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  1. Madeline also took it upon herself to just move her assigned locker from the rookie area over next to the veteran lockers - like goodness that’s really bad. Think the issues went a little beyond just giving the first time rookie candidates some friendly advice and that’s why the GLs said something to K&J.
  2. I agree so much about Julia. I’ve noticed her dancing GREAT multiple times, and her figure is amazingly proportioned and toned - just perfect. Literally uniform ready from day 1 like you said. From the previews next week it looks like she’s in the office upset, so maybe we’ll find out what is up with that. Maybe it’s something not related to her dancing that gets her cut?
  3. The front 3 seem to have some spacing issues in this - “the triangle” gets lost a lot - often there are times when there’s too much space between Maddie and the Blonde to her right - who is that? Lexie? The spacing just seems kind of sloppy in the front.
  4. VK looks thin as a rail in that photo - she almost looks too thin - she’s not hiding anything w/ her poms. I’m not sure how anyone can argue she looks heavy or has “gained weight” from looking at that - that’s probably the thinnest she has ever looked since she first auditioned.
  5. Christina has an excuse for everything (she’s injured, she’s tired) - she also denied that her kicks were bad when K&J told her they were. And isn’t there “insider info” that Christina isn’t a nice person?
  6. I’ve been posting long before VK was on the show. I just always thought VK was very pretty and a good dancer from the first time I saw clips of her - couldn’t understand all the hate at all. I just flat out don’t agree that she’s a bad dancer, or unattractive, and all these in-depth psychological diagnoses of TK’s parenting and her personality based on snippets from a reality show don’t influence me. TK calling Chandler a grandma doesn’t mean she’s a bad mom, and VK being in the middle of a photo doesn’t mean she’s a sociopath w/ a personality disorder. She seems like a perfectly happy girl who’s enjoying life and dancing - maybe she’s a little privileged, but that’s how the majority of girls in dance grew up - I’ve been around this stuff going on 10+ years now - I’ve seen a lot of parents spoiling their daughters and giving them every advantage - and the family doesn’t even need to be wealthy. VKs situation doesn’t seem extreme or unusual in any way to me. This latest episode showed clear, long-running footage of VK doing Evan’s routine where she was dancing GREAT and looking thin and beautiful. The footage of her dancing for Tyce was good as well. Clear video evidence to me that those praising her likely have a reason to do so other than to kiss up to Kelli.
  7. She clearly has not gained weight - if anything she’s lost it.
  8. Her boobs do look ridiculous. Very fake looking. I forgot to mention that. She still always has excuses for everything - I get it working full time and doing DCC has got to be hard, but why come back for season #3 at the age of 30+ when you know that’s going to be your schedule?
  9. In spite of a few missteps, I think Kelli is an awesome director of the DCC and I hope she doesn’t retire in my lifetime. Think she’s the perfect mix of beauty, brains and professionalism - while at the same time sympathetic and reasonably compassionate and open-minded - women like her are so rare. All these calls for her to retire in here really shock me. Re: the episode - wow that Evan Miller’s dancing was AMAZING. I never heard of him but he was blowing my mind w/ his moves - what a talent! And his routine was so fierce. He won me over as a fan that’s for sure. I liked Tyce’s dance a lot too, but that helper choreographer/teacher he had w/ him gave me a vibe like she wasn’t very nice. VK looked great dancing in almost all footage shown - I’m not sure how tall she is (didn’t someone say 5’9” once?), but she sure is able to do the DCC style very well for a long-legged girl, which is actually kind of rare (usually taller girls can’t do those sharp quick moves so well, but she does a great job). She has good facials too. Re: her look I agree w/ the poster above that said she needs some layers in her hair - it’s kind of too thick and bulky. I also think it’s a little too pale of a blonde and she’d look better w/ a slightly more toned down or darker blonde. Overall she fits the DCC profile about as well as you can though. I’m still a big fan of Julia’s dancing and I’m really confused how she got cut but Meredith and Kat somehow survived. Meredith’s upper body is so boxy - she got a gorgeous face and nice legs, but her figure is not attractive. All the crying is getting way old. Kelli, even though I love her per the above, did come off as unnecessarily harsh on Madeline. It’s almost like she may know something about her intentions that we don’t?
  10. What evidence is there, at all, that VK is like this? From all footage shown she seems very nice and supportive of the other girls. I don’t get an insecure competitive backstabber vibe about her at all - now some on the show have come off that way, but not her.
  11. Omg that dress of Sydney’s is hard on the eyes. Ugh. I like Kelsey better w/ her hair a little darker. And are we 100% sure that’s Mia? It kind of doesn’t look like her in the face?
  12. Is that the same team Gabby was on? Or Chandi - or both? Or is it another Arizona college team?
  13. And what have we seen of Kelsey to be so willing to believe she’s so good? Besides her making show group? They’ve showed just as much of VK dancing well than they have Kelsey. A couple snippets of Thunderstruck and her solo? Amanda looks good, but she isn’t a perfect dancer either - she drops her releve and travels on all her turns. Seems like a typical comp dancer to me, just like Jalyn is.
  14. Except she is actually good and multiple people have said so on the show - we’re on episode 7 and all her feedback has been positive but one person, and that person just didn’t notice her. She outscored multiple vets - many of which were on show group last year - at finals. What’s more likely? - a vast conspiracy of every judge and every guest choreographer, including many who are really big names outside of CMT or DCC...oh and every editor and producer on CMT - OR that she actually is a good dancer and has improved/matured. And no one is saying she’s as good as Holly Powell - just that she’s good enough to be in show group, might be better than Jayln, and just might be the best rookie in TC right now. I mean the girl was cut last year and was given a horrible edit on the show - if everyone was on this mission to make sure she makes the team, why didn’t they just just put her on then? Or at least make sure CMT gave her a good edit - since the conspirators are able to control CMT now?
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