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  1. So they are going to essentially invite people into TC that they’ve one seen remotely (w/ video submissions and online interviews), or will they see these third round finalists physically in Dallas before doing another round of cuts before the TC invites? How is it working w/ the vets?
  2. She looks out of place and frumpy - like she rolled out of bed and went to he class. But I guess that’s not new.
  3. I don’t see anything about trophy wife and never doing anything else. The “it was always my dream to be a DCC” is the storyline of 80% of the girls who tryout for DCC - people haven’t been watching the show for the past 13 seasons if they think VK was the first girl to say that. I mean Jinelle moved across the globe to follow that dream and was a professional cheerleader to the age of 30 - why is they not frowned up as something is wrong? Lacey went straight to DCC out of high school too? Maddie as well - no? And didn’t someone say VK goes to college on the side?
  4. Maddie was really annoying in this. And what the heck was she wearing? Rest of the girls looked good.
  5. I’m not sure it is - just an assumption people have made on here for some reason. Meanwhile when others like Lacey and Jinelle make careers out of DCC they are heros.
  6. She actually looks like she lost weight - her face and arms are really skinny looking - almost too thin.
  7. Tina looks pretty in that photo. So does VK. Kat looks gorgeous in that photo. Wow is she pretty. This rookie class has some really glamours girls.
  8. That was so boring I stopped watching halfway and I usually don’t do that. Most of those girls are back row caliber dancers - not interesting to watch even though they may be technically fine.
  9. The only thing clear in that meeting was that VK did not reply to texts Jinelle sent her regarding setting up or going to an apt w/ a nutritionist (assume worst case it was going). Kelli was upset that VK didn’t respond to her and take her help. Then VK said that stuff about her not wanting help from Jinelle cause she never had a weight issue. Jinelle said if you didn’t want you should have just said so and then VK apologized. If the thyroid stuff is all stemming from something on her instagram, what does that even have to do with DCC or Jinelle? And none of the stuff about tattling has ever even been close to being confirmed on the show.
  10. At least one of those insiders said VK studio hopped and that the Kalinas were super wealthy. When both things have been proven false. So keep that in mind.
  11. I liked Lisa’s comments at the vet hospital visit. She seemed nice. She also seemed like a fun to be around person during the cooking challenge when she was paired w/ Maddie. I don’t care for her dance style or figure - too stocky and powerful for my tastes, but she seems okay and genuine as a person from what was shown. I really liked a lot about Julia, but she really turned me off to her w/ that interview and her cursing after coming out of Kelli’s office. Plus some of her wardrobe choices in online photos were kind of trashy. She’s just doesn’t seem like an America’s sweetheart type to me. I understand why they cut her even though her figure was adorable and her dancing great. As for this drama stemming from when they were on the Mavs dancers - people can change it’s silly for any of them to get punished forever for past mean girl behavior on a different dance team. If the environment was as toxic as it sounds, I’m sure they all did things they regret. The DCC can make their own judgement on how they are now.
  12. She was asked if she would cut Kelli or Charlotte. I think that’s a pretty tough question. She handed it quite well too.
  13. It’s really only a general consensus on this board that she can’t dance - many, many fans think she’s a great dancer and so do many crédible people in the dance industry. And just cause she’s not as good as Holly Powell doesn’t mean she isn’t good enough to be a star DCC and on show group - more than a third of the team is on show group. I mean Maddie is a star DCC and she’s shown bad technique and turn issues all the time on the show - no one is obsessed w/ that and says it’s a vast conspiracy involving every judge, GL, guest choreographer, etc. that she gets the attention that she does.
  14. So all guest choreographers, all judges and all group leaders are lying. Along w/ those who have judged VK at dance competitions throughout the years? Oh and CMT is also in on this vast conspiracy and fakes footage to make it look like she’s been complimented by a guest choreographer when it was really someone else - which would have taken effort to create - but then at the same time they willingly put IN footage of her falling out of a turn at prelims when they could easily just leave that out and help their narrative that she’s amazing? Whats that phrase that the easiest explanation for something is usually the right one. In this case it’s that VK was a standout in training camp and on the team. That’s why she scored really high, got the barbies, got all those stickers, got all that guest choreographer praise...and why she’s on show group. I’m not sure why it’s so easy to believe all these crazy conspiracies, but not all the overwhelming evidence that she’s pretty darn good.
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