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  1. tivofanatic

    S08.E10: Apocalypse Then

    I can’t believe they managed to wrap up everything in one episode. I’m impressed. I think Mallory’s time travel worked this time because she leaped into her past body, like in the movie Peggy Sue Got Married. That meand her 2015 body is not powerful enough to fight Michael because Cordelia is still alive as the Supreme. Mallory running Michael over with the car, mirrors Jamie Brewer’s character getting run over on Halloween in season 1. (Still an unsolved mystery.) Constance regretted not being able to bring her daughter to die in the Murder House. I really didn’t know what she was going to decide in that moment. Mallory still should have cut off his head, just to make sure. As for the DNA couple, we know nothing about the girl’s family. Maybe she only thinks she’s human. Maybe their baby got swapped with the Antichrist like in The Omen, and the real baby is special but hidden away. Overall, I’m glad I watched this season. I didn’t see Hotel, Roanoke or Cult. I loved the return to Murder House and the three witches in the woods making their grand entrance. Plus, Misty Day is back. Her looping fate with the dissection always bothered me. For those confused by the flashback, it began in episode 4 right after Mallory, Coco, and Dinah were resurrected. The flashback continued all the way to the beginning of episode 10. Any scenes with the warlocks at the boys school or the witches mansion was in flashback. If Michael doesn’t have his longest hair and red eye shadow, it’s flashback. The only part of the apocalypse that we saw was the bunker, the wasteland around it, and that little bit of Billy Eichner coming across radiation cannibals and hitching a ride under the horse carriage. I would have just moved forward with the Apocalypse and had the witches travel around outside in this newly created world. But really, this was Coven 2, and I’m fine with it.
  2. tivofanatic

    Law & Order: True Crime

    I haven’t looked it up, but I’m assuming this was based on a Leslie Abramson book. I was riveted by the acting on this. It was like Judith Light on One Life to Life admitting to prostitution on the stand right in front of her husband and the whole town. It was very close to the real life trial footage. It doesn’t excuse the brutality of the murders, but I understand the fear and anger behind it.
  3. tivofanatic

    S05.E07: Full Bush, Half Snickers

    In real life, they are filming in a former children's psychiatric facility in Nyack, NY. That could have happened in their fictional world too.
  4. tivofanatic

    S05.E10: The Reverse Midas Touch

    I was curious if a real life inmate had been scalded to death in the shower. It really happened. An inmate, Darren Rainey, was locked in a scalding shower for two hours and died. The guards were not charged. Only the warden was fired.
  5. tivofanatic

    S05.E13: Storm-y Weather

    I expected Coates to reach for the gun while cuddling. Remember, Tiffany will not be disrespected. I'm more scared for him than her. Poor Daya. She'll probably be charged with murder now that they discovered the body. Realistically, Suzanne's ex probably would have been found dead in bed. I was shocked when she moved. Overall, I loved this season. Used prison panties for sale will always be the low point for me. In a way, this reminds me of when high school shows do a graduation episode. Have they all graduated to max now?
  6. tivofanatic

    S05.E12: Tattoo You

    They were all doomed no matter what. Hump is still dead. I was happy to see Piper's mom. Piper, don't invite your dad to the wedding. He's already written you out of the will. Probably the brother too. Where is he? Where is Chang?
  7. tivofanatic

    S05.E10: The Reverse Midas Touch

    Were you singing along to the Big Red theme song? Were you shocked you still knew all the words? That was some good acting by that inmate in the shower. Flailing like that is practically stunt work. Last episode was the 70's horror homage. This one was pure 90's Silence of the Lambs, and directed by Laura Prepon. Good job.
  8. tivofanatic

    S05.E09: The Tightening

    I haven't read the comments yet. I love this show. Black Cindy cracks me up. The Piscatella stalker thing is dumb, but entertaining. Oh yeah, how has the male nurse been left alone all this time?
  9. tivofanatic

    S05.E07: Full Bush, Half Snickers

    I'm keeping a list of who's life is in peril: Caputo and stripper guard from dehydration accelerated by diarrhea. Diabetic guard from lack of insulin. Suzanne's ex from face infection. Hump from infection or a stroke complication. Leanne from a finger infection. Anybody else?
  10. tivofanatic

    S05.E07: Full Bush, Half Snickers

    It was her. Try it at home. You can do those accents too. Nice voice from Sankey. I know she comes from musical theater. Which one did the Color Purple on Broadway?
  11. tivofanatic

    S05.E05: Sing it, White Effie

    They finally turned some focus to Janae again. Nice. Did she do anything last season? Overall, this season connects nicely with season 4, but it's too many characters. I just counted on IMDB. At least 50 actors make up the inmates and guards this season. Wow. No wonder Piper feels like a supporting character now. But I am loving this show, and encouraging friends that it improves vastly from the season 3 Norma cult. Where's Norma? I remember seeing her once.
  12. tivofanatic

    S01.E05: The Flea and the Acrobat

    So Nancy crawls into the hole in the tree trunk with barely any hesitation? I'd buy it more from Joyce. At least she's got angry mama bear motivation.
  13. tivofanatic

    S42.E03: Emily Blunt / Bruno Mars

    Sasheer played Michelle at least once the week The Rock hosted. Barak Obama lost his temper and hulked out into The Rock Obama. Then Sasheer as Michelle lost her temper over her garden getting ruined and became Leslie Jones as She-Rock Obama. Maya Rudolph played Michelle way back when Fred Armisen was playing Obama. But SNL has mostly left Michelle Obama untouched, which was a good decision for the years that Keenan was cross dressing any time the show needed a black woman. I don't remember anyone ever playing Laura Bush. I'm sure she breathed a sigh of relief that the underage drinking of Jenna and Barbara didn't become a mocking point. Lord knows Barbara Senior got it bad. Remember Nora Dunn asking, "Are you proud of your son?" "George is not my son. He's my husband!" And Phil Hartman was playing her. I've got to look that one up on the SNL app. As far as the show goes, I loved the debate. Can you believe Trump had even worse "drippy nose", and it didn't even make it into this show because there were bigger fish to fry? Bobby Moynihan must have looked at Ken Bone at the real debate and said, "He's mine. I don't even have to call it."
  14. tivofanatic

    Say Yes To The Dress

    On the show, sometimes brides reject multiple dresses in the dressing room. On Twitter, consultant Breanna said she had a bride try on like 10 or 12 wedding dresses, and then she bought the first one she tried on. This was a non-TV bride. The Kleinfeld website has most of their dresses on there. The spreadsheet bride from several episodes back ranked her dresses, and then found exactly what she wanted. It's so much easier than it was pre-internet when you really did need those bridal magazines.
  15. tivofanatic

    Say Yes To The Dress

    I'm the opposite. I don't care about the bride's story. Let's see the new stuff! This show is basically home shopping for dresses, right? I look down on brides for wearing two dresses, but when Hayley Paige designed three for her own wedding I was like, "Of course you should."