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  1. Hello everyone -a little late, but my first post of the season... I would choose vet Maddie for the new point girl. She just amazes me with her talent. I would also like to see a brunette there for a change. It was great to see Taylor and Julia dance. I loved this episode since it showed a lot of the routines and comparing dancers. Maybe they don't want to keep Madeline since she is a legacy, they don't want the others to think she is picked mainly for that. (Did Cassie make it her first try?) I really like Madeline though. She reminds me of a young Judy, but it could just be her hairstyle. I was so happy that the guests recognized Bridget's technique and enthusiasm, I love her energy! I feel Kat is improving, but wish they would cut Meredith. Kelli just loves Meredith and won't give up on her. Did you see Kelli's facial expressions in the preview for next week - Wow?! Pretty harsh. I had to rewind 10 times just to figure out who goofed up the kick line. They don't show anything for more than 1 second. Have a great week!
  2. Hey there, I am so late to post about this last episode..... but I did want to say I loved this season since they showed so much more dancing than before. They really put a lot of things in the last episode too. The only thing I didn't like was the focus seemed to be on rookie Lauren a lot (this episode). I would have liked to see more of Alexis or the other rookies we barely saw. I did not know about Alexandria either. Good thing I checked back in here. That is really odd, right in the middle of the football season too. That is too bad. Alright, until next years show - Goodnight and goodbye.
  3. ROFL!!!!!! That is hilarious! I thought that was crazy too. And also when she told Christina the part about she was deserving of a consideration of being on the squad - Hello.... isn't that what training camp is? They are being considered every practice. That just didn't make sense to me at all. I like Christina and all, but I bet she will be a one year wonder. And Savannah needs a lot more work on those routines. I hope they both improve throughout the season.
  4. Hi all! I am currently traveling and haven't read all of the posts here, but I have a question about Holly. I was curious if she was really off the team, since the other day I saw her account on Twitter still said she was a DCC. So when I saw the episode and Judy said Holly resigned, I checked it again. Sure enough it still says Holly and that she is a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Can they keep their DCC Twitter handles when they are not on the squad anymore? I will miss her dancing, but I'm sure she will dancing for another team soon. She probably is, I just don't know since I don't read the spoiler forums. I am loving KaShara!
  5. A very strange episode indeed. Not enjoyable to watch. I agree with bringing back just Kelli and Judy doing the dance critiques (no special guests). Now that is enjoyable to watch. I can't believe Christina got away with that lame excuse. I was actually hoping she would make it this year, but she is like a square peg trying to fit in a round hole, it's not working. I think they should cut her. I also wanted them to cut Taryn, she doesn't seem up to par either. Still on the fence about Gina. I think the only reason they didn't cut Jenna or Holly is because they are two of their strongest dancers. I would really miss Holly. But it doesn't sound good for her. So hard not to peek at the spoiler threads! And Judy doesn't contribute much to anything in these meetings except for giving the girls her squinty eyes (spellng?). They should have brought Charlotte in for this!
  6. Hahaha! I find my self doing the same thing. She is not fun to watch at all. I was also wondering why Brandi's mom didn't visit with her mom. I don't remember them saying her relationship was bad with her. Unless I missed it. And what time was it that they showed up on her doorstep? Late at night or very early morning before the sun rose? That was just weird. Have they considered that Keatin may have a drug addiction? He dropped out of school, and lost his motivation for everything....those are signs. I sure hope that isn't the case since he just up and left when they were willing to send him to another school, etc.
  7. I loved, loved, LOVED this episode! We actually got to see all the rookie candidates in one show, how long has it been since that happened? Loved the media training! Still hoping for a revamp of the uniform. Maybe if they can't give up the one they have now, just make one alternate one for certain games. I would love to see a modern version of it. I think Rachel is very pretty. I am hoping she makes it.
  8. "Bubbles for Brandi!" Hahaha! I still like Brandi. She cracks me up. The prank phone call was pretty silly, especially since you know Heidi is going to be watching the episode when it airs. And the part where Brandi invited the girls to Tennessee with a gift....I think the producers probably set that one up. I'm sure they wanted her to do that on camera and Kameron just happened to be there. I don't think Brandi did anything intentional to hurt her feelings. I am not enjoying watching Kameron, why did they pick her?? Stephanie's "Chateau" is truly a house on steroids! And she wants to change the fireplace? Doesn't it match the arches on the front of the house? Is she going to change all that too? I think Travis really thinks he could be James Bond - now that is really funny!! He is far from that.
  9. I noticed that too! That was crazy
  10. I liked this episode, especially the dancing. The makeovers were just OK. I'm glad they didn't give too much air time to that. I loved Savannah's makeover though, gorgeous hair color! Alexandria looked the same after compared to before. I am not a fan of the jump split, and I am sick of them showing so much of that. Not interesting. I loved Lauren's style this week! And Brianna really improved I thought. Lots more power than before. I was glad Kitty wasn't as obnoxious, unless they just edited her to look better. Yes, they did kind of look like stripper moves, LOL! I liked Keyra also, she has a lot of spunk! I was crossing my fingers they would cut Erin and they did. Good idea. Have a great holiday weekend everyone!
  11. Hello all, I'm new to this forum. I really enjoy this show, I was glad to see it come back. Thank you sheetmoss for the links about that custom home. Very interesting. I was under the impression it might have been a shallow pool, but apparently not. That is pretty crazy. If I was Stephanie I would just plan on filling it in. Although if it covered up that might be an option. I did notice that Stephanie gave away the fact they had bought the house before they showed the scene where Travis came home to tell her. It was in her camera interview when she pointed to the director (or whoever) and said "I know you want to try out my toilet!" And what was the deal with the chandeliers....they said they took 2 years to make. Did they put one crystal on per day? LOL And Mark with his sock issues..... #Richpeopleproblems I really like D'Andra so far. I like her husband as well. Her mom seems to be channeling Tammy Faye Bakker though. LeAnne has mental issues. I don't enjoy watching her at all. I hope Brandi and Stephanie work out their issues, I liked how much fun they used to have together.
  12. I was curious so I looked it up. Tasha was Miss Utah Teen USA in 2009 and she was 18 at the time according to the chart on Wikipedia, so yeah she is 25 or 26. I thought she was older.
  13. Hello all! It's great to be back reading the forums, you have some great comments. I know...episode 4 already - I am late to the party. But here goes.... Pixiedust - Loved your comment about Brianna looking similar to Liv Tyler . That is very true. She should pursue modeling if this doesn't work out. Also getting a young Brooke Shields vibe from her. Her eyebrows are amazing. Funny comments about Cassie, she is not the most popular vet. DCCroutineFAN, sorry I can't agree with your praises of her. Can I throw at least one tomato your way? Haha! Kidding! The studio wall graphics were awesome, but they are very distracting. They must have spent a fortune putting all those pictures up. Kelli's comment about the other NFL team's locker rooms was pretty snarky. She obviously feels there is no competition there. Are there any other teams that spend $$$ like this on their stadiums, and other facilities? It seems very extravagant to me. I spotted one gorgeous brunette when they were all sitting in that conference room, but it went by so fast I'm not sure who she was, but I'm thinking one of the rookie candidates. Maybe Madeline. Or is there an Alexis? I shouldn't have deleted my recording. I did not realize that their practices went from 7pm to midnight - WOW!! I thought maybe 10PM or so. How do the girls that work handle that? That means zero free time. Total commitment. And I didn't like Tasha's response to her weight gain, saying she was just getting older. You don't want to say that! Don't bring attention to the fact you are older than everyone, especially when their favorites are teenagers (Brianna). Can't wait to see who is cut first. It will be tough, such good talent this year.
  14. I was on facebook, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders : Making the Team page and today there is a link to a CMT survey. I took it and it was the best! They asked all about this season and what I liked best, and suggestions for improvements, etc.! You should also do one if you want to give feedback.
  15. I really enjoyed the finale. Seemed like they showed a lot more about the rookies chosen as compared to previous seasons. It was a very full episode. I agree they should extend the MTT season. I sure didn't miss the squad photo shoot (and I saw CMT had a bonus video of it) but I would like to see the calendar shoot and a special half-time performance. They should make a new series of NFL cheerleaders footage as seen from the sidelines on gamedays. You don't get to see them on TV during the live football games. They could show other popular squads as well. It might even get more viewers than MTT.
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