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  1. Is Kelly the one that married Scott Wolf? Wild season, so many highlights. I support Melissa via her Patreon because I love her writing so much.
  2. I really enjoyed it. I appreciate that the cast actually knows each other, and the parents/aunties are GOLD. I think the differences between the parents and their largely Western raised children is both real and interesting.
  3. Kymmi

    Small Talk: The Quiver

    I really loved "Birds of Prey" - I didn't want to see it; I never saw "Suicide Squad" and this coming after Arrow ending - I was canaried out. I got annoyed with all the dudes saying it wasn't "sexy enough" or some such nonsense, and decided I needed to support it. I ended up loving it. Huntress was hilarious, and I even liked Dinah! Soundtrack is amazing, my husband ended up buying it after we saw it and is still listening to it.
  4. I'm not sure I follow what's happening with the Diggle children. When Dig and Lyla got set to leave Star City in the van/suv - they showed a little girl in the backseat, which I'm guessing is Baby Sara. So if Baby Sara is there, that means that JJ is gone, right? Is this going to change things with the spinoff (assuming it gets picked up)?
  5. I can’t believe this is all ending *sob* until then I will always have this vid that connects my Olicity love with my 15 year old’s love of Taylor Swift.
  6. Kymmi

    S08.E06: Reset

    This episode really depressed me. It was random, underutilized some remaining favorites and was kind of flat. Then it struck me where we are - we get the Purgatory episode and then crossover followed by spin off backdoor and only one more episode. I was ready for this show to end, I swear.
  7. LOL - I don't think we'd ever notice Gomez was on mat leave
  8. Kymmi

    Small Talk: The Quiver

    @BunsenBurner all positive thoughts and energy your way! Cancer sucks - I hope you wipe this off and never see it return again. No one should figure out what the top end of the pain chart feels like.
  9. I really liked this episode, although I was a bit surprised at how much the LoA looked like Lian Yu. And super Thea is back. First she beats Slade and now Thalia?? Huh. Loved loved loved the Dyla scenes. While it was not Olicity, it really moved me. Also enjoyed FTA. I love William so much I can’t stand it. And Stephen is killing theses goodbye scenes. Where was this hot hair the last 5 years??? Can’t wait for next week. It’s going to kill me.
  10. EBR looks like Neve Campbell in that first shot.
  11. Kymmi

    Small Talk: The Quiver

    I’m watching Stumptown (so good!) Batwoman (surprised how much I like this) All Rise (good cast, weak writing) for my new shows. Biding my time until my favorite show in the world The Magicians comes back.
  12. I loved this episode - even my non-superhero loving husband wants to keep watching. As mentioned, the scene with Kate & Alice in the water was really well shot, and somehow carried a lot of emotion. Those actresses have great chemistry together. Although why the explosion happened, I don't understand. A bullet piercing a gas tank in the water would not create anything to spark a fire. Kate & Mary (that's the step-sister, yes?) was also a great scene. I suspect the actress that plays the step-sister is one of those rare "has chemistry with everyone, including inanimate objects", what a find she was. I really felt the heaviness of her line delivery that in normal circumstances, Alice seeing her as a threat would be flattering. But the reality of someone coming after her with an axe (very well shot) was too much. I need the Lucus character to insert a bit more humor in the situations. Loved the card Alice sent with the bat "you have your father's eyes". Creepy.
  13. I didn’t plan to watch, but there I was. I am shocked at how much I enjoyed it. Favorites - Diggle outsmarting Oliver. Tommy. The tears in SA,s eyes in his scenes with Moira and Tommy. Adrian Chase as the Hood! I love JS so much. Laurel and her new costume (really liked her whole vibe). Oliver looking for E2 Felicity. William being smart and charming and funny. Keep him forever. Liked less than I thought - Diggle brothers, but I hope this picks up more. Hated - for once, nothing. I will keep this on the DVR because I’m curious now how they do this. I can’t believe how few comments there are, though. End of an era.
  14. +1. Didn’t her sister in law write it? It was fun!
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