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  1. UsernameGoesHere

    AGT The Champions: All Episode Discussion

    My mom thought he was 35 😂 She almost fell out of her seat when he said he was 23.
  2. UsernameGoesHere

    AGT The Champions: All Episode Discussion

    Colin Cloud was so fake. Next. I've never seen Cosentino and I'm not big on escape artists, but that was pretty dramatic. I always feel like I'm the only person who doesn't go crazy for the shadow groups. They just bore me. I also feel like I'm supposed to be going crazy for Tokio Myers, but I just didn't get it. The sand artist was amazing and I love that she was able to evoke emotion with her actual performance, and not with some sob story (followed by a mediocre performance) like half the people on this show do. This is how it's done folks. Not "I was bullied in middle school/my mom died/my dad is sick/I grew up in a rough neighborhood, but I can sing covers okay so vote for me." I'm not a fan of singers doing songs we've already seen them do on the show. I can kind of understand Shin not being able to come up with an all new routine since this was filmed just weeks after he won, but are you telling me Sal and SoS haven't learned a new song in the last few years? SoS still sound beautiful though, and I still hate Sal and his obnoxious personality. Terry looked like he was having a blast during Shin's performance. Can we please keep him?
  3. UsernameGoesHere

    AGT The Champions: All Episode Discussion

    I wasn't a fan of Drew Lynch back when he was on (and I'm still not), but he looks cute with his new haircut. Simon's annoying with how he disses on acts for no reason. Paul Zerdin didn't step it up? But then he gives Kechi, an average singer, the golden buzzer? What a joke. Guess the "superfans" (who likely don't exist, lol) didn't agree as Paul came 2nd in voting. Sorry, but Kechi probably wouldn't have made it past the first live round in her season if she didn't have her sob story. Her voice is not that amazing. This act is 100% back story. Her getting the GB is a joke. And I agree that Simon needs to stop with the, "I didn't like it, I loved it" bit. It's so old and predictable. The Moonlight Brothers are decent dancers, but this act just doesn't compare to the rest of what we're seeing. Tape Face is beyond silly, but I missed him. I just love when he nods his head around to communicate. I'll always love how much Heidi loves the Regurgitator. It was adorable how she went crazy when he walked out on stage. And again, screw Simon. Why would you buzz a man as he's swallowing a blade? I did enjoy the into video... "Lots of singers, lots of comedians... why only one regurgitator?" Did you guys notice that he changed into a sparkly green jacket for the results? lol I had to laugh at how every act is like, "I'm here to win Champions! I'm stepping up my game so much! Defending my title! Showing America what I'm made of!" And then Kenichi is just like, "I'm getting old, this is going to be tough." I agree that there should be no buzzers on this. These acts were invited back. It's just disrespectful.
  4. UsernameGoesHere

    AGT The Champions: All Episode Discussion

    Tom Cotter did not deserved to get buzzed. Simon was a jerk to do that, and then to tell him that he's not as good as Trailer freaking Nasty? He needs to go. Tom did fine, and he was funnier than Samuel J. Comroe, who Simon went crazy for. Gotta love how they show the judges and the audience more than the actual act. Amber Lynn shot the arrow and they cut to the judges, showed some audience reactions, more judges, more audience... oh hey let's show one second of fireworks coming out of the funnel in Ryan's mouth aaaand the act's over. Just show the act please. Paul Potts is great, but how many times can we hear Caruso? I'm not too thrilled with either of the two who went through, though I guess I can live with Paul. Angelica did not deserve the golden buzzer. I would've liked to see Jon Dorenbos go through. I like Billy and Emily. I guess that's an unpopular opinion here. LOL at the little DJ kid. Talk about filler. So tired of hearing of "fifty states," "only two can go through," "you're competing against the best of the best," "you are a champion." I'm also tired of the judges pretending to be shocked every time the next act walks onto the stage.
  5. UsernameGoesHere

    AGT The Champions: All Episode Discussion

    Did you guys know that only 2 can go through every week? And that the FIFTY STATES are voting? Whatever that even means. If this is all Howie is going to contribute this season, can we just get rid of him until the regular summer season starts up? Or just play a voice recording of Howie saying it instead of paying him to actually sit on the judging panel and repeat the same thing after every act?
  6. UsernameGoesHere

    AGT The Champions: All Episode Discussion

    I haven't logged into this board in a year and a half. I came back just to say that my boy Alex Magala is back and better than ever! I know some people can't stomach him but I could watch him all day. I'm so glad he was brought back, it's like he finally got the wildcard he deserved years ago when he was voted off in favor of Marty freaking Brown (I'm still bitter). I loved every second of his performance. My only complaint is all the slow-mo nonsense they added in. WHY. The dude is insane but he's amazing to watch and he's also one of the hottest guys ever on the show. But seriously, what is this format? What is this superfan nonsense? Only TWO people go through? It's all just terrible. At least there's no Tyra. Can we keep Terry? Didn't really like Vicki last season, and I didn't like her now. I laughed when Simon said she could've won last season with that routine. I think not. She might be decent on a sitcom, but the material she writes isn't funny. I did enjoy Preacher. I like when he shouts and is over the top, lol. He has a fun personality. I can live with him making it through. I had to laugh at the Australian boy band. WTF was that? LOL I'm really sad to see that the Kristef Brothers aren't going to be a part of this. They're my favorite act ever. And as far as dogs go, I would've preferred Christian and Scooby (or whatever dog he performs with these days) to Sara and Hero. Never liked them and this episode didn't change that. And where's William Close?
  7. UsernameGoesHere

    S12.E15: Live Show 2

    I haven't seen the show yet, but I've never been so glad to hear that an act fell flat on their face (the escape artist)! Now he and his boring, repetitive act can finally go away, and he can take his annoying wife with him. YES!
  8. UsernameGoesHere

    S12.E11: Judge Cuts 4

    Another terrible episode. I wish Simon would just admit that he's bored and annoyed by basically any act that doesn't involve singing. The show has completely gone down the drain since he's become a judge. I'm usually all for kids and teens getting cut, but I was quite upset that the teen magician didn't make it. He was great and probably my favorite act of the night. Why in the world would they put the kid dancing duo through? The girl scares me honestly.
  9. UsernameGoesHere

    S12.E10: Judge Cuts 3

    The skaters are the one act that they actually did bother mentioning that they were on another version of the show. People can say what they want about the skaters being weird and incestuous, but they're easily one of the most talented acts on the show this year, and they absolutely deserved to advance. No question. But dear lord, another singing kid gets the golden buzzer. Can we just get rid of the GB already? It's ridiculous at this point. This week was way better than last week, but I didn't like that Oscar made it through. I didn't get that at all. He's fun I guess but he was more entertaining the first time and he's not that great. I can't see him getting anywhere in the live shows. I was stunned when he and the dance crew both made it. I would've put Daniel Ferguson through over either of them. That's really my only gripe about the judge's decisions this week. Well that and my poor Five Alive, but they probably didn't deserve to go through, lol.
  10. UsernameGoesHere

    S12.E09: Judge Cuts 2

    This honestly might be the worst episode of AGT I've ever seen. This season is horrible in general, but this was just... wow. Why in the world did the dancing siblings get put through? Before their act they were talking about how they had new moves, and then it was just more spinning, this time to a terrible song. The judges were beyond disappointed. But then they made it through because of some BS about how they have the potential to step it up next time. Uh... how about you put through an act that did well and actually did step it up? Absolute nonsense. Okay, look, I find the Mirror Image guys amusing, but the act is not worthy of moving on, especially not over some of the people who got cut. Their singing is not good (though it was better than last time) and the dancing is not good either, and seems to be the same moves every time. Come on. Evie is terrible. She was terrible the first time. She was terrible this time. I was stunned when she made it through. I'm sorry your dad has cancer, but you're not a very good singer, and you shouldn't be on this show. WTF at the golden buzzer? That made no sense. Why are they acting like he's the best thing ever? At least he writes his own songs I guess. All the good acts (you know, the variety/non-singing acts) got montaged. I wanted to see Xavier's act, it looked really cool and the judges seemed impressed. But nope, montaged and he got cut. The Godfathers looked cool too. Montaged. Anything that's not a mediocre singer - montaged. I'm pretty over mentalists but at least Colin Cloud has good stage presence and an interesting persona and was actually deserving of going through. Same with Puddles I guess. Everyone else who went through could've gotten eliminated and I wouldn't have cared. This show has really gone down the drain since Simon became a judge. Next week's lineup looks good but it's hard to get excited when I know all the acts I care about will probably be montaged.
  11. UsernameGoesHere

    S12.E08: Judge Cuts 1

    The golden buzzer was so much better the first year they introduced it. They used it to put an act through to the judges cuts that otherwise wouldn't have enough votes. I don't think Heidi and Mel even used it the first year. Howard and Howie used it on Dustin's Dojo and the brothers who sang the ratchet song, who both got two no's. If they still did it this way, Mel could've used hers on pumpkin man and Simon could've used it on boring girl with dog, instead of having to go up on stage and beg the other judges to change their minds. Now they just use it to push through a good act to the live shows that obviously would've made it there anyway. It's pointless.
  12. UsernameGoesHere

    S12.E08: Judge Cuts 1

    I HATE that the escape artist made it through. His wife might be one of the most annoying people to ever appear on this show. The fake screaming, fake tears, fake over the top drama, fake pushing and shoving. YAWN. Eye roll. Boring. Hate her, hate the act, hate that we're going to be subjected to it all again. I also can't believe the girl and the dog made it through. They're not that good. I was bored. No way was she better than some of the acts that got cut. And it's like watching amateur hour compared to some of the dog acts we've had in past seasons that actually were great like Cristian and Scooby or Olate Dogs. What a waste of a spot in the live shows. I like Trump. He's funny. He's one of the only acts this season that I'm actually entertained by, so I'm happy he made it through. What in the world was that "make some noise/good job" comic? That was painful! Darcy's a good singer. Too bad he didn't make it.
  13. UsernameGoesHere

    S12.E06: Auditions 6

    Heidi's golden buzzer was a complete embarrassment and definitely the worst of the 5. That girl was not good, and even the sob story was lame. Divorced parents? You and millions of other kids, honey. She might do okay at a middle or high school talent show, but AGT? She should've gotten 4 nos and been told to come back in a few years when she's had more time to practice her craft. And a golden buzzer? Please. I'm assuming she was originally placed last in the show, but then they switched her with Brandon. Thank goodness. She belongs at the very beginning where she'll be forgotten by the end of the show. Awful. And Brandon... sigh. Very sad. I feel like he would've been one of the very few singers this season that I actually would've rooted for. He seemed so nice, so genuine, just an overall great guy, and a good singer too. What a loss. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I really enjoyed the boy band. I'm honestly not sure if they're a joke or not. Their singing wasn't the greatest ever (they were better than Heidi's GB), but I liked it, and I enjoyed their dancing. I love boy bands, so I might be a little biased. I'm not sure I believe that they're all under the legal drinking age, particularly the guy in the hat. He's pushing 40. He probably wears the hat because he's already balding. But I look forward to seeing them again because I thought it was fun. I'm also a little embarrassed to admit that I liked the mirror twins. The singing was not good, and the dancing was mostly silly. For me it was a comedy act more than anything. They were sassy and hilarious to me. I can't imagine they'll make it to the live shows but I do look forward to seeing them one more time because they were a lot of fun. Father and son duo were good but I'm guessing we just saw pretty much every trick they can do. So Heidi loved the pathetic golden buzzer girl but wasn't sure about the Subway singer. Okey dokey. Rolla bolla dude was good but won't get past the first live round just like every other rolla bolla act on this show. Veggie cutting act... WTF? I did not like that. 6 weeks into auditions and I still have not seen an act that I think would be a deserving winner, besides the roller skating siblings.
  14. UsernameGoesHere

    S12.E02: Auditions 2

    You'll find that half the contestants on this show aren't American. Sometimes the winner isn't even American.
  15. UsernameGoesHere

    S12.E02: Auditions 2

    The skaters were definitely my favorite of the night. I thought they were amazing, and wasn't annoyed by the outfits, or lack thereof. Didn't bug me. But then I looked at her instagram and was like WTF. The stuff they wear when they perform in Vegas is way worse. He's in nothing but briefs and she's in a bra/thong/garter belt. Now that's strange, even for me. It's cool that the dog can do that and all, but a dog barking isn't a good act. Same with the science experiments. Cool, but not really an act. Disliked the dancing kids. Thank you Simon for having some sense. Tyra adds nothing to the show.