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  1. A truly confusing episode. I'm fine with the show trying different sorts of episodes, but this was a formless mess. The two subjects of this ep are 21st century marketers, sure, but their doucheyness isn't related to their age. Spent any time with older people who are litigators? Traders? Real estate speculators? Same disagreeability, just a diff flavor.
  2. I figured it might out! Filamenty, glowing like infernal fire Edison lights will remain stylish for restaurants, bars, and public spaces. But in about five years, that shit will look corny as hell in personal spaces.
  3. Hey, Brian. If you are appearing on a show that shoots close, maybe you want to shave??? And don’t tell me it is part of your look, because nothing about you suggests stubble or scruff is an aesthetic choice.
  4. I’ve decided that Dino and Mrs Dino believe that their appearance on The Profit was a big success. This family has made a practice of seeking out reality TV fame. And they got a little. Dino got to show the world that no one can push him around. Dino got to show the world that he is keeping his family “together” (which means obedient.) That is Dino!
  5. I think the rando group was designed to be fun kinda dumb. Much better than traditional focus group in a conference room. 1. Marcus loves being social media diva. 2. Producers knew Chicagoans would be cranky loudmouths. 3. It was visual: crammed store, Marcus up and down ladder with tape. 4. Producers knew it would drive Dino fucking crazy...partic when the African-American dude said the pizza was worth $15. Dino didn’t like that!
  6. Yea, drive-through pizza taking America by storm -- seems like a longshot. Marcus basically admitted it was a longshort. Pizza isn't car food and not everyone is such a caring dog owner. But. I think Taco Bell is pretty awkward car food and that's a huge triumph, so..
  7. Can you imagine toiling away in food service, month after month, in one of those tiny stores where you are constantly working with your family? A family that is always up each other's asses and revels in snake-eats-tail? Smelling the same pizza sauce and dough for hours and hours while everyone you knew in high school drives through? A true circle of hell.
  8. Terrific episode of TV — even with the cute little kid. This was another episode of The Profit where the value really isn’t in the underlying company… Most of the value is in the company‘s ability to make a great episode of reality TV. This company had everything: a telegenic family, a heart-warming story, and a chance for Marcus to do what he loves to do: play therapist/analyst. Does the world need these cookies? No. Does The Profit need these two reality TV guest stars? Absolutely.
  9. This is the Tara I most admire: sharp, righteous, and animated by a bit of outrage. She isn't caulking on internet snark. She's dismantling structures. Btw, I vote for a mini podcast covering three new shows over three separate New Show Fact Sheet pieces/ Quicker and more fun for me to consume.
  10. I think it is fine that it is coming back. I've concluded that it is often not a good show, but it is sometimes a great show.
  11. 1. Funniest thing in the episode? "I'm making rope." 2. Most intriguing thing in the episode? The financial relationship between Linda and her two followers/employees. 3. Most depressing thing in the episode? Kerry and Peggy remarrying.
  12. I know. Maybe that was a for-TV-only exaggeration. Because of all the job-seeking fashion executives in the world, who picks her? I think Marcus' prodigious skills might not work in today's world of fashion. Particularly with manufacturing done in the US.
  13. I dunno about this episode... I felt like the "personal journey" of Susana got all the attention at the expense of some very interesting and confusing company dynamics. I think this could get interesting when they do a "return to the company" segment. Finally, is Marcus' expertise well-suited to fashion? I suspect everyone just thinks reality tv does well when it is about clothes or food.
  14. Ketzel and other posters have made me think that Bowery's appeal was indeed "looking wholesale" so some combination of wholesale warehouse-like chaos and nice retail experience is what the store needs to be a success. Because, fuck, nobody wants it to be Crate & Barrel or Pottery Barn. ALSO -- is that how you sell glassware -- clear glass crammed on shiny aluminum shelving against a neutral backdrop? How do you see anything?
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