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  1. According to the texts he shared, Bethenny did know that he went out with Carole when she was talking about him to Luann/Sonja in the car.
  2. Good Grief. I hope Lisa gets a permanent RO against this scary nut! http://tamaratattles.com/2018/07/24/lisa-vanderpump-granted-emergency-restraining-order-against-pump-patron/
  3. You and I are never going to agree on this. Bethenny was an ass that decided to punish this guy because he went out on a date with Carole instead of her. He felt he needed to set the record straight and I don't blame him. Oh, and he wasn't trolling the HWs, let alone acting like Tom or Harry. IMO So, I am stepping out of this conversation before the mods tell us we are beating a dead horse! LOL Have a great night and keep the hubby happy by allowing him to stay in the dark about these HW banshees! LOL
  4. Yes, they do give hormone replacement meds to alleviate the symptoms of peri-menopause and menopause but it is just putting off what has to happen at some point when you stop taking the replacement meds (which come with a slew of health risks all on their own).
  5. People weren't just contacting him, they went nuts on him, calling him names, including stalker! Why is it ok for Bethenny to lie about him or anyone else just to hurt someone else (in this case Carole)? The guy didn't say anything hasty to her and he still hasn't been nasty. All he did was clarify what the truth was by showing the messages between them after the speed dating event, he didn't call her names or attack her, he posted the messages from her and also from him. Bethenny left out the messages she sent to him 5 months earlier but he at least showed bot sides. Bethenny was in the wrong, not Brian. Every once in a while, my hubby will sit and try to watch with me but then he gets this look in his eyes and excuses himself. I think he thinks all these women are NUTS/DERANGED! LOL
  6. Except the texts she read were from 5 month earlier, well before he signed a release with Bravo/production (not Bethenny). How was he to know that 5 months later they would see each other again at a Bravo speed dating event and that she would lie about those long forgotten texts on national TV? Bethenny didn't read/expose any messages between them that happened after the speed dating event, none!
  7. It was more than that though. She basically called him a stalker and then added insult to injury called him Tom 2.0 (which I'm sure he had to look up/find out about but still a shitty thing to be called. Again, there was no reason for Bethenny to lie about him, the messages between them, call him names or speak negatively about him in any way, none. The end result is that 1 group is defending the guy while the other is demonizing him based on lies told by Bethenny. If we took Bethenny out and put any other HW in doing/saying what Bethenny did about him, how many would still demonize him? What if Carole or Ramona, Sonja, Luann or Tinsley did it to a guy Bethenny went out with? Would people still demonize the guy or would they question/blame the HW that lied?
  8. Sometimes it's best to keep them in the dark about these things or at least not go into details! LOL
  9. And if your my cousins sweet husband, you can wrap said grown scarf around his neck! LOL Bethenny mentioned his name on camera, as did Carole. So, there was no way that he could avoid viewers/bloggers from finding him/about him. None.
  10. People started "googling" him as soon as the episode ended and then started contacting him via twitter/IG. I'm willing to bet that he told his close friends and his 2 kids that he would be on that episode as most people would. It had to be a shock for him to see/hear what Bethenny said about him on national TV, especially since there was no need for her to do that other than to set Carole up so she could take Carole down/hurt/humiliate her. IMO, Bethenny intentionally lied about him to Sonja/Luann in the SUV so that she could go after Carole, once again, because Carole went out with him and Bethenny wanted him for herself.
  11. What makes you call him a douche though? (honest question) He didn't say/do anything nasty to/about Bethenny on the episode and he only posted the texts/messages they exchanged after she basically called him a deranged stalker and people started in on him on SM. He even said that he had no problem with Bethenny, that he thought she was nice/fun, that is until she lied about him. I really don't understand how he is getting slammed when it was Bethenny that lied and those lies about him were potentially damaging and completely unnecessary IMO. Ok, most hubby's scoot past quickly when we start talking HWs. LOL As for the scarf, YES! I don't want to lose said scarf and I don't want to try to rearrange it AGAIN! LOL
  12. It's called flirting, especially when the other person offers you a bj. I don't think he really cared who was at this event, he was there to help out his friend. After all, he already went out with Bethenny once before and he already had her phone number, so need to seek her out at any 1 event, just call her. I disagree, most people I know, leave their scarves on when out and about in the cold/winter because they can get lost very easily. No, neither LisaV or Kyle have asserted that they only tell the truth, that they never, ever lie, that was Brandi and Bethenny in this show. So, he doesn't think the guy had a right to defend himself after being trashed on national TV. You did explain how Bethenny trashed him didn't you, that she read old messages from him claiming they were current, that she basically called him a stalker because I'm not sure what guy would willingly go along with that had he been the recipient of said treatment on national TV. IMO, Bethenny was the one that sounded bitter, bitter that Carole had a good time with the guy. LOL Well, his first exposer to reality TV didn't go anywhere, it didn't even get to the production/film stage. And, it was a show about his business, not his personal life, so it's not quite the same type of reality TV. You weren't lied about on national TV though, so that may change your stance if it ever happens to you, especially when the press/public start asking you questions/calling you names while demonizing you on SM based on said lies.
  13. At that stage, Mrs. Hoppy wouldn't have had any reason to think she needed to protect her son. Yes, she should have know the rules but I stand by what I said, she never had any intent to do anything illegal.
  14. Mrs. Hoppy never said one word against Bethenny, not one. She wasn't rude, mean, nasty, dismissive or cold to her, she always treated Bethenny kindly/lovingly, so I do doubt that she did anything illegally intentionally.
  15. WireWrap

    Kenya Moore: Twirl! Twirl!

    Nope, she didn't Like most of her claims, she was lying when she said she wouldn't be back next season because SHE didn't want to return. LOL
  16. Exactly! He hasn't shown himself to be a liar but Bethenny has. Neither LisaV or Kyle have ever claimed they "never lie", that they "always tell the truth", that was Brandi on the BH show and it IS Bethenny on the NY show. I keep my scarf on inside when I am shopping, having lunch/dinner out because it is easier and scarves tend to fall off the coat when you remove both. It is easier/safer to just leave the scarf on when you will be needing to put it back on in a couple of hours.
  17. Yes, she did willingly notarize the papers but that doesn't mean she knew she was breaking a law doing it or that she did it for nefarious reasons.
  18. Yes, he was going to do a reality show, one about his business, not his personal life. There is no reason to not take him at his word that the woman is a friend because he hasn't shown us that he lied at any time, unlike Bethenny who lied numerous times about the guy/their text exchange. Bethenny is THE expert at it though, lying that is. Carole isn't claiming she only tells the truth, THE only HWs that have said that were Brandi (BH) and Bethenny. LOL He wore the red scarf because it was winter in NYC and freezing outside. I haven't seen any photos of him wearing said scarf other than in the winter. LOL
  19. Do you really think Mrs. Hoppy forged Bethenny's signature? Had that happened, she would have been arrested and she wasn't. Also, Bethenny is very savvy, she is no stranger to legal binding contracts and she does know how to read. Did Mrs. Hoppy mess up thinking her NS was legal in another state, Yes, as were others, notaries, here that didn't know it either and that is not forgery. No one faked Bethenny's signature, no one. I watched Bethenny gaslighting Jason every chance she got, especially as the show went on when she realized that Jason had become THE fan favorite. They even talked about it briefly when he refused to keep fighting with her before a trip, she admitted she hated that viewers like him better than they did her, that they believed him over her. And NO ONE is allowed to outshine Bethenny, no one, even when her nasty behavior is the reason they liked him more But, Yes, agree to disagree as we will never see eye to eye. Have a great day.
  20. How do you come to the conclusion that he is an "attention whore" or that he wants to become a "Bravolebrity"? He did a friend a favor to help promote her matchmaking business, appeared on the show 1 time, that's all. Had Bethenny not lied about him on camera to make herself look most desirable and Carole less than, settling for leftovers, he would not have had to defend himself. She claims she tells the truth but we all know that is yet another lie. IMO, she lies as much as Sonja/Ramona, just about different things.
  21. I say this based on HER history of lying, exaggerating to the point of lying and placing blame on others when it lies squarely on her. Heck, she even contradicted herself/her own story during the episode. LOL
  22. IMO, she didn't exaggerate, she flat out lied! Big difference and I have to ask why she felt the need to lie about a guy she keeps saying she has zero interest in. And as far as I am concerned, this is a pattern we see often in Bethenny, her need to destroy/humiliate someone when she doesn't get her way, even in simple things, it's her way or else.
  23. Hell, Ramona wasn't the only to forget Bethenny's fish allergy, the rest, except Tinsley, seemed to forget as well. LOL I love that this guy is setting the record straight/getting his side out after Bethenny tried to make him out to be THE next Tom/Harry. LOL
  24. I don't blame the guy for wanting to set the record straight. Bethenny made him out to be some sort of HW stocker along the lines of Tom/Harry and it seems that isn't even close to the truth. Why does Bethenny feel the need to destroy someone she barely knows on national TV? Seriously, what is her problem?
  25. I suspect part of her fired look stems from stress! Hopefully that will stop now that she had a douchectomy! LOL