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  1. That’s not fair to generalize like that. Kelly has showed compassion and understanding towards a lot of the DCCs and TCCa over the years. It’s safe to assume we don’t know the full story behind the times she’s seems sympathetic versus unsympathetic from one situation to the next. And she didn’t cut Heather, she just took her GL away. If everyone was told no nude photos on your phone cause you’re a target for hackers, and a group leader defies that rule, has nude photos on her phone and gets hacked, don’t you think that’s cause to remove their leadership temporarily to show that you need to follow the rules? And for all we know, maybe Kelli did engage the police to get the photos taken down and the hacker prosecuted.
  2. Odd watching tap when you can’t hear the sounds cause the music is dubbed on top. Lol. That’s so bad. Amy is so boring to me. I’m not a big fan of tap solos unless somehow they are spectacular - this was not.
  3. Umm. I assume it would be on her lease or her utility bills whatever. Then she’d put the date on a form w/ the DMV aping w/ along w/ showing proof like they do w/ any other thing that requires “proof of residency“ like attending a community college, etc. I doubt there’s a law that says someone needs to get a license “w/ in 3 months“ and then they do no verification and just take people’s word - or if they don’t verify, it’s obviously not a serious law.
  4. If it’s Texas law that she needed to do it within a certain amount of time, then why did they give her one if she waited too long? That would make no sense. She obviously was w/in the rules for getting a license if she indeed, has a license.
  5. What is this? Misc. girls wearing work-out pants and tshirts and doing their usual dances at the star? It’s almost like they were all in for a meeting or something and they asked “who hasn’t done a DCC in motion yet”? and the girls who raised their hand had to go out right then and film this dance (which they probably already use as a game day dance). Couldn’t even put them in a costume though? Just really lame. Lol.
  6. I’ve never liked her look (her eyes look crossed and she has a very masculine face) - but what is worse is her facials are absolutely awful when she dances. Not sure why she’s so popular on here - cause she tried out so many times and cried on the show? Sure she seems nice, but so do a lot of them. What makes her any more high character than most of the others? Her dancing is mistake free and clean, but boring. Her and Lily are the “skinny blondes w/ bad facials that blend” twins IMO - epitome of filler on the squad. Put them out there and they make the squad look thinner and more accurate/in time cause they are clean and know the dances, but if they were all you had to feature you’d be in bad shape. Need to keep them in the back so they aren’t on the screen or photographed up close too much (don’t want to risk too many bad facials on the screen or in photos).
  7. She’s featured cause she does the work of recording on submitting good videos like this latest one. You think TPTB are supposed to sit there and say wow we got another great video from VK, but Bridgette and Erin have been here longer and they don’t fall out of turns (even though these videos don’t require turning) - so we’ll just have to not post it and wait for them to do something so things are fair? That’s not how an organization that looks to get stuff done and entertain fans operates. They are going to post what looks best and they think fans will like - period.
  8. So your judging her dancing on her non-dance actions that were portrayed on a highly edited reality show? Cause that’s what I mean. It’s personal preconceptions about her (mostly related to her mom) that are clouding the judgement on her dancing.
  9. Well I have a lot of experience and knowledge of proper dance technique as well - I’ve been emerged in it for going on 12 years now and spend a considerable portion of my time and money on dance training and watching young dancers perform and be judged...and in my opinion Victoria is good and that the vast majority of people involved in today’s dance scene would agree. She may not be everyone’s favorite type or style, but I seriously question the judgment of anyone who would call her a “bad dancer” or someone with “bad technique”. Especially when the frame of reference that she’s being compared to is the DCC, and especially after watching that solo.
  10. Then shortly after it Chandler was cut and the majority of this board has hated TK since. I think the Chandler incident was one of her first speaking features on the show.
  11. Last thing I think of is a showgirl when I watch that dance. She’s a beautiful dancer. It blows my mind that people can’t see that and focus in her doing things like grabbing her shirt a few times just to find something negative. I believe the narratives on this site and bad first impressions of her mom over the Chandler grandma incident are really clouding people’s judgement when it comes to VKs dancing. They have been for a very long time.
  12. Most US competition studios do ballet, it’s just not their primary focus as their dancers do not aspire to be ballerinas. My daughter is at a pretty serious comp studio and her and her peers in the senior advanced group do 5.5hrs/week of ballet - that’s the max out physically at her studio - anyone that wants “more ballet” is going extra to a ballet school or paying for privates that are really expensive (a few do this as they are really serious and their families spare no expense). The rest of her technique is leaps & turns 3hrs, combo/improv 3 hours, and Acro 1hr (she could do more of this and most of the younger kids do). She also could do tap for another 1.5 hours a week but choses not to. Then the competition groups all come in on weekends and learn choreo, run dances, do privates, etc. It is a pretty full week - dance alone is a good 16 hours or more a week spread over 4-5 days out of a 7 day week. And some of them do stuff like cheer for their school or other sports as well, in addition to going to school and social life stuff. Now if you compare that to a ballet focused school, ballet schools would spend that entire 16 hours doing only ballet. Some are like 24+ hours a week of ballet and then other styles on top of that, and a good portion of their dancers are homeschooled and hoping to be ballerina when they graduate. These types of schools do showcase performances like the nutcracker and don’t necessarily compete. All the negativity towards competition dancers cause they “don’t do enough ballet” and focus only on tricks is really unwarranted as they work very hard and many are beautiful dancers who are very entertaining to watch.
  13. She is not a “blender” at all. She stands out for her power, performance, looks and body type. Lol. Blenders are girls like Brennan, Alanna, Christina, Lily, etc. And there have been plenty of “showcased“ girls w/ less than perfect ballet technique. Much worse than VKs in fact. Maddie, Amy, Hannah, Kashara, etc. - all worse ballet technique than VK - are they not “featured” and on SG? Having good ballet technique doesn’t mean you deserve to be featured on a team like DCC. It also doesn’t always make you fun to watch or something fans want to see - thus why so many good ballet dancers often get cut.
  14. I bet almost all the DCC grew up in studios where “ballet wasn’t the focus“...that’s how competition dance is in this country. Most comp studios, even quality ones, max out around 6-8 hours of ballet per week for their advanced dancers, where a ballet focused studio is doing like 16-20 - and that’s for kids who aren’t homeschooled. Only exceptions on current squad probably Meredith and Erin - and you all saw how much they struggled w/ DCC style at first.
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