about). Kail is an entitled (and also trashy) bitch. Oh, & please never wear shorts on TV again. My eyes! Janelle not wanting to show up to things that are part of her job. Please fire her next time she does this! I would love to see all 3 of these losers try to make it in the real world. Chelsea and Leah should just leave at this point. I would not want to be associated with this trash anymore. As much as I love to snark on this shit show, I think it’s time to end it.
  15. Naomi sucks. Seriously, pathetic. Could it be anymore obvious that she is threatened by Peyton? And she calls Craig immature!? Someone else said it, she’s ruining the show. JD as Trump was the best part of the episode. I loved seeing him in the background with that terrible wig. I couldn’t have picked a better costume for him. Thomas still has feelings for Kathryn. The way he looks at her...it’s much different then how he looks at Ashley. Too bad that he also loves to f*ck with Kathryn’s emotions. I’m proud of her for not falling for his BS. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if they had another baby together (I hope they don’t, for the child’s sake).
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