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  1. Poor Heather. I hated it when Carla in the past season was cut after her ex sent explicit photos of her to KandJ. It was revenge porn and he got what he wanted. And it was sad when Holly wasn’t an all star. These girls are victims of crime. (and even if you do delete from phone, it can still be on cloud and I think you can delete from cloud but very sophisticated hackers can still find it). There are hackers out there trying to monitor the phones of all women in the public eye to make money and because they are misogynists - they shouldn’t be rewarded.
  2. 100 percent agree. The poor TCCs on the bubble, having to wait until Friday now. And what I find most difficult to stomach is that the show presents the final cuts who are openly distressed as ‘too emotional’. Not just Malena but all of them. When everything is set up to make them emotional - endless TC, late nights, stringing things along - and the long wait alone in the studio before the office meeting. Dear whoever is the last cut, please don’t give them the satisfaction, try and keep your anger and sadness until you’re out in the car. Not easy I know.
  3. I wonder if TPTB have been spooked by all the controversy about the Mavs dancers, disbanded & Cynthia Marshall said they were ‘sexualized’ and not family friendly. That, the lawsuits (especially info about cheerleaders expected to submit to all sorts from sponsors) , the new Me Too focus on how society treats young women and girls (inc the massive news story at present)...might have persuaded them that the way to protect DCC and show it as different, a) take only one Mavs dancer b) put the most ‘wholesome’ and ’kid friendly’ looking women up front.
  4. Poor Gina! I know I’m in the minority as I find her face attractive - but she’s got everything else, always smiling, never makes a mistake, always supportive on social media and so talented. Really disappointed for her.
  5. The diversity is poor, I agree. It has always seemed to me also that over the years WOC (esp black) feature disproportionately in show’s ep 1 section about ‘look at these poor dancers /unattractive girls who show up’. And the WOC who do make the team and stay on tend to have to be the absolute top - Jackie B, Sasha, Jacie, Khalyn. The mediocre floaters have a different look.. i wish they’d taken Kylee, her face looked perfectly fine I thought.
  6. So - have I got this right, in her last year Cassie was late for appearances and was found with a football player when she should have been at an appearance? And went on USO Tour where she got together with a serviceman, was found out by the DCC powers that be and people on the base knew, including an officer’s wife? I think the rules are ridiculous and outdated on fraternizing etc - but If this is right, this really shows up the favouritism...and makes so many other cuts seem even more unfair. I remember there was some talk on here that Heather H, Allie and Raylee had known too much about Holly and that played into their cuts at finals (I really thought Heather H was great). Where knowing and not saying anything is a crime for some girls but others get away with doing exactly what they want....
  7. They're on their way! Anyone know what their schedule is in UK?
  8. Yes, agree, definitely powers that be higher than K and J and they like to keep things the same... Now this series has come to an end...I wouldn't say it was my favorite. Loved Melissa rookie and the girls were great as ever but I found some of the weight discussions hard to watch and the whole series a little claustrophobic. I think my favorite series was 6 - so many great rookies - McKenzie, Brittney, Veronica, Courtney, Emma, Kali, Katy....and great ones who didn't quite make it such as Kalli F and Taylor.....I felt we got to know a lot of them. That was the series in which there were ?14 guaranteed spots for rookies as so many girls had retired. Lot less spots this time round... I wondered what your favorite series was and why...
  9. Yes, v true, there are so many pretty girls, I can hardly work out the most beautiful. Kali was a great looking girl, I agree - and agree on Vivian too. I think Brittney S herself has a beautiful face, Jackie Bob had perfect features too...but they're all such handsome girls...
  10. Yes, definitely low on blondes this year... I was reading Brittney's live tweets in the show on Friday. She was saying that Ashley P wasn't misunderstood but 'she's just so beautiful that its intimidating. I'd be scared to talk to her too!' Interesting. Do you all agree she's the most beautiful DCC?
  11. Interesting that there's been so little Kitty in this series. IIRC most series have her pop up in episode 6 or 7, teaching a class and giving tough opinions. We haven't seen her much since episode 2 - am I right? Possibly she's ill or too busy etc. But I do wonder if CMT made plans to revamp the show with big things like Melissa R to having less Kitty and even small things like Kelli turning off the light in the room...and the cheerleader competition winner announcements. Seems quite different this year. And it often seems to me in telly that a revamp is not always a good sign - someone high up wants bigger ratings and if it doesn't get these ratings, then it is in trouble. As many of you have pointed out, the lack of marathons this year seems odd....
  12. I wonder if Vivian means that the TV cutting and editing meant that it didn't sound like a poem to us viewers - when the actual full text was a poem... I also wonder if she can't be more clear because their contracts with CMT have strict clauses restraining them from implying that the footage altered things in any way....most participants in reality shows claim the footage exaggerated things, but it seems to me that TCCs don't... Sorry, crossed with you ClosetBachJunkie!!
  13. I think that a poster on TWOP spotted Kelli tweeting Vivian last year encouraging Vivian to reaudition....
  14. And agreed on Alexandra, what a charming and hard working person. Two episodes makes me wonder if they'll have time for the DCC camp out...was rather looking forward to the tent decorating montage....
  15. Am I right in thinking that Chandler wasn't in the group of lowest scorers from finals on the deleted scenes dance - I saw Ashley P, Vivian, Mallory, Alexandra, Mary, Lacey, Caila...which suggests if my eyes aren't wrong that Chandler (and Victoria, although like the rest of us, not sure who she is) had pretty high scores....
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