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  1. Mika needs to be really careful with her words. That “Shut it down,” could easily be misunderstood. Her and her husband can really be a little too brazen sometimes.
  2. ROS was terrible, but it happened. It’s canon, I accept it, and I’d rather see the story move on. Applying thousands of band-aids to retcon the story just makes things murkier…and stupider.
  3. I do enjoy this show, but I’m getting a little bored of retread SW. Can’t they do a story that takes place after Rise Of Skywalker? Maybe if they start doing that, we can go into a new trilogy without having to read 20 books that came out a month before the movie.
  4. 1) Would it have made a difference if Fred had asked for asylum in Canada? 2) What made me really mad about this episode was that Gilead won. The lynchmob of former handmaids did all of Gilead’s dirty work for them, just like a they would have if they had never left. Did Fred deserve nothing but bad things? Yes, and Gilead should have done it themselves.
  5. Bill’s bad takes are too bountiful to keep up with, but I do have an issue with his getting angry at people on the streets still wearing masks. Some of those people are going in and out of buildings that require masks. Some may even be waiting for public transportation (which also still requires masks). The point is that Bill’s observation is from the driver’s seat of his Tesla taking him to his bubbles, and not from the perspective of underinsured people just living their lives.
  6. Nick’s “Try to be happy,” sounded an awful like a “Can I get a smile, baby?” I guess what I’m trying to ask is: who thought that was a good line to leave in?
  7. I like that the show isn’t shying away from showing June’s damage. The rage is real, it’s normal to feel that way, and it DOES constantly loom large over every thought. We see it in war movies all the time where a soldier can’t adjust to being home, and doesn’t know where to put the pain that clouds every single day, and I’m ecstatic that the show has done the same thing for the Gilead refugees. They’re (speaking of the Handmaid’s survivor group) all fucked up, they all need a lot of help, and that is OK. What’s not OK was also dealt with really well. Luke is there for June. For him i
  8. Oona was playing an obviously passive-aggressive game by bringing over that gift for June. You don’t personally bring something over to your ex’s place if you don’t want to talk to them.
  9. Luke’s awkwardness felt too real to me. He was doing a lot of the right things a partner should do in that situation, but the trauma and years apart created a tension that made me as embarrassed for him as I was sympathetic. Walking the line of being there for someone, AND giving them space is difficult, and not many people can do it without making some mistakes. Luke made a bunch, but I’m just not able to be mad at him. As for June: allow me to say that the Gilead damage she visited upon Luke during their lovemaking (ew, I typed that) was troubling. Years of abuse would warp anyone’s
  10. So multiple (credible) articles come out in the last week about how Frank Luntz’s work is a scam, and MJ decides to put him on?
  11. Why did the CERA people have refugees locked up at the dock if they had no intention of taking them anywhere?
  12. The show knows we’re mad about June always getting special treatment, and they acknowledged it by…let me check…making sure we all know that she’s being stowed away while refugees are left locked up by the dock. June did need to escape. I’ve believed this since season 1, and this just felt weird. All I have to say is that I agree with all other posters who remarked that the boat should have dropped June off at another location in Canada. Somewhere that would have given them plausible deniability.
  13. I really don’t care if Testaments lines up with the TV show. They’re allowed to be different, and I can enjoy both.
  14. I like the mashup of styles from various movies based on Arthurian legends. I even saw a few shots lifted straight from Syberberg’s Parsifal! Lowery has definitely earned my excitement now.
  15. I caught the first 10 minutes of the show, and assumed Mika & Joe were going to get in the way of reporting the news today. I guess I was right.
  16. She seems that way because we have proof. Remember Mrs. Lawrence?
  17. One of my biggest “Why” questions was answered by this book: why didn’t more women escape? Illiteracy and the lack of maps must have played a big part in women feeling there was nowhere to go. You can’t go somewhere if you don’t know where you are, or where anything is. I also liked Lydia being a judge in the before times. It just felt right for some reason, and I’m glad Atwood ignored the show.
  18. I’m trying to imagine just how awful June & Janine smelled when they got out of that tanker car.
  19. She’s Darth Vader because her malevolent presence is iconic in a similar way. She’s shows up, and bad things happen. Is there good in her? Could she turn? She’d probably tell you “No. You don’t understand…I must obey my Commanders.”
  20. Darth Vader failed to prevent a whole moon-sized space station from being destroyed, and he got an 8-mile long Star Destroyer in the next film. What I’m trying to say is that the BEST villains have to be given a path to return. Especially in a show like this. I understand where you’re coming from, but Lydia is a Darth Vader level villain, and she needs to stick around until the end.
  21. It’s kind of frustrating that June gave up her friends, and now only Janine is left to say shit about it. I guess the show wants June to take responsibility for her actions without others actually holding her responsible? Am I getting that right? As for Serena’s pregnancy, here’s a plot twist: Nick’s the father. That boy sure gets around!
  22. I don’t know where this season is going yet, but I’d be OK with June becoming a regional warlord with an army of child soldiers. I approve of none of that in real life, but this show could benefit from it.
  23. Janine, S1: Crazytown Janine, S2: Crazytown Janine, S3: Crazytown Janine, S4E1: “I’ve got this!!!” [Ten minutes later] “Oh, hey, this is my friend, Mr. Darcy. He’s a pig.”
  24. Nothing to see here, just a French toilet paper ad.
  25. The slogan for “Shittens” should have been “FILL YOUR HAND!!!” And now I want to get paid when they change course.
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