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  1. QuePasa

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Someone above referenced the use of the word “souls” as part of the religious undertone. There is definitely a religious undertone to the show so far, but the use of the word “souls” is standard aviation language for the number of people on a plane. So that part at least was not meant to be religious in nature.
  2. QuePasa

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I could do without the voices stuff. There is enough potential there with adjusting to life after being “gone” that long. I will stick with it for now, but I am not interested in a primarily sci-fi show. If every episode is about what the voices tell them, I am out.
  3. QuePasa

    Home Shopping Network

    They just showed emergency food packages (noodles, soup, powdered eggs, etc.), talking about how they are great when there is a natural disaster and your power is out. But when they demonstrated how to make the food they were heating it up. What good is that if you have no power or have evacuated your home? The host mentioned taking it to a hotel if you have to leave your home. They did say you could eat it cold but yuck! An emergency food supply that needs to be heated up is useless.
  4. QuePasa

    S10.E14: Las Vegas Finals Night 2

    I find it ridiculous that the ninjas have to change shirts to watch each person running the course. Why does every single person running need a “_________ ninja” name and a specific shirt?
  5. QuePasa

    BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    I didn’t watch the Celeb Big Brother because I refused to watch Omarosa. Now I am going to have to skip my very favorite reality show because of Paul. I just cannot watch him. Why do they keep doing this to me? Didn’t CBS learn that viewers don’t like Paul when they voted for Cody as season favorite last summer? Why would they think anyone wants to see him for a third summer in a row?
  6. QuePasa

    S09.E01: Los Angeles Qualifiers

    I suspect the 5 women rule is so "Mighty Kasy" can get through without a wild card. I am over her, but she is the show's darling and they have given her wild cards she didn't deserve the last couple of years. I can live with it if it only applies to this first round. I think it is wonderful to see women successfully compete against men on equal footing. It is really compelling and inspirational. That won't be the case if women are given an easier road forward.
  7. QuePasa

    The F Word With Gordon Ramsay

    I thought it was incredibly boring. I won't be watching any further episodes.
  8. QuePasa

    S27.E06: My Tongue Doesn't Even Twist That Way

    ^^ And if it wasn't for the French, we would haven remained a British colony for who knows how long and our founding fathers would have been hanged.
  9. QuePasa

    S27.E06: My Tongue Doesn't Even Twist That Way

    The bad pronunciation of French words reminded me of when I had a French Monopoly game as a kid and I thought Atlantique was pronounced "atlanti-cue". But I was twelve. By the time I was an adult I knew something about French pronunciation without ever having taken a French class. It is called paying attention to the world. I cannot believe most teams didn't even make an attempt at a French pronunciation, even a stereotypical one. I also would have thought most people would have recognized the motto once they saw it. Everyone should have heard it at some point in their education or in a movie or something. Apparently not. It really highlights how ignorant Americans can be of other cultures and it is embarrassing. I was also bothered when James Earl's mom (whose name I don't recall right now) stated while learning the rap lyrics that the words were "funky". No, they were French. I too was wondering if a team could go right to the judge and skip the plane if they knew the motto.
  10. QuePasa

    S17.E18: Episode 18

    I love how Shelli thought calling James out would hurt him. Half the house (or more) is totally cool with what he did. So she just further made herself look bad. I really hate players who can dish it out but act all indignant when others dare to play the game too. I also didn't get why Shelli seemed to imply to James that Austin should be the target because he dared try to save himself when he realized he was a target. I can't stand Austin but come on.
  11. I know the show rarely follows real life, so you could be right, but in real life that would not be a defense. If you intend to kill one person but end up killing someone else that you didn't intend to kill, that is still homicide. It is called transferred intent. If you intend to kill someone and you do kill someone, it is the same even if you kill the "wrong" person. The same would be true for attempt.
  12. QuePasa

    S17.E02: Episode 2

    I hope that dentist doesn't plan to go back to his practice. Speaking for myself, I wouldn't go to a dentist 1) who is that immature and 2) so openly stated he is only doing it for the money. I am not trusting someone like that to put a needle or drill in my mouth. I am annoyed with this season already...
  13. QuePasa

    S07.E03: Houston Qualifying

    Dear blonde accountant. We got it. You are way too hot to be an accountant. Nice down the shirt shots of her training too. I was glad she fell quickly. Overall, I found this episode to be pretty boring.
  14. When they took the full show off the video podcast, I sent MSNBC an email saying I would never watch their channel again until they restored it. The audio podcast isn't sufficient because so much of her show requires the visual. I miss Rachel. It seems Comcast is the enemy here. Shameful really.
  15. QuePasa

    S07.E02: Kansas City Qualifying

    I automatically root against anyone who pauses along the course to pose for the crowd. I hate that kind of arrogance. They can do whatever they want at the end in my opinion, but during the course it is just a turnoff for me.